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quote crowded

Now I'm quite sure I could have at least spelled my name properly, good evening everyone btw

The late Steve Jobs gave a big NO to Obama on bringing back Apple from China, i wonder what went on here

Thats infowars supplements in action

kcOitf, your definitions are loose at best

What was you on about again?

Netanyahu to work on two state solution, that's hilarious

Netanyahu's minimal conditions for two state solution are already outrageous

They sat he is an ultra-zionist meaning that he wants all Jews to move to Israel which is just bird's crap if you ask me

He has said that Jews should move to Israel in France, but he never thought of saying that in USA or UK, and we know why

Speaking of France, Ollande is pretty much acting like his water carrier anyway

what do you actually push to talk

That weird moment when you have no idea does your mic work but you don't want to voice spamm

There's a reason why we have Jewish question for 3000 years and not Armenian question

And Armenian diaspora is also influental

It's not really your ordinary way of one group looking after it's interests

Just take look at Old Testament

Yeah Armenians had tough time

I mean Old Testament is filled with agitation, war, hate, genocide, factional warfare, and not to mention what Eckart labelled as "infernal hate towards nobility"

We have Egyptians terrorized twice, once in Exodus, other time in Isaiah

We have Purim, we have genocides of pretty much all natives of Palestine

and all of their kings, OT narrator talks about killing kings and nobility with particular pleasure

Speaking of which, OT is something all people should read

DIR, there is an angle, very specific there

I mean, there is definitely no book like it in entire antiquity

Compare Caesars Gallic Wars or anything with OT

the latter is full of passion, hate, agonizing prophecies

It'd be nice if guys online shared your gab links

Did you already hold that religious discussion btw

Poland is a neat and tidy place

Without crime and drug lords

Spencer though used the English word, Hail

Leftism is a fact of life

It's just that at one point people thought we will all just sit and tallk in a parliament or something

leftism prospered with democracy

In my opinion, leftism has always been the same thing as weakness and parasitism, if you imagine it on a scale

right was always about reality and strenght, if you imagine it also on a scale obviously

Well in Rightist societies

Well, In traditional societies

good is what brings good results and bad is what brings bad results

there is no absolute good or bad

like, helping the poor is always good

well its not good if 90% of people are beggars

or killing is always bad (christian teaching)

that's against nature itself

European values, i have to agree with Nietzche there, have been completely confused

Many things that belong to the let have been smuggled into the Rightist discourse

Just take a look at the Neocons


The concept of freedom in Traditional societies and concept of freedom in Pluralism

Yes, language is quite an impefect way speaking your mind

Not really

All concepts we have are those of our group

Good for Chinese and Good for Indian are two different things

In fact, the strongest and most enduring one we have is our own personal definition, but it will mostly coincide with that of our group

I had written before on my profile how much this new "right wing" art pisses me off

thats one example of how Right isn't moving towards Right this day

Yea you know it, picture of a blond norwegian girl looking toward snowy mountain

and that kind of crap

Or musicians paying lip service to Wagner

Yeah, but tasteless


Some people's idea of what they want is, and I guess we all kind of imagine it somehow

Is nice family, nice girl, house in the countryside and stuff

But we kinda have mentally to move from ideas of comfort

I sincerely believe such things make us spiritually weaker

Nationalism (the petty kind) is also one source of conformism

Yeah, he kind of sourced it from Nietzhe too, but put it quite well

I imagine if we kind of substituted this wishful Romanticism with the struggle and inspiration that is really in front of us

We would be left with art that is rather simple, dry and lonely

Posporo I have to disagree in a way

Well perhaps you can call it love and passion, but I sense danger in being informed by those sentiments

Would you say, looking at pre-raphaelite art, that you sense love and passion there

Or say, al those paintings of greek myths et cetera

I think they were all chasing a certain idea and style, that was in accordance with dominant idea of the time

But as Evola, since we mentioned him, pointed out, there is no idea and no spiritual hierarchy today at all

Look at Nazis for example

They felt they needed to mark turning their society in a Spartan modelled one, by restoring classicist art


Black Metal was authentic


Yes, I'm trying though to figure out if other people also realize how recreating lets say, classical art today would be a folly

Let's take music today for example, to demonstrate a point

Music has obviously, techinally moved from Symphonies, since people can now both produce music in their own studio

And can listen it on their youtube

And thats the only reality of that

So now that we are left with that, we have 3 dicourses: dance music, "cerebral music", and everything that stems from jazz/blues/latino and simiar rhythms

and folk music i guess

Now imagine someone today, in this year, trying to compose a symphony

Wouldn't that be a major folly

IMO, metal was a product of guitar and amp age, and Its' just fine

And if you look at the lyrics, in metal there's almost no pathos of big words, philosophies such as in rock and roll

it's mostly themed music

there's no social bullhit as in Queens and stuff

Yeah, they are kind of softer

Look at Slayer, it's all music inspired by popular themes, and hey, that's reality

Yes, I'm watching Varg

He is sometimes very correct, and sometimes he has no idea what's he talking about

Haha, yes it just dawned on me too

He's terrible at antrophology

He misses things by margins of thousands of years

I'm sort of a pagan too, but I'm realistic about paganism as well in a way

Well, Paganism isn't a substitute to faith

It can't possibly be

Neo-Paganism is both folkish and racial

Obviously all European Pagan religions are one and the same, with varying degrees of methaphysical sophistication (we need that guy now)

Yeah Evola had point, but Evola is traditionalist

for them, transcendence is real as a starting point

No, I consider myself a Traditionalist

I won't argue against Evola's point, I come to it in a way when i say I don't consider possible a Neo-Paganism as a faith

I have that book

great read, slow, but very insightful

doctrine ?

i stopped at half-way of practice part, since i culdnt proceed with practice

but principles parts is pure gold

It's kind of impossible to really practice ascesis if you don't live alone

Yeah, modern war as a large scale hostage situation

save civillians and stuff

DIR, were those articles on Amerika yours ?

Oh i cheked now

I'm of a feeling that anybody today, who is beyond all these agitations of faiths, of Muslims, Evangelicals, all these masses, social pathos, problems, global suffering

Who isn't informed by sociology of masses altogheter

Cannot adhere to a faith, culturally and aesthetically purified

Such as let' say, reconstructed Nordic neopaganism

Because it's a gimmick

I would say my "pagan" also includes Buddhas teachings

and Upanishads

So your belief system is not informed by a reconstructed and purified Nordic revival right

You are kind of trying to connect as many dots using whatever is available, correct ?

Whatever you think is relevant and substantial

Yes, but that aesthetic choice is after all, a folksih choice

Much more to do with folkish identiy, rather than transcendence

Of course, we can say Eddas and Nordic myth are very good, purely Aryan philosophical sources

yeah, frankenreligion

good word

Well, once a person really moves beyond, or more precisely, when prayers and salvation fades from his mindset

He does kind of marry himself with certain aesthetics

Aesthetics of distance, dignity, warrior spirit

Nordic or Slavic aesthetics display that sure

And then only all these immigrations, agitations, unwashed masses start to really disgust him

In favor of trivialities really

One life, one completely irrelevant spark

Hey, theres a fate of nation being decided in Syria, an entire historical moment

Yet they post photos of this or that kid, somebody who tweeted from Aleppo or whatever

Sense of greatness is like gone for good, only that matters is some social drama

I almost have to agree with Spencer here, that if there is going to be a struggle at all

It will be a struggle of Racial blocks

But politics are still way way bigger than us

Power centers and thei rules

I don't know

there are entire corners of White lands where nobody has any idea of what Alt Right is

But everyone knows what being White is

White struggles is something that has previously been exclusivelly a thing of Nordic people, Americans, Britons etc

and Russians and Poles were also big on it

But now the tide of color is being pretty evident to all Europeans

Well there is no Right Wing tide yet, I mean in reality

We still have power centers which play their own, very fragmented game

We have Moscow which is still ruled by a statist doctrine, not racial

We have Tel Aviv which isn't getting any farther of their goal, quite the opposite, theres no reason to expect they will stop now

Washington which is increasingly turning against domestic opposition, hence the lull in foreign interventions

And Coalition of Gulf states which are bank rolling every form of perversion

Not openly

Jack Donovan is still my best take on Trump phenomenon

What if "revolutioN" doesnt turn out to be political violence at all

What if we have something like Barthollomews Day massacre

Where people will just clash on the streets on purely economic and ethnic basis

Like more of upheaval than a war or revolution

Lets say Europeans go violent against migrants

Elites can still stay in power once they restore order

And can even shift their policies in acnkowledgment

But we would not have a proper system change

Some states are already forming mini blocks, V4 comes to mind

But in case of major Eu collapse, some fringes of Europe will become vulnerable for exploitation

Balkans in particular

Turkey lets say

We still have no idea how are things going to turn out in France or Sweden

We could have a proper fragmentaton and collapse of power centers

First reaction of population would be all sorts of economical and racial flight

The one saving grace would be if economy collapsed first

Which is quite possible

But that would be ugly for many

Well it would promote grouping and cohesion (although the opposite in some cases too)

It would deincentivize migrations, and make some recent immigrants leave

It would restore to an extent farming and other kinds of economy that are not easy to financially manipulate (though government interventions and tyranny are possible)

It would certainly present system as incapable and illegitimate

But there are dangers as well

I'm out for tonight, It was pleasure to have this discussion

See you on Gab and elsewhere

Speaking of internet security

When Pentagon wants to keep something safe, they disconnect that computer from the internet

speaks a lot about being 'safe" online

Tor is too tiny to be resillint against Government mass surveillance of node traffic, and Governments are increasingly interested in any communication no matter how irrelevant

yes, but obviously, having wrong thoughts is nowadays more improtant for police

essentially, if one wants to keep anonymous he is supposed to have a designated computer without any storage to use only from internet caffes and only using secure connections

and using only false data

but even then one can fall asleep

i once stared typing my name.surname email adress, got confused and sleepy

enough to ruin your whole anonimity project

one should get into it if he genuinly has reason for concern

but then he is limited to anonimous identity

you cant speak your mind in that chase because you are just average anon

Speaking of Wiki, i wondered why is Snowden in such a hurry to leave Moscow

Imagine living in Moscow, courtesy of Russian government, and seeking assylum in Germany ?!?

He even has a Russian girlfriend, go figure

Nah, no spy agency will do that

Trust with their agents and informers is too much of value

Piracy killed profits in music, and in turn, it killed piracy

All musicians who earn money today are superstars with degenerate content, and DJ's i guess

agreed, particularly underground

Record deals earn nothing

You get paid 3 ways: 1) performing live wih a band 2) gettin sponsored for singing bunch of degenerate shit 3) DJing (playing music live using all kinds of electronic equipment, emulating absolutely nothign but track already recorded to their perfectm mix)

There are tons of electronic musicians today who refuse to perform

Because they wont pull that gimmick even for good cash

I mean some of them spend 6 months to record and mix a track, and whats point of performing it live ? To test your sequencers and drum machines and whatever ?

I guess people earn their living the best they can

I think todays better than 70's

Society is too dumb for eugenics

To accept it

I cannot fathom why intelligent people oppose it, honestly

Look, IQ is the least problematic part

we are speaking about more important issues, and that is weeding out genetically transfered conditions, diseases and deformations

Sterillizing those with family history of nasty disabilities and genes

Sterilizing retarded

You have an army of people today who will trhow themselves over each other to deliver a baby that is known to be deformed and which will live it's life as a mentally disable cripple

Auru, don't be mean, we are all guilty of words that are more present in our native language

You reminded me why i dont spend times in groups much

never heard of it

I never seen so much press about a single word

In this moment im Euphoric


i did recieve new screen for my synth though, buton he downside, my earphones broke down


only thing i recorded recently is a backing track for a jazz tune which i should have released on youtube but i didnt for some reason

working on a track atm, will take a while

CC is my favourite jorunal, but Greg Johnson is such a SWPL

yeah i mentioned i busted my headphones

these i use now seem to be not very useful

yeah i just read their name is ACME, nuff said

what kind of stuff you draw posporo

films are irredeemable as art

varg vikernes likes that

Im curious why people insist we must have lived in Europe since forever

Statistic say

that if you have a wider part and a narrower part of something

that chances are, that which is in the narrower part probaly came from the wider part

19th century anthropology (the racist one) also agreed Europeans came from Eastern Europe/Central Asia

And the most secluded of them, Nordic people, remained the most primordial in their physical looks

19th century anthropology has the least weak points of everythingthey came up with today

Logic dictates that all humanity came from large continents, with large portion probably from Asia, and Blacks probably somewhere around Proto-Africa

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