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Fecken Discord is gay

Your account gets deleted if a group your in breaks the ToS and gets deleted

Even if you're not doing anything personally and aren't even active in the server

Fingers crossed a supervolcano erupts

Sounds hot

Some states have it as a misdemeanor if you don't call 911 at least but I don't think that's really enforcable

Yeah, that kind of infringes on the constitution because you have a right to well... Not do or say anything

Requiring someone to administer first aid

is fascism

Mostly it deals with court cases, you have a right to not testify and to remain silent but it applies to that as well


What would even be the punishment for not doing that?

Eh, I don't know. I think that kind of negligence is gross, as is apathy, but that's just something I don't think is the state's duty to uphold

I think it should encourage things like this, state ran youth programs that instill virtuous ideals into youth that manifest into the people becoming better for example

And people who don't do these things should be shunned by the community

A day or so in the brig can be forgotten, shame is a lot harder to forget

I imagined it was like a jail but I guess i'm wrong

I like the shame but that's a bit too medieval

Let the community shame them, like I said that's something I just feel isn't the state's responsibility to do

Anarchy is trash, I just don't think humiliation is a government issue.

I was fecken badly obese @Deleted User

Less than a year ago

Actually earlier this year

was 280ish, i'm 5'11

Now i'm closer to 200

Only started working out and shit in May

It can but i've been going really good

I cut out fast food, soda, 30 grams of carbs a day, 1,200 to 1,400 daily calorie intake, 5 mile daily walk/jog/run, 200 daily pushups

Also a good core workout

My first week alone I lost 10lbs, when I started by recruiter told me to lose 5 a week

really when you first start your metabolism just kicks right in

After a while it slows down a lot

I still need to lose another ~10 to go into the army and it's really fecken stubborn

I've been going up to 10 mile daily hikes

And it's not working

Kinda annoying because i'm putting on enough muscle to cancel out my fat loss in terms of weight it seems

The weight requirement is fecked, Alice

It's a tape test

Not a body fat percentage

which is stupid

Can already pass PT requirements

Ancaps are fecken weird

I would actually consider getting this quote as a tat, thank

Many rats may die, but that is a sacrifice that we are willing to make

Well that was rude

Forehead obviously

That's some cringe

All dogs are heckin' good boys but if you don't specifically pick a dog best suited to what you're going to be doing, you might as well shoot it yourself

That's why combat personnel and trained dogs aren't like, y'know, fucking Chihuahuas and pugs


Me when I tell myself i'm average

Where ye goin?

20th birthday alone inna woods?

Epic gamer moment

That was a hell of a change of subject

"if I succeed, we will find a peaceful solution to the jewish question. But if I fail, jews will hang on every street corner in the nation"

Rockwell had a lot of great quotes

10/10 would instigate a race war again

The natural state can only be pervaded for so long, eventually the kike will be little more than the subject of bedtime stories to scare children

Suicide is the only reasonable response

>Cell phones

Cell phones make you gay

Can confirm, I made a phone call once and now I suck dick


I just say cell phones gay

I still play 76

Ed Gein butchered?

I like the art style in the new Fallouts

Not all the new models tho

By "old" do you mean 3 and New Vegas or 1 and 2

Yeah, 4's art is better

Models, no

Like the Fallout 4 Gauss Rifle vs 2 and 3's

and yeah, that's a model issue

I hate a lot of the new models

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