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How will Drumpf recover from this Occupy Democrats meme?

Did anyone, anywhere (aside from Rotten Tomatoes reviewers) like the new Star Wars?

Educational thread on why it's important for Twitter to "unperson" white identity movements.

Yeah, he is top tier. His business partners found out about him and he had slow down though. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


The more influential cardinals in Manila are not gonna like the marriage part.

JBurton is one of my faves. He's always on point.

2017-12-19 05:26:36 UTC [Orwell & Goode's Frens #kfit]  

stop countersignaling Whiskey, one of these young men could be the next emperor

Paul Nehlen is savage AF!

Who would've thought that on the day of the twitter purge, Ta-Nehisi Coates would delete his account? Guess he couldn't take the criticism from Cornel West. ๐Ÿคฃ

When your shitlib cousin comes over and wants to smoke weed.

Shout out to all the women-respectersโ„ข in the house!

*tips fedora*

It's the end of the year, so time to reflect on the classics!

Best Trump tweet?

Los, you aren't talking about serial killer Sam Hyde's tweet are ya?

How about this one?

I'm dying over here ๐Ÿ˜‚

This one aged pretty well!

The right-wing needs to get better at organizing. This is downright embarrassing. What can we do?

CF isn't explicitly right-wing, but free-speech is a meta right-wing issue at the moment, and I think he's sympathetic to us. It would've been a good event that could've brought people on the fence to our side. 2018 should be a year where we try be more active against the globalists. Trump is not gonna save us.

So any thoughts on what to do? I like that there's a lot of younger guys and gals doing trolling and organizing discords, but what else is needed? Maybe more funding of content creators? I try to give through Patreon. What else can we do?

I've done some event planning at my previous job and it is a huge pain in the keester. I wish some of these big content creators would put out the call to help if they need it. Something about being in this sphere means you have to be like an ubermensch and do everything yourself. Just ask for help!

Michael Tracey is one of the last of the sensible left. He's got some good takes.

They took off all the guest from their website. That's a good sign!

Also see Max Blumenthal and Gleen Greenwald. I think the Resist! crowd is gonna tear them limb from limb though. Sad!

lmao. It's gonna be like the Fyre Festival.

Kilroy concierge (2018, colourized)

Yup, and it's true, the left is better at organizing. We need to step up our game.

The only thing the right can organize that is large-scale is some cringey Turning Point USA conference where it's a bunch of bowties complaining about the capital gains tax.

My fam runs 2 small businesses. Someone ask me for help.

Not saying it's gonna be easy, and you're right.

I think the right is getting much better at organizing online, but some IRL stuff is important too.

Yeah, I like the idea of small groups.

Right Wing Dog Squads, so to speak

You could hypothetically support in other ways if you're not leadership inclined, don't you think? (money, technical assistance, etc.)

Yes, definitely some big egos in the movement, but I think a lot of people are realizing that something is really f*cked up what's going on in the world, and they need a sort of lighthouse. I feel this way.

I think the Battles of Berkeley were good optics for us.

The kimspirations are a very undervalued meme imo

I bet all 3 of these guys have Grids.

When you completely miss the point, but you're a commie so it's fine.

In a way, I've been redpilled since I was a kid. My mother (this was the 90s) would leave on pretty right-wing radio for my brother and me to hear. She wasn't forceful about it, just kind of left the radio on. I was totally pissed off about Waco and Ruby Ridge before I even hit puberty. I've been leaving on some right-wing YouTube videos while I play chess with my daughter. It's different than the shitlibs who force their kids to wear "I'm with Her" shirts and accept weird LGBTQP+ crap before they even know what sex is. Consider this subtle exposure approach if you have kids. ๐Ÿธ

Immersion makes the person feel like they came into it on their own, so they keep the intellectual upper hand. Good for college students developing political conscious.

I think the only hope for boomers is injection, or possibly incineration.

hmm, interesting

I figured exposure would be good for young adults / children.

lol, I guess Boomers are kind of like the eternal children

so it works

What about Trotskyites? What's the best approach? Can it even be done?

Anyone remember when Romney was photographed shopping for groceries a few weeks after the election? Yeah, people forgot about him pretty fast.

Insulting your audience is always a good business strategy.

Paul Nehlen is an absolute madman! Love it.

How's this for an all-YouTube, not-too-edgy red pill ladder? Dave Rubin -> Sargon -> Stefan Molyneaux -> Waking up the West -> Allsup/Fuentes -> Braving Ruin

Yeah, that would work

Forgot about Styx

Posobiec doesn't want you to have any fun.

Sad thing is, a lot of people are aligned with him exactly in a political sense, but they avoid 1) Making up complete bullshit, 2) cucking out when something is to the right of them.

I like the YouTube part, since the right dominates the medium (one of the few things we dominate at the moment)

Yeah, I never had anything against the Skeptics, but the Kraut fiasco was inexcusable

some fairly big egos on the right, but I think the tradition and hierarchical nature of being right-wing keeps things relatively in check

yeah, it helps to not be a hyper-individualist

I still think Gamer Gate was a net good for us.

They're onto us! lol

Clarkhat and Mr. X had some funny responses to her tweet. What a windbag

New Myth of the 20th century just dropped. Most underrated YouTube channel imo

you knew that was coming

lol gay

When Based Mama reaches the Kilroy donation goal

My future ex-wife!

California may be a lost cause ๐Ÿคก ๐ŸŒŽ

Why does Based Stickman keep getting arrested? How hard is it to not get arrested. Damn man.

Seems to be a lot of that in our sphere lately.

Xmas Ideas for your Boomer Uncle that keeps forwarding you Obama is a Muslim emails

Never go full neocon

Undercover footage from deep inside a communist country.

Same with me in the 90s... there wasn't that much hanky-panky and I was degenerate AF

Stunning and brave

What a babe!

tbh I would've voted abstain

Yes, she's so beautiful!

they sure get the US to actively go after other countries though

probably not the worst country, but not the best

and I'm lukewarm on the JQ

yes, but we don't need to have a war. Bannon got kicked out of the WH because he said there is no military solution to North Korea. I sort of have to agree.

Military Industrial Complex is real.

Iran is misunderstood

Iran doesn't like US because US is allied with Israel and Saudi Arabia.

like what? being involoved in Iraq and Afghanistan

Hezbollah and Quds Force causing problems for the US is much more rare than Sunni type extremism

The neolibs love the Saudi Family, good luck!

I am not a superfan of Iran, I just don't think they're as great a threat as neocons and the media make them out to be

Yeah, exactly

They start wars a lot of times because of the defense lobby. No joke it's a very big business

I was in the military, it's real

Wait who is shutting anyone down?

Well, definitely Osama

So are you saying we should've taken out Saddam earlier?

Saddam came to power during the pan-Arab movement, so that wasn't just the US per se. Are you talking about the arms sales during the Iran-Iraq war?

I agree we shouldn't have done that. At the end of the day I think Saddam was just kind of your basic bitch strongman. I don't think he had an ideological beef with the US like Osama did.

Yeah, the cold war realpolitik came back to bite us in the butt in a lot of situations (esp. with the Taliban)

Yeah, cold war we did what we had to do, but then the neolibs became the new communists, so to speak

Eisenhower was a great president

He tried to keep us out, but CIA fucked everything up

really? why Vietnam

oh wow, are you from South Vietnam?

Yeah, there's a lot of Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians that came over from the war. Don't get me wrong I still hate commies, but I'm still fairly anti-war.

Thank god, finally.

Vietnam was a tough one, the Southern Vietnamese government was pretty corrupt and did not have much popular support

Plus the Vietnamese have a pretty good track record in defending their homeland. I wouldn't have wanted to be in that war.

Did you watch the PBS documentary on the Vietnam War?

It's pretty good except for the hippie bullshit

Talks with Vietnamese vets from both sides. Very interesting.

Yeah, I imagine. Dark times for SE Asia. That was when the Khmer Rouge shit was too. Very awful stuff

Oh no not the Stuch!

A bugman to the nth degree

This yahoo makes $444/month on Patreon. Man that is so depressing.

He would've made more videos if it hadn't been for those darn Nazis.

With all this silliness, it seems like we're living in Mr. Metokur's timeline.

Cernovich is no ethnostater, but rather "alt-lite". His former rape charges I s'pose could be a bone of contention.

Sounds like everyone else in the cell was a fed. The time when "everyone is a fed except me" meme would've been accurate. Good job, FBI!

From the Dems are the Real Racists brand of conservative

Seems like they would run in the same circle. The Never Trumper crowd gets undue media attention.

I've had a mancrush on Keanu since Point Break. Best movie evah!

Wallpaper for 2017 first half

Wallpaper for most of 2016. Thinking fondly of the good old days.๐Ÿธ

Not sure if appropriate for the Discord, but I just like Motley Crue.


T H O T - patrol level = Buddha

Can't be swayed by THOTs if you're celibate!

Chinese thots GTFO

NEETs are gonna be more pissed about this than net neutrality

damn, these people can't even treat co-workers with respect, and the left holds them up like heroes. lol

Hey guys. Who wants to talk about craft beer?

Yeah, styx definitely won. Spencer kind of just talked about the stuff he normally talks about and got snippy with Sargon.

tbh the skeptics just wish it was 2015 again.

they're unable to process all this edgy YouTube content, lol

le 56% nazi gf, lolol

do you guys turn into siege fags on the weekend? lol

fuck all this nazi-tier nonsense, Uncle Ted is the hero the world deserves

For the secret riceburners in the discord: perfect girls don't ex...

is not a trap, can confirm as I have a 100% accurate trapdar. Can't comment on bangs

he had dreams too...

recruited to save America, amirite? ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Was pretty disgusted with the suicide forest thing, but thought the general roasting of the Japanese was hilarious (vid above).๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿป

Is he /ourchad/ I don't know at this point

Time will tell, it's still pretty early in 2018

Stalin 2.0

So how's your sex life?

That escalated quickly

I've never seen lines from "The Room" get everyone so depressed. Sorry!

I actually use the flower shop scene for customer service training.

An example of superb customer service, "Here you go, keep the change", "You're my best customer".

Posted mine on the Facebook group, but here they are

I got Yacks' dox. Someone give him his monocle back.

Grooming gangs. DISGUSTING

stunning and brave

I like that it's in THOT-script


double ๐Ÿค”

le 56% detected

a lot of cancer is going to come out of the Golden Globes tonite, can't wait to see what Trump sez

No way, if you send enough Patron bucks, you might get nudes!

Actual no kidding meme shared by the DNC on Twitter. It's so awful, I love it

Didn't Peter Thiel want to buy them out? That would be hilarious in the karma sense.

After their Kickstarter flops, maybe he can pick it up for dirt cheap

Bill "The Bloody" Kristol has to get his bodycount.


ummm... I was told this would be an English discord?

maybe not America but definitely not the Tower of Babel. I think speaking Latin would be okay.

hey, hey, Thai could become an international language. The prime minister said so, lol

Laotians, Cambodians, and I think the Burmese know some Thai because of the spicy soaps and satellite TV. World power soon.

I think the boba teas come from Taiwan, but it's big here too

This makes me want to run out and by her autobiography.

Thai soaps always involve a sassy maid, a meddlesome mother-in-law, and some bad boy with multiple partners. I think the Mexican soaps might be similar?

kind of "high status" around these parts, but I like a boba once in a while if it's on the table

most stuff from the "fancy" asian countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore is considered trendy and high status

pho? gross it's not spicy

they eat something called Jok here. it's like rice oatmeal: tasty and healthy.

yup, better import all 65mil Thais to bring that spicy ethnic cuisine, lol

that show is suprisingly accurate on thailand

90-day fiance. They do a bunch of different countries. It's pretty funny

they should do the bugman trying to wed the trad lady

you mean the dowry?

yeah, that's normal. especially if the woman is from a poor family (this for Thai-Thai marriages too)

if the woman is from a rich family, and the man is not, the woman's family gives the groom a wad of cash and gold to display at the wedding, and then the woman's family gives it to the daughter secretly. That happened at my friend's wedding where his wife's family is one of the big mafia families in the south, lol

in India the woman gives money to the man, now that's what I'm talkin' about

yeah, mafia is big out here

like most non-1st world countries

for my wife they didn't ask much since I'm not rich, but the dowries can get ridiculous. My wife's friend got her parents a new $100K house plus 2 10-baht gold chains (which is worth about $12K)

I've never been so proud to be a nocoiner.

I get the "Do You know the way" meme now and feel special.

Check the admin's vid ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿป Also, praise our admins

Sabo is getting pretty explicit here

In case you thought God Emperor Trump was getting a bit bluepilled, apparently it's been hacked.

too savage to retweet

so cute

Sargon issues mea culpa and says everyone should call him a "liberalist". Kind of a lame moniker, but better than "muh skeptics".

I figured the PeterSweden account was a Weekend at Bernie's type situation.

If this is narcissistic & shameless video sharing, I just made a YouTube vid.

tbh, Tucker has done a lot to redpill liberatarians.

Hail Constantine!

Shit, I'm on this list too. lmao

meh, the right-wing ironybros are kind of losing steam ever since TV Kwa stopped putting out content

Kantbot is still good though. If you don't follow him, you're missing out on some W O K E shit

What a handsome fellow

Some fun stuff back in 2017. A bit esoteric

Sounds like the alt-right

No one knows how 2018 will turn out, but I guarantee it will not be the year of the "Liberalist".

I heard his best friend was a Jewish Black tranny?

Claw 'em by the pussy

This shit's almost as painful to watch as the infamous Mac and Me wheelchair scene.

You edgy nibbas are giving civnats a hard time, but Greg Johnson is on the Warski stream talking about why Prohibition was a great program and alcohol won't be allowed in the ethnostate. ๐Ÿ’ฉ

Who won the Fuentes debate? Haven't watched yet. Although I do admit the drama was very teenage girls stuff and bush league.

nice for Fuentes

will check it out

Greg Johnson is bombing on the Warski stream. Prohibition was another left-wing program that totally flopped

Dear God, he's making Vee look good

I find something creepy and liberal about ethnostate tbh. Also, fun fact: my great-great grandpa got whacked by the mob during Prohibition. Older members of my family said he was an asshole, so maybe he had it coming

Details are a bit spotty, but I think it was The Purple Gang, who were Jewish not Italian.

not sure, but probably bootlegging during the 20s. It was big in Michigan (people used to drive Model Ts across the lake to Canada during the winter).

Don't ever go to dinner with an Asian person, the first 30 minutes is just taking pics of the food

the dude who runs CounterCurrents

yeah, probably best you haven't

No woman's intuition here, but I am old af and run a business. Honestly, I think it's just two Type-A guys that shouldn't be working together. Also airing this out in public is really bad.

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