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2018-04-25 04:07:12 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #bot-commands]  


2018-10-10 22:57:24 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #twis]  

Florida man has got competition

2019-02-03 20:05:51 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #history]  

There was an older theory that native americans in the east part of North America were Europeans, but this is suprising

Thats just extra time to play xbox

That is why we need a school voucher system

Walls are effective but not on their own.

The thing is not everyone is going to want to go the extra mile to bypass a wall. Adding extra barriers will increase the incentive *not* to come

2019-02-04 04:45:09 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #history]  

Memri hologram tv

And putting a wall in your own territory won't be an FU to your neighbors - it's not like you are closing border crossings or anything.

Its too bad Owen Benjamin went off the deep end, I used to like him

2019-02-16 18:47:50 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #twis]  

This is why lock picking is a good skill to have

2019-02-16 19:31:59 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #twis]  

It's a good skill to have in both

2019-02-17 05:34:31 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #history]  

It should be kept and maintained in the same way that confederate statues should be kept and maintained

2019-02-23 00:26:31 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #twis]  


2019-03-06 23:29:24 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #history]  

These figures kinda seem off, I wouldn't have thought that Germany lost a larger % than Serbia

2019-03-07 03:16:53 UTC [/r/SargonOfAkkad (Sparta) #history]  

Yeah but the Serbians were litterally forced out of their country by invading armies and they then had to march across Albania all while suffering massive attrition.

At least Bill Clinton was liked

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