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2017-10-27 00:25:57 UTC
2017-10-27 00:28:53 UTC

for sure

2017-10-27 00:37:44 UTC

Darkjazz was pretty interesting

2017-10-27 01:24:18 UTC

2017-10-27 05:00:49 UTC

If you want an interesting time, watch Friends on netflix with the sound off and play a Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble album.

2017-10-27 05:00:52 UTC

It's trippy

2017-10-27 05:01:05 UTC

Makes the show really dark

2017-10-27 05:01:44 UTC

Yo I really dig this Kona Triangle.

2017-10-27 05:01:47 UTC

My kinda music.

2017-10-27 05:04:15 UTC

more people need to apprecate The Mercury Project, their most viewed song on youtube only has 19k views

2017-10-27 05:04:22 UTC

yet they kick so much ass

2017-10-27 05:04:34 UTC

I take that back, I see one with 52k

2017-10-27 05:05:12 UTC

anyway they're great, I hope somebody appreciates it.

2017-10-27 05:05:35 UTC

If you're a rhythm person like me, you'll cream when you hear the bass and drums

2017-10-27 05:07:32 UTC

also some underrated goodness

2017-10-27 12:49:17 UTC

You just can beat the classic calling out of Jerry Brown

2017-10-28 00:17:30 UTC

some of the most sinister music ever made https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJoa1eiIHe8

2017-10-28 00:52:35 UTC

That's some fuckin doom alright. Metal up your ass.

2017-10-28 00:52:40 UTC

man I haven't heard Gadget in a long time

2017-10-28 00:53:28 UTC

Normally not a fan of grind, more of a doom guy myself.

2017-10-28 00:53:34 UTC

oh this is a doom track, not grindcore

2017-10-28 00:53:35 UTC


2017-10-28 00:54:08 UTC

I still haven't listened to the new Bell Witch album, but I've heard great things about it

2017-10-28 00:54:20 UTC

83+ minute song

2017-10-28 00:54:26 UTC

funeral doom

2017-10-28 00:54:30 UTC

holy shmoly

2017-10-28 00:54:53 UTC

I've wanted some good funeral doom. Always had a hard time finding it.

2017-10-28 00:55:05 UTC

what've you heard?

2017-10-28 00:55:13 UTC
2017-10-28 00:55:25 UTC

album cover of the year

2017-10-28 00:55:39 UTC

Pall Bearer is about it.

2017-10-28 00:55:43 UTC

Yeah that looks fucking rad.

2017-10-28 00:55:50 UTC

Pallbearer's not funeral doom

2017-10-28 00:56:23 UTC

then what are they?

2017-10-28 00:56:38 UTC

just doom

2017-10-28 00:57:11 UTC

The only album I listened to was Sorrow and Extinction

2017-10-28 00:57:20 UTC

Definitely seemed like funeral doom

2017-10-28 00:57:41 UTC

funeral doom is way slower, usually much drearier, and usually has guttural vocals

2017-10-28 00:59:41 UTC

They have that diminished sound though, I think that's what got me

2017-10-28 01:00:02 UTC


2017-10-28 01:02:36 UTC

this is pretty rad

2017-10-28 01:02:52 UTC

takes a while to get going but yeah

2017-10-28 01:03:25 UTC

two of my favorite funeral doom tracks: the first song on this (it's not uploaded separately) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4a8r_-Gh5pw

2017-10-28 01:03:30 UTC

kinda reminds me of Ahab, the voice

2017-10-28 01:03:30 UTC

22 minutes long

2017-10-28 01:03:49 UTC

yeah Ahab is funeral doom, at least they used to be (haven't heard them in a long time so I don't know if they still are)

2017-10-28 01:04:02 UTC


2017-10-28 01:04:20 UTC

that Esoteric song is easily one of my favorites

2017-10-28 01:04:50 UTC

more melodic than the others, guitars weaving all over the place

2017-10-28 01:06:41 UTC

right on man you've given me some good shit to keep me busy for a minute, it's been a while since I've been shown some good doom

2017-10-28 01:06:52 UTC

you know Elder?

2017-10-28 01:07:09 UTC

yeah Lore was one of the better albums of 2015

2017-10-28 01:07:22 UTC

haven't heard Reflections yet

2017-10-28 01:07:50 UTC

I'm not a huge fan of stoner in general though

2017-10-28 01:09:44 UTC

so, if you like Esoteric/Asunder, some other bands to check out:
Mournful Congregation

2017-10-28 01:11:40 UTC

and I would have added Ahab but you know them already

2017-10-28 01:13:12 UTC

Shape of Despair are great too but a little cheesy sometimes

2017-10-28 01:13:41 UTC

the first Pantheist album too

2017-10-29 01:23:13 UTC

I got to see them live before they started making shitty albums

2017-10-29 01:42:56 UTC

one of my all-time favorites, and incredibly obscure

2017-10-29 01:43:03 UTC

wish they'd get more exposure

2017-10-29 12:05:25 UTC


2017-10-29 14:48:15 UTC

Personally I've heard it everywhere (from Monster Truck promos to MMA/kickboxing walkouts); perhaps many people just don't know where it's origins lie

2017-10-29 15:13:31 UTC

Video footage revealing cleark UK-Russian collusion


2017-10-29 15:14:12 UTC

Also, I like how 'force' translates to 'boss' in Russian

2017-10-30 23:46:54 UTC

health had a good song on deus ex

2017-10-30 23:47:14 UTC

can you link it?

2017-10-30 23:50:09 UTC

sheeet it was max payne 3

2017-10-30 23:55:21 UTC

This is such a good game

2017-10-31 18:21:55 UTC

One of my favorite bands

2017-11-01 02:40:55 UTC

One hit wonder

2017-11-01 02:48:17 UTC

God I wish Frank Zappa was still alive.

2017-11-01 07:18:06 UTC

Led Zeppelin

2017-11-01 11:03:55 UTC

this shit will make you lose your mind

2017-11-01 20:25:25 UTC

best song of 2017

2017-11-03 09:57:51 UTC

dulcet tones from those smooth pipes

2017-11-04 01:03:39 UTC

Uh this song is IN me right now


2017-11-04 14:00:31 UTC

If you can stop staring at Jennifer Connelly at her hottest before she got even hotter, there's a great song.


2017-11-04 14:42:56 UTC

I've got some dankness to add to this 80s theme, this time with a fresh twist my dudes. https://youtu.be/D7zmHngfFII

2017-11-04 17:23:49 UTC

Check out this track I pumped out this morning https://youtu.be/2pEgvjOSrrU

2017-11-04 17:31:37 UTC


2017-11-04 17:33:50 UTC

its feels like a metroid game pretty awesome

2017-11-04 17:40:19 UTC

very low-key

2017-11-04 17:40:21 UTC

but well produced

2017-11-04 21:42:11 UTC

Very trip hop

2017-11-04 23:50:46 UTC

Since we're sharing shit we've made, here's something of mine.

It's trash like the rest but my anus is ready.


2017-11-04 23:53:41 UTC

I feel like im getting ready for a fight with a Predator

2017-11-04 23:54:03 UTC

And Jek confirmed shill for self...

2017-11-04 23:54:14 UTC


2017-11-04 23:54:29 UTC

Buy my merch faggot

2017-11-04 23:54:34 UTC

If I had any

2017-11-04 23:54:41 UTC

Or if I was good at all

2017-11-04 23:56:14 UTC

Haha 100% would shill again

2017-11-05 00:05:01 UTC

I've got plenty more to put up

2017-11-05 00:05:12 UTC

My shilling knows no end

2017-11-05 00:17:33 UTC

I really enjoyed that one πŸ‘Œ

2017-11-05 00:18:13 UTC

What i find funny about his speech he says "we think too much and feel too little"

2017-11-05 00:18:25 UTC

I think we have the opposite problem now

2017-11-05 00:22:56 UTC


2017-11-05 00:25:06 UTC


2017-11-05 00:29:17 UTC

I got miles of this shit

2017-11-05 15:23:44 UTC

Good lord Jek, you've got quite a lot of stuff you've made.

2017-11-05 15:24:07 UTC

You've definitely been at this longer than I have

2017-11-05 15:24:16 UTC

Sounds very professional

2017-11-05 15:25:03 UTC

over 9000 times better than what I've got so far

2017-11-05 15:27:27 UTC

Also that Chaplain monologue is the dankness. I performed that in drama class back in hs

2017-11-05 15:30:37 UTC

do you program your own instruments or do you use premade synths?

2017-11-05 17:02:17 UTC

the ending to this is bomb af

2017-11-05 17:05:20 UTC

Pretty sweet

2017-11-05 17:05:30 UTC

very relaxing

2017-11-05 17:06:42 UTC

take it to a weird other side of music

2017-11-05 17:08:40 UTC

Birocratic does really, really good stuff

2017-11-05 17:11:57 UTC

Also Joseph Jacobs, Deeb, Saib, LJones, Vanilla, Brock Berrigan..

2017-11-05 18:34:30 UTC

that fiddler shreds like nobody's business

2017-11-05 18:35:14 UTC

pretty insane

2017-11-05 19:16:57 UTC

Deep in Cider isn't exactly shred-tastic but soulful nonetheless

2017-11-05 19:48:05 UTC

@Thomas the Sowell Train [USA] unfortunately I mostly use premade synths, but I try to dive into their knobs and sliders and much as I can to get some different stuff out of them

2017-11-05 20:13:45 UTC
2017-11-05 20:37:49 UTC

@Jek Porkins I use Sunvox and I try to get creative with making my own instruments. It's definitely hardmode. When I do use premade instruments, I still run them through some sort of effect or do something creative to them. I was wondering how your instruments sounded so damn nice :P. I realized that there was a bunch I could still do to that song I made and it's come a long way since my rough draft.

2017-11-05 20:39:03 UTC

Yeah man you know how to pick the fattest fucking basses holy shit ecks dee.

2017-11-05 20:40:27 UTC

that shit is so crunchy lol

2017-11-05 20:44:54 UTC

I know it's cheese but I love my FL studio. I've had it for fucken 10 years now

2017-11-05 20:45:22 UTC

I don't write as much lately, but I make sure to keep it updated

2017-11-05 20:46:12 UTC

I use Sunvox because it's free and it's fun. I could pirate FL studio but I like what I've got.

2017-11-05 20:46:18 UTC

you ever tried it?

2017-11-05 20:46:30 UTC

No, haven't heard of it

2017-11-05 20:48:07 UTC


2017-11-05 20:48:15 UTC

it's pretty straightforward

2017-11-05 20:49:02 UTC

I'm thinking I'll probably move over to FL studio at some point if I start getting a little more invested

2017-11-05 20:50:14 UTC

Well I started on a pirated copy. It's like a rite of passage or something lol

2017-11-05 20:51:22 UTC

It's super easy for making chiptune or 8-bit music, can bust that stuff out real quick, but it can also do a lot more. Though some of the modules are pretty limited like the voice filter. That one kind of bugs me with how funky it is.

2017-11-05 20:52:56 UTC

But it's great how everything is right there, no having to jump between different windows all the time. Also, it's available on pretty much every platform ever, even your phone.

2017-11-05 20:53:07 UTC

anyway I should stop shilling now

2017-11-05 20:53:35 UTC

Lol, I was stuck to mobile for a while and I ended up using Caustic 3

2017-11-05 20:53:37 UTC

I need to feel edgy because I use the free DAW πŸ˜›

2017-11-05 20:54:35 UTC

Here's one I made on my phone while pooping

2017-11-05 20:54:44 UTC

the best kind

2017-11-05 20:55:10 UTC

dis som poopin music alright

2017-11-05 20:55:53 UTC

that slow filter slide

2017-11-05 20:56:03 UTC

as the butthole opens

2017-11-05 20:56:14 UTC


2017-11-05 20:57:06 UTC

This is another pooping one, a bit more bass tho

2017-11-05 20:59:08 UTC

Both these were in caustic?

2017-11-05 20:59:37 UTC


2017-11-05 21:00:47 UTC

dang I need to get on them premades. I can probably learn a lot from em.

2017-11-05 21:01:39 UTC

There's this awesome program called Sylenth that's like a synth programming tutorial series. I tried the demo which is like the first so many lessons and it was pretty useful.

2017-11-05 21:01:41 UTC

I think that they're good to use to get a feel for flow and melody

2017-11-05 21:01:47 UTC


2017-11-05 21:02:16 UTC

I also found watching live loopstation performances to be really informative.

2017-11-05 21:02:23 UTC

Oh god, this is the first once I made with caustic. The balance is fucked

2017-11-05 21:02:34 UTC

ooh sounds juicy

2017-11-05 21:02:43 UTC


2017-11-05 21:02:46 UTC


2017-11-05 21:03:11 UTC

fuck your overhead niπŸ…±πŸ…±a

2017-11-05 21:03:32 UTC

this is hilarious but it still sounds pretty cool

2017-11-05 21:03:36 UTC

I dig the congas

2017-11-05 21:03:42 UTC

Bongos ftw

2017-11-05 21:04:31 UTC

Yeah I'm still trying to get a hold of mixing properly, compressing properly and all that. It's tricky sometimes.

2017-11-05 21:05:00 UTC

Every track I make I seem to do a little better.

2017-11-05 21:05:02 UTC


2017-11-05 21:06:21 UTC

Ugh, I still can't mix properly

2017-11-05 21:06:29 UTC

I think it's my headphones

2017-11-05 21:06:31 UTC


2017-11-05 21:06:32 UTC

That was the first thing I noticed with your other stuff, how much volume you were able to get out of the tracks without fucking up the mix.

2017-11-05 21:06:56 UTC

I have some real nice monitors and your tracks sounded pretty good.

2017-11-05 21:07:03 UTC

Getting down into the old shit

2017-11-05 21:07:22 UTC

Might just be your headphones not picking up all the frequencies or having quiet frequencies.

2017-11-05 21:07:39 UTC

oooh eerie

2017-11-05 21:07:41 UTC

I like it

2017-11-05 21:07:48 UTC

I miss my Razer Blacksharks

2017-11-05 21:08:13 UTC

They had the best range and quality of any headset I've owned

2017-11-05 21:08:21 UTC

This reminds me of half-life.

2017-11-05 21:08:59 UTC

The bit at 2:25 is my favorite

2017-11-05 21:09:21 UTC

Yea this has some real juicy bits.

2017-11-05 21:09:34 UTC

That wubby dubbyness is pretty sick.

2017-11-05 21:10:11 UTC

Then at 315 it starts evolving

2017-11-05 21:10:50 UTC

Is that a guitar sample?

2017-11-05 21:11:24 UTC


2017-11-05 21:12:06 UTC

Very dystopic.

2017-11-05 21:12:40 UTC

I had just played silent hill 2 when I made this one

(Please ignore the ending, I didn't know where to go)


2017-11-05 21:12:55 UTC

lol will ignore

2017-11-05 21:13:22 UTC

I've learned to just stop when I get that feeling

2017-11-05 21:13:50 UTC

Do as little as possible, and come back to it the next day. It always comes out like shit when I force it.

2017-11-05 21:14:05 UTC

Badum tiss

2017-11-05 21:14:16 UTC


2017-11-05 21:15:15 UTC

.I once made a 40 minute song.......it was so blah.

2017-11-05 21:15:29 UTC

Still proud of the length though lol

2017-11-05 21:15:41 UTC

did you just repeat a section over and over?

2017-11-05 21:16:25 UTC

No no it evolved

2017-11-05 21:17:11 UTC

you know Disasterpeace?

2017-11-05 21:17:18 UTC

Think so

2017-11-05 21:17:28 UTC

did the OST for Fez and Hyper Light Drifter

2017-11-05 21:17:38 UTC

maybe another game not sure

2017-11-05 21:18:03 UTC

this was inspired by his stuff

2017-11-05 21:18:35 UTC

instruments aren't the most amazing but I did make them all myself

2017-11-05 21:18:55 UTC

it was a study in echoes I guess

2017-11-05 21:19:26 UTC

Oh I like that

2017-11-05 21:19:41 UTC


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