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you can't even watch the stream and chat without loading a browser because the stream isn't posted in here.


who thought this one out

not in this room though

there ya go

i was about to


you can scroll up

oh my gosh though

i thought it couldn't possibly as sjw as the reviews

i was wrong

wait, so does he mean this discord?

or does he have another one he actually started?

Dude, I can't even video edit right and I've worked out discord

oh gods, here comes the wave of memelords

he should be able to customize his weelchair into a garbage can

this game discriminates against garbage humans

right click server and go to notification settings

have you been watching? it borders on it already

Technically Russia was a major part of getting rid of the Nazis....

but... that doesnt make communism a good idea, let alone American


that cutscene post is amusing because it shows how sjws yell and yell and it's like "uh, priorities moron, there's bullets coming in." From ISIL, in the real life case.

I live in a county in appalaciha. he was over the top but not impossible

well, if you're not already a patreon patron anyway

how does one "level" in discord anyway?


the level is level 2 though

apparently I'm at level 3 (i went to the bot spam channel) ๐Ÿ˜‰



no, 78 seconds is more than a minute

it works out

also I call bullshit because I'm unaffected.


18 seconds is the 30% mark. you're making a 30% benefit to women with 42 seconds

and a 30% detriment with 78

and damn it, Sargon is an egalitarian

keep kekistan merit based

probably not.

I don't even think bunty reads his own channel half the time, and he actually knows how discord works.

Oh... you're a UK human eh, reaps?


I'm in the time zone where it's about to be 6pm, personally

so what time is it that you're feeling up obscenely late?

are you or are you not one of the fake news capitalist russians the commie americans warned us about?

I have to apologize for that joke.

even I can't stand behind it

well, I assume you're in south korea, japan, NZ, or are an aussie like bearing

because the time difference is roughly 12 hours there

from me, anyway

and 6 am is as good a time as any to feel up obscenely late



bbl, have to go spend gold to use solidified diabetes to teach little hobgoblins that entitlement is scary.

(... aka, buying halloween candy)

Someone tried to convince me authoritarianism in the NK style was a good thing. My response?

This is making the rounds on tumblr -

Looks like Sargon and Laci need to team up for once and do a joint debunk of this myth for the incels.

If you think the female orgasm is a myth produced by Cultural Marxism, you're doing it wrong, my dude.

62 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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