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Good day friends! I am a 22 yo South African Farmer, Thanks all of your efforts!
The "@TheDailyFrogger" from twitter brought me here! I thank you as well.

You can follow me on twitter "@RenierHG" on upcoming activism and coordinated projects. I am however a student doing small jobs to fund my activism.

I despise begging but i would like to ask your help as we need funds to raise awareness here in South Africa through activism.
Myself and 3 trustworthy friends will be scaling a building or two in the coming month. Generation identity style. We will drop large banners from the rooftops calling for an end to white genocide. Our actions will hopefully inspire others. (nothing illegal)

At the same time other people will set off harmless smoke devices as used in paintball games.

2 people scaling the roof will hold road flares as well. This will create a massive spectacle.

Flyers will then be dropped from the roof. Initially people will think we are tresspassing and hopefully with the "rebel" connotation we can take the local and international media by storm. We will also cooirdinate with activists all over the country to distribute flyers on the same day. Generating a feeling of companionship to those who lost family members to white genocide (i am moving away from the term farm murders as y people in the city are being slaughtered in their 1 bedroom apartments as well. As well as car hijacking, random violence and robberies)

I will thus need the following:
Smoke = R1450 (10 units) -


Cloth: R2 000
Paint: R800
Ladder hire: R300 p/d

Printing flyers: 1 000 units @ R1 per A4 (cut in half for a3 after printing)= R1 000

This adds up to about R5 550 and that is about $ 463 US (average starting farmers salary is about R8k) so this is alot for my friend and I.
I do all of this in my personal name for I am Proud of who i am: Renier Hansjorg Goosen!

Please let me know if you think this project is worth pursuing, sorry for barging in like this. My paypal email is [email protected]

Done! Thanks, nice to meet you

Thanks @Medeaz I will keep everyone here updated with the progress with funding and the day the banner is displayed

@Buddy Hobbs I really think he will in due time, he cant afford to jump on a "hoax"

@ecce_lux And that too

People are definitely waking up

@Channe The government is the largest factor pushing violence against whites here in SA, the simply go on talking about how we "stole the land" (which is wrong) only 9% of the land was occupied when my folk got here. But fact are besides the point cos what lib cares about facts anyway.... So we need the government here to stop spreading BS and that will only be achieved if internation community places pressure on our gov down here. That can be done by stopping foreign aid. I think the US gives the corrupt sick communist ANC around $300 mil a year

Tucker discussed SA

Lol yeah that why I say facts are besides the point hahah

All the people interested and concerned for us is really great! I cant believe all the people joining and tweeting all of the sudden! You guys are great.

Seriously though where when and why did an interest in SA all of the sudden come from? Lauren southern? Katie Hopkins perhaps? Definitely not MSM?

Ah okay, we need to get more people realise it them "by chance" lol

@Willem Petzer @Autisticated Thats some great stuff right there

You guys should never underestimate what a great example of failed multiculturism is for what might happen to europe and the rest of the western world if uncontrolled migration takes over. Especially when the migrants seeks to take over

@Willem Petzer Join my pfp for SA'ners?

@Willem Petzer select the gear next to pfp left bottom corner of screen

Sienner translates directly to "see-er" as in someone who sees (useless fun fact of the day)

Okay cheers guys! Its 1 am in SA, see you soon

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