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Heyy I'm in

I'm guessing you forgot to make it permanent

Well that's strange

I will, what do you need

Well first I would say get roles sorted out



Nice to meet you too @Renier I hope everything goes well for you with the banner thing

If they take it down we'll just make another one

I've found discord taking down servers to be pretty rare, and even when they do the servers usually pop back up within a few hours

Yeah that'll be why they got rekt, this server should honestly be fine and that's all I'm concerned about at the moment

Lol, they have no reason to take this down but if they want to try and argue that I'll set up a bot to spam email them lmfao

Well @TibblesAnon we just ask if you're South African and we just trust that you'll tell us the truth.

Yeah the name could be misleading

There you go verified now

Anyone here got a better name for the discord because it is a bit misleading

Awareness does sound better than project in this case lol

Lol I've changed it and I've changed this chat to be just the general chat

Ah, you shouldn't need to log out just close it down

@TibblesAnon g'night, I wish you the best.

Just a quick check @everyone is there anyone who is from south Africa that we haven't verified yet?

Isn't that just most of the discord? lol

Nah they shouldn't have

I was just checking if we missed anyone

I hate using @everyone but I've turned the unused spam chat into just a place to chill post memes and just chat, its a place to get away from the whole south Africa incident that's being talked about in the general chat

Yes dady

I only want 2 of 3 D's

We need some happiness pinned

Lol don't you know 518 = millions

Who is this ignorant T H O T

If someone <@&424495656108032019> can join then that might convince her?

possibly, but I live in the UK where the schools brainwash you from 5 onwards and here I am lmao

I would join but I don't have a kik and I'm too lazy to make one at midnight, but send them some of the things that people post here a lot of it is fresh content

Those replies smh

Nice video

Learned what? Did I miss something

They're not known for being intelligent

yeah, that's my concern with the image, but they might be doing it for some philosophical reason i'm not really sure

That's crazy

42 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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