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Thanks for joining!

No problem! That's extremely important as well

Sorry about bad link

It was but it died which was weird

I'm pretty new to this so I probably messed up something lol

If anyone wants to help mod?

Not sure tbh

Still learning the ropes

I think I've got it though

You're a mod now

The left is sick

Denying it

Calling it a conspiracy


Not sure if Jews are protected anymore

Well they run the media so it would be everywhere if that was the case

Not that I hate Jews

Just saying

Me neither I just hate how and don't understand why the Jews of the media are keeping it quiet. That's what I don't understand. Probably globalism I guess idk

Okay thank you for joining! Hope you have sweet dreams!

Renier, may I suggest changing your profile picture to South African flag? That way it might be easier to spot you as one

Thanks bot

Thanks everyone for joining! I've been up all night trying to spread the word

Willie is a verified South African

All verified South Africans are green

@ Willempet

I see so many black South Africans laughing about all of this

Guessing this is the general attitude over there?

Yes just send them the link I sent you

Just let me know who are verified South African so I know

Thanks, bot lol

Verified South African?

Okay just checking

All verified South Africans are green

We're fighting actual oppression while SJWs are trying to create some that's not there

Oh you know Lauren?

Thanks guys!

If you can RT Willem post that would help spread the word

He's verified South African

That's fine I can boost it with my Twitter following

@ TheDailyFrogger

Kekistan Intel Agent is the nickname on there

All good thank you for helping

Lmao your profile info


There is but I have him for a reason

Why isn't Trump saying anything I don't get it


White people are universally hated

People who deny it are crazy

White people are a minority not a majority lol

That's more than enough. Much more than most do.

Thanks, bot.

My generation is the worst


I was really Liberal until 2015. I thought Conservatives were racist my whole life. Didn't give them any thought. Then I took that red pill.

I can't believe I wanted Obama in 2008....

The meme war definitely effected the election. Fucking pepe was on the news lmfao

That sounds great!

I'll spam it to my followers

Almost 9500 now

Luckily I live in Tampa so it's easier to spread a lot of awareness physically

Almost every county but one went red

That's a good question, Channe. We have some South Africans here. They can answer that question better than I

Hillsborough and that's where I livw

But let me tell you why

In Tampa specifically Hillsborough is a city of transplants. Mostly from New York, Boston, Philly and Chicago

Yep, if you can arrange something in your city get some flyers and information together and talk to people that's a huge start.

That's a huge goal lol

Has Hanitty talked about it?


Get rid of the EFF

We need a huge pepe revival. Focused on South Africa

It's sad but we have to make the focus women and children because so many people are detached from men

Tweeted it out

I've watched all her videos

Notice the media doesn't call her out for this because they don't want it to spread

Even with the Alt-Right narrative

And who gives a shit if you agree with the Alt-Right on something. This is way more important than that...

Oh I know she isn't but the media calls her like many others that. I didn't mean she actually is herself.

Any new people in here South African?

To the new people greens are verified South Africans

I think it was The Donald on Reddit which made me aware

Or maybe Lauren Southern

Guys, thank you so much for doing what you can. I honestly appreciate it so much. I'm not South African, but it gives me hope for them

@Autisticated are you South African?

I'm going to make a list on who to tag in tweets

For you guys

@Autisticated sorry to keep asking but get no answer lol are you South African?

Sure thing

Flag is changed

Going to tweet that one

@Autisticated reeeeeeewewwweww please answer lol

@ecce_lux thank you so much!

@Renier good night! Stay safe!

Hey guys!

Twitter is Kekistan Intel Agent @TheDailyFrogger

But this is about raising awareness for our South African brothers and sisters

Praise kek!

So I'm putting together a Twitter tag list of people to tag and try to get their attention on South Africa

Lmao indeed

Our ultimate goal is to force CNN to cover the story

The South African meme war begins!

@Willem Petzer do you have anymore memes?

because those get the most attention

Damn, okay I will make some

30 people now!

Proud of everyone

Thank you everyone for sharing!

To the noobs, GREEN is verified South Africans

oh shit yep

DM it to me too please



Russian bots lol

Nah you can see my real name already lol

I've doxxed myself before so people would stfu about doing it

It worked lol

Sure hold on

I have 5,000 so might be quick or a little slow

Still looking for dabbing. I've passed it so many times. But now that I'm looking can't find lol

That's insane

Soak your crops in diesel fuel if you ever have to leave lmao

@Vicious you look hot there

@Willem Petzer do you have that original meme template?

Where they're laughing

Good idea

Our Liberals

Not whitea

That's huge

Hopefully Trump is working behind the scenes

I'm not what?

Lmfao no I'm not a Nazi

If I was I wouldn't have made this server lol

Nope do it

People need to see this shit

He's been verified

We have 2 South Africans on this server. They are both in green

I'm offended more people don't care

Thanks bot

Did our levels reset?

I feel so helpless

Terrible feeling

South Africans can easily assimilate unlike the Muslims from Middle East. Not to mention all the empty farmland just waiting to be cropped

South Africans can fit right in and have work immediately

Cum on me

Who hear has cum in their own mouth?


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