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hello - I'm an American who just wants to help in whatever small way I can

I think I'll make a YouTube video about it - I don't have a particularly large subscriber base, but I'll still make something to show anyway

what's your twitter handle?

following now

I would normally make fun of a person using "Kekistani", but this is much more important than shitposting

my handle is @ 4theritereason

I first heard about this from frickin' Simon Roche - he's a weirdo when you start looking into him, but I really don't think that should matter - he's still representing people who are in dire need of help

there's almost a sort of public relations gap that needs overcoming

thanks - I intended my twitter account to be pure shitposting at first

Trump is too consumed with other things

the western world is burnong as a whole

South Africa is simply another tire fire

I mean no disrespect, obviously, but most people have no idea what's going on in S.A.

try to explain it to them and it comes off like another wrist-band cause that will be forgotten like KONY2012

crazy / deluded / mislead / naive

I think the only thing I'm able to do is just discuss the topic

I'm unable to do much more than bring about some level of awareness

the western world doesn't observe that whites are a global minority


for now the leftist anti-white rhetoric still reigns supreme in the public sphere - the light at the end of the tunnel, in my opinion, is that people are catching on

GenZ is starting to look like they might be pretty redpilled compared to Millennials and GenX

I'm GenX and I woke up - that's a hell of a thing

Millenials have had the worst of the brain washing

I'm old enough to remember before it got bad

this is part of why I broke conditioning

I grew up when you could go outside unsupervised

I had to solve my own problems

I never deferred to authority the way millennials do

fifferent mind set

I voted liberal my whole life - Trump came along and for some reason I started to see things clearly

it was the Cologne rape attacks that did it for me

plus the Trump triggering

the great meme war of 2016 was fucking epic

it's okay - I voted for Bill Clinton and Al Gore

we all do embarrassing bullshit

I'm going to write up a draft of talking points for a video on South Africa today

maybe record audio tonight or something

yo, I never gave two shits about 4chan or edgelord culture until 2016

incidentally, my YouTube handle is also ecce_lux

I was going to Chinese fireawll my online life and my real life - I ended up with a bunch of accounts with various handles

kinda lame, I guess

Tampa doesn't seem as bad as where I live - Los Angeles

most people here are bluepilled for life

it's rough

Let me guess which one

you know, that was the same county that was in contention when Al Gore lost, right?

seriously - that one county is a horror show for elections

first people need to know S.A. is in trouble

after that they'll need some kind of aid / protection

you can't solve a problem that you can't identify

step one - identify problem

after that you decide on courses of action - their big problem is that they're physically under attack

so the easiest temporary solution is to provide a level of safety

but just sending light arms, food, medical supplies and feul is just to solve the symptoms

other people will have more resources than us and will be better equipped to deal with the problem - I think just getting the word out is a good start

maybe link it to things that are going on now - the European migrant crisis

the idea is that South Africa is a view into a possible future for Europe

whites as a demographic minority

well, that's one way of bringing up the topic

goal: get onto CNN

if you can get South African genocide onto CNN you're going to redpill people

it's technically doable

at that pint in time it becomes a meme jihad to get people to discuss the topic

neither Hanity nor Tucker has discussed South Africa

no shit - I missed that episode - my bad

going into the history of South Africa won't help normies get into it

I think focusing on the rape/murders of innocent women is the best direction

oh, and children


I think the racial tension in combination with abject violence is the best direction

it forces people to acknowledge reality

that's just an opinion - I've not engaged in any kind of information spreading

only general discussion

Lauren Southern is making that documentary

stuff like that is good

Lauren Southern isn't Alt-Right, but there is overlap in her viewership

hello fellow new people

I think getting South Africa onto CNN would be hilarious - in terms of forcing them to acknowledge reality

just imagine how salty they'd be having to focus on the real world

one of the people I follow follos "rationalgent"

I wonder if he's in here somewhere

I found out about South Africa when I was just generally looking into how whites deal with non-whites

I think it was a random YouTube link or something

I love esoteric bullshit and, relative to everything in main stream media, South Africa is esoteric

Some random person with no subscribers put up a video about South Africa and something about it got my curiosity

I couldn't tell you why, if you asked me

once I found out, back in mid-2017, I just had to find out more

this is why I'm making a video about South Africa

maybe some other weirdo will randomly click my video

it only takes a few people here and there to make things happen

full disclosure - I'm Alt-Right sympathetic, but not formally Alt-Right

my video will be as normie friendly as possible

the last thing I want to do is scare people away

basic hard facts only

@Autisticated - I honestly think that the "right" / "new right" / whatever must stop infighting and bickering over nonsense - things like South Africa and Muslim migration are too important to be sidelined

Seiner never would have used that flag

okay, Channe mentioned goals - I think getting main stream media to just acknowledge South Africa should be a goal

we, in this chat, will never get air time, but we can influence culture through YouTube and twitter

find people with infuence and curry favor

@Reiner you're right, but people are still married to multiculturalism

I think the violence aspect will be the first step - then discuss multiculturalism

I only mean this in terms of walking a normie through the thinking

I have to go to the store in a few minutes - when I get back I'll line up a topic list for a video and upload it to YouTube probably tomorrow

I'll post a link when I'm done


I noticed and I like it

technically true, but it takes a string of reasoning

I'm starting to think that standard propaganda techniques are what's needed

the glory of the great meme war was how simmple it was

point out the ridiculousness of your opponent's position with a poignant joke

nice updated Seiner

I think we should learn about propaganda techniques and employ them

wasn't Weiner blind?


okay - I am off - it was nice to meet you guys

I'll make a video and upload later on

we should all do something similar

any media will do

who here?

for those who may want to repost, retweet or link, I made the first in a series I'm going to do on the South Africa problem.

here's my first upload:


I'll follow

I was going to do something more comprehensive, but it turns out there's a lot to say on the subject.

South Africa features in my thoughts regarding the first and second amendment here in the U.S.

as well as the migrant crisis in Europe

hey, that's cool

I view it as duty

even if I only get four views, that's fine

I just want the word to get out

thanks, though

I just followed two new people - I imagine they're from this discord

I think it'll take two or three videos to explain my thoughts - I'm going to link South Africa to what's going on here in America

the idea is that it'll be easier for people here in the U.S. to identify with South Africa if they can link it to their experiences here

whites becoming a minority in America will likely have effects not unlike South Africa

tight - get Anne Coulter to talk about South Africa

that would be awesome

I'll follow Anne Coulter and start spamming her comment section with South Africa stuff beginning tomorrow

yo, Anne Coulter retweeted a South Africa video yesterday!

I have it in mind to get South African white genocide on CNN

Anne Coulter is a good first step

I like the hashtag <#424481712299442176>

when I tweet about it I'll use that hashtag

that or # southafricangenocide

I think three words is better than four

for twitter purposes

holy fuck - keepvid is no longer allowing for video downloading

my entire schtick is to download shit and then recycle it for public domain usage

god damn it

this messes up what I was thinking about doing for the South Africa videos

I was going to use footage and make it polished looking

I don't know what that is

I'm barely computer literate

hm - I like the way that sounds

I have a lot of music related bullshit I just generally like and would like to upload - audio/visual collage - I like to edit video to music so I have all these dopey fan edits of footage set to music - might be a good place to upload

I'm finishing an edit in which I edited the ending of Terminator 2 to the nesest album by Perturbator - it's effectively a forty minute music video set to an album

If I can upload there I'll do it

right now, though, video downloading is my main concern

I have to have access to videos

without having fresh music and footage everything I'm into falls flat

such a bummer that YouTube is now cracking down on downloading

yeah, but I like new music - I edit video all day long

it's a strange thing to say, but access to new music is what keeps my hobbie alive

most of what I edit never ends up on any platform

I have hours of stuff, but it's all for friends and family

I don't mean to vent - I'm venting

I'm going to figure out how to download again

I just have to use different software - non browser based

I'm just bummed because I like to make fan edits to my favorite music and without new music it's literally impossible

I re-edited the whole movie Aliens (1986) to a set list I ccreated - it took me months to re-edit that movie and it was only possible because I was able to download music from YouTube

I mean, I got half of my music from albums I own, but there were a couple tracks that were impossible to purchase through normal means so I had to download

that was when I had a job - now I'm just generally poor

everything I do is for free and for fun / passion project

I wanted to download some jungle music and some noise art for my latest project

I had a lot of time on my hands - it was neat, though, because I played it at a bar and the patrons stopped drinking and started watching my edit

it was pretty cool

it wasn't a big bar or anything - it's not like I was playing it for hundreds of people

still, it was a neat thing that a few dozen people saw and heard something I made and liked it

anyway, I think I know the program I'll use for future downloading

it has some good reviews and I think I understand how to download it correctly

I'll be back up and running - I may even upload my project to bitchute or steemit

I signed up for steemit

I may decide to migrate over there depending on how things go

yeah - I just signed up for the waiting list

my handle will be ecce-lux

so a dash as opposed to an underscore

I wish I could use some of my more outlandish handles

I really wanted to use "FAGDADDY69" but it's a little too much for most people

people are so soft now that you have to apologize for just telling them the truth

"I'm sorry to be the one to tell you that whites are being killed in South Africa and all, but it's happening whether you like it or not."

identity politicans - the sins of your father


it's funny that leftists cry about it when non-whites are communally vilified, but they see no problem vilifying all white people

it's why I ultimately rejected the left

I now regard them as traitors

same - the great meme war of 2015 was what prompted me into my current state

seeing the full frontal assault on western civilization was just too much to bear

for some reason the Cologne attacks and the subsequent cover-up left me devastated for days

Cologne was my wake up call

I'm a white male - it triggered the white knight syndrome in me

evergreen was a hell of a thing

I still follow what's going on there

I honestly think that South Africa is the future of America is nothing is done - Evegreen has al of the same earmarks if you look at what was said, done and how everyone responded

it's the same cuckoldry and self loathing

it's al across western civilization

terrifying when you think about the broader implications

Pretty hard core, man

@James G. "South African Genocide Awareness" / S.A.G.A. is great

I think for a while I'm just going to put out general musings on the South Africa question on my YouTube channel

I just finished recording some audio and I'll edit it into a video later tonight

I like that Lauren Southern is doing stuff on this topic

I still think the greater goal should be to get the topic onto CNN - however that's done

The best way, I assume, is to just talk about it endlessly

though, in different contexts so you can pick up people who have different interests

I'll be talking about the things that interest me, but I'll be using South Africa as the kind of extreme version of how things could go if western civilization is left to decay

two birds / one stone

I'll link to my video when I'm done with it - MAKE SOME PROPAGANDA, PEOPLE

I made a thing and uploaded it

not the biggest or best thing ever made in the history of the world, but it's a small step in the right direction

Willie - I'm retweeting it now

Frame Game Radio is talking about this too - neat.

speaking for myself, I'm an American who is interested in South Africa

I made a video about South Africa earlier and I got a comment - some black South African dude commented with "white tears."

pretty funny; they're now looking to troll white people discussing the topic

Those boulder attacks are frightening

I'd say "things are heating up", but I know that things are already at boiling point

we're just watching the bubbles spray in random directions now

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