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hello all thank u it is an honour to be here!

My pleasure Will, we can do several versions of it also the best is very excellent

Hi Renier ty!

I love the video u sent and will work with it later also!

Hi ecce, i am libertarian but i support anyone who stands for freedom, liberty, keeping the land of our ancestors for our future generations to inherit and keeping our christian faith

Siener ftw

thank u Ecce i will be happy to do that version!

oh thank u so much WIll sent me a beautiful png of the Boer flag to use I am already working on it but I will save yours also ecce

Siener meme updated with Boer flag

I will be back in a bit, need to do a few things for the family this pm

fantastic Anne Coulter recognition ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

^ added both the hyperlink to the story and the link so that the story can be found even if it is deleted. is the internet archive, in case anyone wasn't aware. By putting this into the screen capture, the image always contains the source of the image for all posterity. I'm open to all suggestions about changing the title for the next one, and please let know if there are any special cartoons, anime, or politicel/celeb images that fit with our stories about the violence in south africa. thank!

very good ecce i will add it to my hashtags

17 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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