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Twither @jack_a_nape

How do you peeps get anybody to even talk to you?

There has got to be more before the screenshot.

Are you using a fake Facebook? I would but I would be afraid of a lady finding out out fake facebook. They proabobly wouldn't like it so much. They would feel that they are being lied to. How does this work>


Niggers up in here.

What is going on with the internet?

Seems normal as 1996.

Use Bleep for secret stuff.

It's decentralized and encrypted.

@Convo Whoo cares about ninjas. If Ninjas were that grate, we would know about that.

Yes, grate is spelled wrong.

Well, degenerate semiconductors need to be remelted.

Yolandi is Hot, but only sometimes, but she needs to get it together because; mostly, mostley, she is a skank.

I love them, but the last couple years have been rough to SEE.

She probably does what she is allowed too. That's okay.

What and who is that @badtanman ?

mmmmmmm, hmmmmm, welllll, hmmmmm.

That babe that you shoahed, is exceptable for her kind. T'is, alright. What is her kind though.

@queenarchitect Your portugeese?

That is great.

Better than nothing.

Maybe I am bieased but I grew up in a 70% pourtugese town in CA when I was a kid.

Central Valley.

Hilmar, or Turlock?

Where I was born.

Yes, I had a famous name there, we were growing Almonds, but had to sell out to Blue Diamond.

We moved to WA state.


@queenarchitect How old are you?

Are you from Hilmar?

Or Delhi?


@queenarchitect How old are you?

If you are in LA, or Orange, there are more Gooks then Nigs, the nigs all came to WA.

I see no niggers a day, and I can only find them if I look for them.

Hispanics though, I went to Orange County for ahwile, saw a lot and move back, 120% more where here in town.

Bellingham, WA, WTF. We don't have that many berries.

@Hewstone Yeah right, if you saw a Hmong in real life you would say "Hi welcome".

You would hurt them.


Yes, exactly.

Oh, Of Course. But you wouldn't give libs Reasons.

That is what makes us better, self restraint.

@Hewstone This is a safe space, you can get your "YaYa's out".

Having dissadent thoughts and letting other people know are no the way to having a stable life.



You can't change everyone, just work on one at a time.

Well, will they rebel?

Is the state saying no, enough?

LOL, write the article yourself. Then submit it.

At the least you could put it on Craigslist and make it viral.

Yeah, they sent it to her employer.

I guess this gal worked at Hooters, pretty sure she will get let go.

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