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Hello, I'm Dionysus (Not a schitzo fag). I usually look for good /X/ or generally scary stories. Hope to have a good time in this group.

Damn. I hope for the best for you. I remember when my Mema (don't laugh) got breast cancer around 2012 to 2014. She fell into a minor depression at the time due to her losing her hair and was extremely anxious. But around late 2013 her breast cancer went into complete remission AKA her cancer had disappeared. She's still anxious about it returning but she's been doing fine. She had to go to therapy for it though and she never took any pictures when she was getting chemo. During her therapy they gave her pretty simple advice. Just keep high hopes and don't try to dwell on the cancer. Either way I believe that you can get past it. You already past it before so what can stop you now from curb stomping cancer into a bloody pulp? I believe you can do it man, Godspeed M8, you can do it!

I'm going to shit my pants if I see quieres again

Might as well redo my intro since i'm more comfy: Hello, i'm Dionysus AKA Giegue but you can call me G. I'm 14 (Yes I know) and I live in Jewyork. I enjoy reading scary stories from /X/ and sometimes on reddit. I hope to get very connected with the community as I've already enjoyed my time here greatly! Thank you for reading!

Btw please don't ban me

Gay idea but if I were a bioengineer i'd try to get as close as possible to correctly recreating the T and G virus from RE




Like the tiny dr pepper just pops out of your girls puss


Fandom degeneracy + Zoomer degeneracy = A strongly good song

@Deleted User Did you have a tapeworm?

My friend is a nigga, not a nigger




Basically the centrist pill

Today I scratched a 3rd of my left eye to hell. Doctor says it mostly the cornea but will heal. Thank christ the branch I hit wasnt pointed.

My genome when a girl bends down in front of me


Im just gonna say this right now but no homo I fucking love you guys. I am very honored that people are suggesting I be a duke. Ofcourse that might not be possible as I might be too underage for the role. Im 14 sadly. Idk this may sound wanty but I could just be a figurehead duke. Sorta like a japanese emp. No power but has only the title.

Btw idk why I have a warning. I think it was when I got carried away with spamming memes and posted thicc emoji on a sfw channel

Idc if I become a duke. I like my role just the way it is. But I would be open to it.

Thank you my good friend. I appreciate the hospitality

This graph is wrong

France isnt white

Also sorry if this is in the wrong section but my eye is close to being completely healed so imma try and catch a greentext thread

Also i am unironically autistic

Just a heads up

Since I'm a Vanguard now, I can finally post this image

Wasn't there a muslim city he destroyed because they chopped off the beard of a Mongol caravan leader?

If I see another loli, i'm killing my dog



My whole family is a bunch of libtards yet we still have that board game.

Poor bastard

<:salute:558007048122400795> You will not be forgotten

Manual digestion

Manual mitosis

<:dab:556699256283594754> I love pepiss

That would be pretty fucking cool

But would it be worth it?

Idk still think becoming a fleshgait would be fucking wicked

It gets worse, have you seen chris chan, today?

@Duke of Txtspeak Kek, jokes on you i'm immune to the autism

That last one brings back some nostalgia.


In ct. Just ate a lobster roll and some clam chowder.


What happen?

Shit. Sorry for your loss

Oh yeah that guy

He tricked FOX news to get him on air. On air he was saying really funny shit like beating bald men in the cancer ward

Cause they were skinheads



I'm waking up to ash and dust
I wipe my ass and I slap my nuts
I'm breathing in the genitals (inhale) (exhale)
I'm keking in, cringing out, noscoping normies in the BUTT
This is it, the meme-pocolypse
I'm waking up, I feel it in my doge
Enough to make my pepes old
Welcome to the meme page, to the meme page
Welcome to the le meme page, to le meme page

Found this on /X/ and I feel attacked by how accurate it is.


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