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Hey guys I got my gamer friends from highschool all on this my discord friends who own Caddock Eletronics in Glide who make the technology for NASA, I wonder if they're interested in Kascadiae..


@Wehrmacht is that you Steam?


@Artair Burn the old testament out of the KJV- I'd help you- it's been jewed out of any worth.

For Eugene I can possibly line up some posters with QR codes of along with an archive of holohaox redpills, then at night throw them up around town?

That's be fun


Have you read Son of the Widower by Serrano? @Jimmy Marr

Kristos > Jesus the Jew

Iesous is the proper spelling for Jesus in Latin-

Christis was a mistake fixed by Serrano naming of Kristos, incorporating the New Futhark into Kristianism.

and if we want to get into Catholicism~

You just said to Aryanize ourselves- Last I checked you believe people are being enslaved by Christianity? I believe the same, so I'll be damned if I don't spend my life trying to transmute Catholicism into something that can work for the remaining Catholics out there. Aryans don't run from fights, they turn lead into gold.

Too many people awaken to National Socialism then jump on the Neo-Nazi train without remembering "National Socialism is not for export."

So sorry if I'm a salve for wanting to save the beauty of the Catholic Church.


Along with it's Aryans who put their blood and soul into it..

Why are you implying I only want to save Catholics?

That saying the only work I do would be trying to transmute the Catholic Church, Jimmy.

That's like saying the only thing Goebells did was yell on a mic- without taking in the fact he supported his family or kept up on anything else going on in his life.

Also, the Catholic Church is the Church with the most white people still left enslaved in it. That's the conditioning that needs to be broken in their minds.

Also I'm not sure what you mean by a racialist, I'm mixed blood myself. 80% 20% French.

Spirtual methadone? Care to explain?

80% German 20% French, that is.

It was an name I choose for playing online video games when I was around 10.

Are you throwing titles into my mouth? Or implying Fluxis mean "changer" lmao

Fluxus is a latin word for fluidity, changed the us to IS, a German Rune of Selbst, now we got an unmoving fluid.

There is multiple ways in can be interpreted.

it can*

Gonna go play some games for a bit. SH88


Nice, a Franciscian I didn't know about

That's to feminine for me

Thanks for that link though, my friends will enjoy it.


Reminds me of the threefold myth of Scorpio @Reich Flair

Scorpio > Serpant > Eagle

And does someone have a highquality png of the flags being made?

This is fucking awesome

In agreement.



we r illluminatΦs rounds now

lol I forgot I had 4-5 of my poems published in Songs of the Reich when I was 17

And I also forgot Karl Young typo'd my last poem on the first fucking line

God damnit


Along with a bunch of never before translated German poems from the time of WWII

"Thanks Franz for knowing 5+ languages"


Anonymous it is

I need the coolest looking image on the internet that you can think of

Elf master race sorry

Taller than a tree I'll give you that



Roseburg became Catholic in about a week it was funny asf

In Eugene?

That sounds pretty solid.

I got a basic red/white/black Templar flag that I can bring along. Anything that shows true Aryan Spirit scares inferiors.

44.6335Β° N

Should we invoke on the 45th latitude or 44th?

Madras seems correct to me.

I got Black Doc Martens

I got black jeans, black boots, and black vans, I might need to get that shirt though

I can run a mile in under 6 minutes if I'm actually running for a time, denim isn't going to do anything lmao

Nice jacket

Yeah I'm going to wear black jeans and black boots.

Probably just a black shirt that I already own along with it.

Forbidden from?

So we run away from it?

I have dreadlocks. Does that mean I should be scared of Shiva from India or niggers?


English is a changing language

I'm 19, and don't have a lot of money to myself to buy clothes with, I'll show up to flag drops in black with flags. Going to see if I can get a flag from Fourteen when they come out for this

Also books and recording equipment is equally important to me

Also there is a military surplus shop here in Eugene. Rather buy local then support random companies.

I make DnB yes.

Also play piano and write poetry?

Studied Latin for 2 years now

I mean damn


Off for a bit


Because some people play games.

In agreement with the first line

Uniforms are useless if. Or practical and good for combat


The Swazi one is priceless

the look on the guys face

In agreement (:

>becomes greek

>burns a bank


if Bane was a nation


? πŸ˜„

Fuck I love this game

Andorra Master Race


What's the game plan for when we keep attracting more and more members?

Perfectly illustrated with words, brother

And no other culture except Europeans can claim it as their own.

And that includes degenerated modern day india

I love this^

Anyone got info on S&B at Yale?

If not I'd be interested in organizing a dox party on the whole campus with people who want to participate.

It's obvious they have ties to the Bohemian Grove in Cali

Talk shit git hit on all levels including physical

>talking shit on Cascadia in the Cascadia Nationalist chat

If you don't like it you can leave the chat


Just be nice lmao

Increase your charisma

I'm capped out on 1 agility and enough charisma


That's implying you know my thoughts πŸ˜‰

I know

Liar and 3 Scorpios

Come at Kascadiae

Manipulators is a easier term to say

Ask Goebbels

That's good


Happy Early Birthday Brother!


Oh nice

Damn I'm sorry

I mean I'm in the same boat

If you ask T he'll buy you alcohol


yeah what he said you fucks

The strong will win.

Good info Brother!

Anyone here trained in any kind of hand to hand combat and or drilled in knife works?

And by knife works I mean combat

My Dad has been teaching me MMA for a few years now and I started knife training a year ago

My Dad teaches the Krav Maga classes here in Eugene when the owner is gone

Also, HEMA is fucking bad ass much respect

I was eating dinner m8 and thanks, that's some good advice

We have knife here in the gym to practice knife fighting with

sparring knives*

How so?

I mean if I couldnt kill someone with that and my training then they deserve to kill me. lmao

I don't need a 300$ knife, nor multiple knives in a street fight.

I don't think you know proper cuts, Artair..

When it comes to acutaly human bodies

It's not a mexican stab fight

I've acutally trained in depth.

Honestly though Artair you're welcome up here in Eugene, my Dad would gladly teach us both anything about knife fighting

Protip one of my favorite moves if you're engaging a target in handtohand-

If they over extend their lead leg and you're quick enough, you can kick their knee socket backwards

Make sure to kick down and not straight.

I hate anti-fashionism

I got a KABAR as well

I'd probably get another karambit

Oh boy putting this on my wish list

Cool fuck a karambit then

no sarcasm

This shit is rad

48,882 views on that song

come on guys we can make it

I'm down to listen

Holy damn

I enjoy it.


Tor is actually easy to track by tracing the exit nodes which all show your computers mac address unless you hide it or change it.

Second off, no matter what that traffic is being run through your router and DNS that is associated with you router.

Thirdly, not every VPN Tor routes through is free of packet sniffers

Let alone, we don't even know what VPN they route through unless someone can name every VPN off TOR goes through.


Sad truth

That's why it's "accessible yet secure"

Never studied it. I completely changed my facotry mac adress on my laptop m8.


Better safe than sorry if we're talking about computer security

Also using windows 10 is an instant gg on security

Anyone with metaploit can get into someone using windows 10 by simply googling proper commands

Which is why DNS + Tor on windows can up the security a few points.

I have this Mac running OSX for most games, and on my laptop I just use WINE to emulate windows games.

Also, real net security comes down to flashing firmware on your router

Here I'll make it easy

Assuming hackers here are your run of the mill script kiddies and not nation states, hackers can:

Use Remote Exploits to access your computer (hacking your computer).
Trick you into running exploits on your computer (viruses, malware).
Trick you into disclosing the credentials to your computer or web services (phishing).
Manipulate company employees into handing over your login details or control of your account (social engineering)
Guess the credentials to your computer or web services (cracking).
Break into web services and determine your credentials (hacking web services).
While hackers will always know about security problems before everyone else, they are less likely to use their brand new exploits against random people. High value targets (whether they be financial (paypal?), political (fbi website?) or lulzy (the fappening)) are much more likely to be their focus. Unknown exploits are valuable: They are obtained by hard work or paying for them on the black market. But the moment you use them, everyone will find out and patch the hole. So the hacker wants to make it count, he doesn't want to blow his one shot on something worthless.

Day to day attacks will be from relatively unskilled hackers (script kiddies) and deployed against ip address on the internet.

Occasionally a large internet service will lose it's password database to hackers e.g. Sooner or later one of these headline hacks will affect you.

In response you can:

Keep your operating system and software up to date to cut down on remote exploits.
Use anti-virus and anti-malware scanning software.
Be wary about running unknown software or logging into untrusted sites (common sense 2016).
Run a restrictive firewall to allow only certain applications access to the network.
Use a password manager to generate random, secure passwords for your local computer accounts and web services.
Use a different password on each site. Knowing one password shouldn't make it easier to guess the others.
Give fake personal info where possible, so that info from one hacked account can't be used to break into other accounts by messing with the "Forgot Password" feature or calling and manipulating support/customer service.
Only use trusted web services, and give them as little sensitive data as possible.
If you shop online, try to delete Credit Cards when you're done using them, don't keep them saved in the account.
Use Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for higher value web services (banking, email).

Advertisers can:

Collect information when you login to them.
Track you across different websites you visit without logging into them.
Track you via GPS on your phone.
Track you online via WiFi on your phone.
Track you offline via WiFi on your phone.
Track you offline via credit/debit cards.
Track you offline via reward/membership cards.
Some of the security (or privacy) threats with advertisers are opt-in (i.e. you accepted it) and generally advertiser tracking isn't going to mess up your day. Problems arise when advertisers sell your information on to third parties (who in turn sell it to other third parties), go broke and auction off your data, get hacked or are victims of mass surveillance.

It's worth noting that their revenue models would be colossally damaged if everyone ran adblocking software.

In response you can:

Not create social media accounts, or create accounts with false information (although you'll still have the same friends, so are still opting in big time).
Disable third party cookies in your browsers.
Turn off GPS on your phone, or use a custom rom to limit which apps have access to your GPS.
Turn off WiFi on your phone, or use a custom rom to limit which apps have access to WiFi.
Turn off WiFi when you're out and about, especially in malls/shopping centres.
Use cash.
Debit cards tell your bank what you're buying and who from and where, and they sell that.
Credit cards tell VISA/Mastercard/etc what you're buying and who from and where.
Don't use reward cards. Most people never use the "rewards" and your privacy is worth more.

So you've already given Facebook your phone number and address and date of birth? They already know your schools and job and hobbies? Why close the gate when the horse has bolted?

You'll change jobs.
You'll move house.
Your interests will change.
Your friends will change.
You'll get married/divorced/have children.
You could even change your name or get married and change your surname.
Sure, the data they have today will still be valid in a week. But in six months? A year? Five years? The sooner you cut off advertisers from up to date information, the sooner it'll be out of date. Their databases will say you still like Linkin Park and Jackass unless you tell them otherwise. They'll also miss out on your patterns over time, not knowing the path of your history and making their future predictions inaccurate.

Your cell phone service provider can:

See what cell tower you are connected to whenever your phone is on.
See when your phone is switched off or out of coverage (they can't tell which).
See who you call and text, when and where, and for how long.
See who calls and texts you, when where you are, and for how long.
See your data usage metadata and perhaps "full take" data.
Sell you a phone preloaded with their applications, which have all kinds of permissions granted.
Cell phones are a big problem when trying to avoid location tracking. Without the cell tower your phone is only a phone when you have WiFi access, or not at all.

In response you can:

Use OTR in any instant messaging conversations. Install Pidgin and the OTR plugin for PC, and Xabber or ChatSecure for Android.
Use VoIP and data messaging instead of traditional calls and texts. Encrypted VoIP and messaging exists.
Convince your contacts to use VoIP and data messaging.
Install a firewall to restrict which apps have access to the data connection, or turn your data connection off completely.
Uninstall preloaded apps, flash a custom ROM or buy a standalone phone unlocked from any provider.
Leave your phone at home when you're going out.
Keep airplane mode turned on when you don't use your phone (you can have it automatically turn on whenever the screen is off).

While your ISP is able to collect your metadata and block access to websites, these are generally because of Government Policy. Some ISPs will offer a "family friendly" site blocking option which you can turn off. Remember that while ISPs can most certainly be nefarious, usually it's the laws that compel them to give up your data to security agencies that can do you in, as the ISPs really can't do anything about it, but comply.

Your home or business ISP can:

Provide you with an email service which they control (e.g. [email protected]).
Force you to use a modem which they retain root access to, which may also contain serious bugs.
Send you a modem that is configured by default to use their DNS, allowing easy logging of your traffic.
In response you can:

Use an alternative email service and/or use PGP.
Use OTR in any instant messaging conversations. Install Pidgin and the OTR plugin for PC, and Xabber or ChatSecure for Android.
Bridge your ISP modem to a router which you control (or just ditch your ISP modem for one you bought personally, if possible). $50 will buy you an OpenWRT compatible router.

Use Palemoon as default browser btw if not running TOR

Firefox sold out last year

For those who use android, (my fav part of tech is building up security on a phone OS)

Android replacements
Replicant: A project to completely replace all proprietary components of Android;
Custom ROMs;
CopperheadOS: a hardened fork of Android with PaX kernel patches and more.
Firefox OS: An alternative operating system by Mozilla that runs on some Android devices.


That's why we have admins πŸ˜ƒ


"laughs in internet"

Oh wow

Want me to bake you a cake?

If anyone around here doesn't know my name then their probably a liberal pussy


And sorry, I didn't know you owned Eugene

Do it

Come buy me with some of your money

Which one of us


Better bring some fast hands


shhhh this is fun

take that

For reference, I'm going to Roseburg today, I'll be back up thursday

Going to try and get my car working


Who is everyone's favorite poet of the English language

Mine's Poe

Good choice tbh

how do people read this shit

it's just degenerated

How to defeat Islam 101

Am I the only jew in this discord?

80% German 20% French

I am

it's fucking too hot today

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