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Who's moonie

I went

We got rkt at first but began to win once we got a white angel who joined our team to guide us to victory

(A random guy joined our team and he gave us basic strategies)

Awww ❤

Peterson in fash mode.


We're all from the same subfamily, only 0.01% of genetic difference, ignore the fact that my mouth pieces are knife-shapped and can't take care of the brood of my queen. Ignore me, my pheromones smell the same! Hey, let me manipulate your eggs a bit, I'll go take a walk with them and put them in my "university". *Fake ants smile*

Hellow, I'm from your colony, my brain has evolved only to be able to fake being like you. I'm too dumb to take care of my youth but hey, why invest brain-cells into modules used to nurture my eggs and maintain my colony when I can have you do it for me.

“We don’t automatically expect parasites to be ‘stupid’ — in order to be a successful parasite, you need to be very, very smart in certain specialized ways,” he says. “Slave-makers are as smart as they need to be, because their hosts are doing most of the work for them.”

Yeah, I suck and all my father thaught me is bullshit

It's k I don't care about who owns the mass media, as long as I can lay my eggs.

It's k I don't care about who owns mass pheromone media, as long as I can lay my eggs.
We're all the same and they all are my greatest allies.

All ants should educate themselves and accept progress. I can't wait for my previous queen to die, SOOooo tired of her distress calls...

Slaver-ants is a slur

Waht you say to me?

Someone has the blog of the "Jew for hitler" guy in the group?

J'vais venir oué

I'm a criminal for spreading hate-facts and I do have mental health issues but what doesn't kill me makes me less autistic

THink big 'sti

Prolapso, lord of leakage


Awww comeon it's funny :p

I dont want your gf to leave!

What doesnt kill you make you stronger

Lâche la colère, t'as rien à prouveeeeer. C'pas une compétition. Tention avec l'envie de "paraitre fort" ou de compétitionner, ça pourrait parraitre comme un manque de confiance en soi ou un manque de controle devant elle. :p


Its what happen when you set you select ORC and set your character appearance to random in Skyrim

me maybe


Make me and Neuromancer red

btw whats the discord with the canadian guys?


Bisou quand meme.


its k. All he needs is love

Is there other colors though? Like yellow? 😝

u will get doxed with the receipt

What the Jews were not able to predict is that a certain portion of their children would react unpredictably. I don’t think they thought through the fact that “free sex” would ultimately lead to a situation where a large percentage of men were deprived of sex, and the ones who were getting a lot of sex would develop an anger towards women even more extreme than the ones who were getting none, and the kind of festering primal rage that this situation would created among the overwhelming majority of young men.

They also did not predict that the internet would give us access to each other to form the first real grassroots mass movement in the history of civilization. We are engineering a virus, which will infect the minds of an entire generation of young white men.

**SHIT la plus vraie que j'ai jamais lu

***Replace jew by " Intertribal elite"

he refused an interview from 'this hour has 88 minutes' prob fear of doxing

Salut ti coco


Il vient pas aux meetings?

Wut. They don't need to be veted IRL first? aww k

je lai deja shae

I'll start a montreal blog soon

with friends

And put out stickers

On devraient se faire une mascotte arm and hammer pour les manifs

gros costume

Qui marche tout seul

Pour pas qu'il soit associable a des faces




Pour vrai

Ca pourrait etre en abitibi

Men fout, tant qe jai un endroit ou mettre ma femme pis y construire des maisons

Ca pourrait etre dans les territoires du nord ouest men fouterais

k but ull speak french motherfucker



And make normal guys like me give up

Because they know they will have to suffer their company


I menan, having to work with these tards

is just too much

They fucking hate me but ask me to cooperate

Already doxed lul


Any of you play overwatch?

Distribué à tous à l'UQAM


She sang "Maxi and company"

She's guilty

Her favorite song

The maxi and company song?

Fuuck yeah

It will be easier to recruit

I'm working on some new friends who just got pwned by UQAM

A friend just dumped his GF because she would start crying every time he would try to adress transexuality

In a very mild way

I sent him Peterson videos

had a talk with him 1h

He tried the arguments in a very mild way

Bye GF 😂

I am




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