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2016-08-12 14:56:24 UTC


2016-08-12 14:57:26 UTC

What part of the city is everyone in? I'm in dorval

2016-08-12 14:57:47 UTC

I know one guy is in the east

2016-08-12 14:58:03 UTC


2016-08-12 15:03:38 UTC

hey, what's up guys...I'm in Montreal also

2016-08-12 15:03:54 UTC

There he is

2016-08-12 15:03:54 UTC

oh, we got three now

2016-08-12 15:03:55 UTC


2016-08-12 15:04:09 UTC

any y'all frogs, or all anglos?

2016-08-12 15:04:17 UTC


2016-08-12 15:04:30 UTC

Lol wasp to the core

2016-08-12 15:04:35 UTC


2016-08-12 15:04:47 UTC

But I'm bilingual

2016-08-12 15:04:52 UTC

same here

2016-08-12 15:05:18 UTC

my writting skills in French are pretty shit though

2016-08-12 15:05:29 UTC

well... mine aren't too hot either

2016-08-12 15:05:38 UTC

keep that secret though

2016-08-12 15:06:14 UTC

Tabernak guys what's wrong with you, haven't you been indoctrinated into the pepper culture

2016-08-12 15:06:34 UTC

so, how long have you guys been reading DS for? are any of you on therightstuff or ironmarch?

2016-08-12 15:07:49 UTC

Daily stormer about a year. Can't say I have read therightstuff or Ironmarch, should I check it out?

2016-08-12 15:08:01 UTC

well, they're forum communities

2016-08-12 15:08:22 UTC

therightstuff has been organizing "standard pool parties" around north america for a while now

2016-08-12 15:08:29 UTC

there's one in montreal

2016-08-12 15:08:37 UTC

i can introduce you guys later

2016-08-12 15:08:50 UTC

I only got into the community stuff when I heard about this book club idea

2016-08-12 15:08:59 UTC

i see

2016-08-12 15:09:01 UTC

makes sense

2016-08-12 15:09:14 UTC

it's only a small minority of DS readers who even have a forum account

2016-08-12 15:09:26 UTC

there's like, 3k users... and 3 million readers

2016-08-12 15:09:28 UTC


2016-08-12 15:09:44 UTC

well that's it...I've been lurking the website reading articles for a while

2016-08-12 15:10:31 UTC

i've been a nazi for a few years now

2016-08-12 15:11:02 UTC

the first book i wrote was in 2014 i think

2016-08-12 15:11:54 UTC

i was reading anglin since before the DS days, when he had a site called "total fascism"

2016-08-12 15:12:56 UTC

how old are you guys, approx? i'm 29

2016-08-12 15:13:21 UTC

I'm 34

2016-08-12 15:13:49 UTC


2016-08-12 15:13:59 UTC

so we're in the same bracket i guess

2016-08-12 15:14:19 UTC

pretty much

2016-08-12 15:14:24 UTC

hey, what book did you write?

2016-08-12 15:14:26 UTC

surprising, since the average reader is like 17

2016-08-12 15:14:31 UTC

hammer of the patriot

2016-08-12 15:14:53 UTC

it's a pretty popular book in the right wing

2016-08-12 15:15:16 UTC

nice, I'll look into it

2016-08-12 15:15:19 UTC

it's a manual for arguing against leftists to increase your authority in your social circles

2016-08-12 15:15:38 UTC

most people find it useful

2016-08-12 15:15:43 UTC

i recommend it

2016-08-12 15:15:48 UTC

it's free ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2016-08-12 15:17:28 UTC

2016-08-12 15:17:43 UTC

This one? Lol

2016-08-12 15:17:47 UTC


2016-08-12 15:18:11 UTC

why, did you read it before?

2016-08-12 15:18:55 UTC

No I just jewgled it

2016-08-12 15:19:07 UTC


2016-08-12 15:19:11 UTC


2016-08-12 15:19:28 UTC

the initial title i had in mind was malleus liberaleum, but the joke was too obscure i think

2016-08-12 15:20:44 UTC

The liberal hammer?

2016-08-12 15:20:49 UTC

Or hammering liberala

2016-08-12 15:21:13 UTC

it's a spoof on the medieval book, malleus maleficarum or something

2016-08-12 15:21:17 UTC

"witch hammer"

2016-08-12 15:21:33 UTC

a book to facilitate the prosecution of witches

2016-08-12 15:21:37 UTC

obscure reference

2016-08-12 15:21:46 UTC


2016-08-12 15:22:09 UTC


2016-08-12 15:22:13 UTC

I get it

2016-08-12 15:23:36 UTC

I've never readt it, but it's a great topic for a book

2016-08-12 15:24:20 UTC

i made it short (around 100 pages), so that people who don't like reading can still read it

2016-08-12 15:26:37 UTC

I love to read, but I'm sure in 100 pages you can still get your main point across on this topic. I'm gonna read it tonight after work.

2016-08-12 15:32:52 UTC

hey guys, I got to work for a bit...I'll look into the book Zeiger

2016-08-12 15:33:00 UTC

but how are we going to stay in touch?

2016-08-12 15:33:17 UTC

pm's on the forum and this place

2016-08-12 15:33:30 UTC

once everyone is on here

2016-08-12 15:33:31 UTC

can I get this to work on phone?

2016-08-12 15:33:42 UTC

sure, there's an app i think

2016-08-12 15:33:42 UTC

Yeah I'm on my phone

2016-08-12 15:33:51 UTC

It makes you download an app

2016-08-12 15:34:07 UTC

ok, I'll check that out

2016-08-12 15:57:52 UTC

I don't know where we are going to do our first meet and greet but I can definitely host if needed, I have a decent place.

2016-08-12 17:12:37 UTC

i was thinking of doing it in a public place somewhere, but if you're willing to host, that works fine

2016-08-12 17:13:26 UTC

Wherever is good for me, just throwing that out there.

2016-08-12 17:19:37 UTC

people might be more comfortable expressing themselves in a more private place, i guess\

2016-08-12 21:15:50 UTC

cool. Im 34, bilingual but more anglo i guess, or what they call an allophone here (Polish). Been reading DS for years but too paranoid to go on forums, ive grown up with mostly with the shitskin community so maybe it's a reflex. Don't work in a union and have a family so.. The right stuff is awesome, love their podcast, but didn't register. I'm even paranoid about having inputted my email on the DS site, even if it's not made public. Also a bit of a writer, but havent written much regarding the alt-reich. maybe that can change now, zeiger. We can talk about that later. im up for whatever, i live in the armpit known a hochelaga, but can move. We gotta get y'all to read more ๐Ÿ˜‰

2016-08-12 21:17:21 UTC

i guess i'll just pop back on here once in a while till we have a meetup planned

2016-08-13 02:35:50 UTC

Hey fellow montreal stormers, what is everyone up to this evening?

2016-08-13 04:49:07 UTC

ha you mean this night, evenings over. Let's keep it at a decent hour the first time we meet

2016-08-13 20:22:11 UTC

i made some memes using the new nazi ball theme

2016-08-13 20:22:18 UTC

2016-08-13 20:22:19 UTC

2016-08-13 20:22:19 UTC

2016-08-13 20:22:20 UTC

2016-08-13 20:22:20 UTC

2016-08-15 06:05:03 UTC

so looks like not everyone from DS made it here, problem? I see "Canadian" and "Greve_Hans" not here. What we looking at? old orchard bar or pioneer bar in pointe-claire village? Cape-saint- jacques beach? Seems you guys wanna stick to the west. I'm assuming people work during the weekdays so maybe a bar is more appropriate or someone's place. Oy vey let's just throw a date out there, and see if at least a few can make it, if yes, we do it. Gonna get mighty busy soon, just get 'er done, and plan in advance by a few days at least. How's friday evening sound?

2016-08-15 13:33:22 UTC

friday evening (7pm or later) in a bar works fine for me, though i would much prefer somewhere closer to the center (rosemont, plateau, downtown, etc)

2016-08-15 13:33:47 UTC

seems like the others aren't gonna come (i pm'd them, and no reply)

2016-08-15 13:33:55 UTC

so we'll start with our 4 guys

2016-08-15 13:34:48 UTC

Did MalfunctioningGoy confirm?

2016-08-15 13:35:10 UTC

well, the four people in this chat will probably show up

2016-08-15 13:35:26 UTC

we need to wait for them to confirm the time and place

2016-08-15 13:35:37 UTC

I was gonna say lol .

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