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2019-10-10 13:34:25 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

2019-10-11 00:52:16 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Who here /budgetboomer/


2019-10-11 00:52:56 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

I like alice sue me

2019-10-11 00:53:36 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

There's a pasgt flak jacket under there

2019-10-11 01:06:08 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Tbh I think gucci gear is more of a liability than a bonus in big igloo

2019-10-11 01:06:24 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

But that might be poor coping

2019-10-11 01:07:23 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

I think it makes you more of a target for other people

2019-10-11 01:07:47 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Because if they see you with all this good shit they're gonna shoot you in the back then take it

2019-10-11 01:08:35 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Well I imagine a situation like kosovo in the yugo wars

2019-10-11 01:08:45 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

I don't plan on being in a city

2019-10-11 01:09:00 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

But that's what shtf would look like if it were to happen

2019-10-11 01:09:11 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Its all larp

2019-10-11 01:09:16 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

But that's my mindset

2019-10-11 01:10:08 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Oh yeah i'm not expecting civil war 2 electric bougaloo

2019-10-11 01:25:13 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

A man of taste and refinement I see

2019-10-12 18:32:43 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Seeing coasties lie in the bed they made is good

2019-10-12 18:32:53 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Don't move we're full and don't want you

2019-10-12 18:36:38 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Next depression we're gonna make okie go home look like a child's party

2019-10-12 18:50:08 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Just major cities, filled with locusts btw

2019-10-12 18:50:20 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Most of my state's colleges are private

2019-10-12 20:01:29 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

Who could be behind this

2019-12-15 23:59:44 UTC [gear queer #newfags]  

the sights on the m1 are better imo

2020-01-31 04:27:14 UTC [NRx-Files #welcome]  

2020-01-31 14:24:54 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

Of all 1st world nations france is the leader in revolutions

2020-02-01 00:51:36 UTC [NRx-Files #politics]  

it be one thing if it was only in late rome, but shit pops up all over

a spray bottle with otc rubbing alcohol is more than you'll need

t.med fag


2020-02-01 20:13:47 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

the argent vid is making my head explode as a med fag

2020-02-01 20:14:45 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

because these clowns are using the fact that the transmission of corona isn't understood to pretend like it doesn't spread

2020-02-01 20:20:38 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

galaxy brain take: if you're not a fag and get corona it is your duty to spread it as much as possible

2020-02-01 21:32:08 UTC [NRx-Files #politics]  

wrath and pride for me

2020-02-03 03:26:20 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

tfw no albanian gf

2020-02-04 03:49:07 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

Vat grown organs are easier to work with than organs, I'm not a transplant surgeon but nerves and shit are hard to reconnect


best methadone rampage simulator on the market

2020-02-07 02:47:39 UTC [NRx-Files #culture]  

prolly from the skeletal intelligence agency

2020-02-08 00:09:32 UTC [NRx-Files #culture]  

sorry but listening to anyone with a socal accent is cringe

2020-02-09 23:43:52 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

the killdozer of the 19th century

2020-02-10 01:30:54 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

Involved in an armored rampage against cops

2020-02-10 03:56:42 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

Atp if you even think bad things about Israel your name is written down

like anybody we can actually support collett is a start

gay shit

missed a bone pun


2020-02-14 01:12:47 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  


2020-02-14 01:13:25 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

if you don't go on rants about how tranny surgeries are immoral you aren't christian

2020-02-14 01:13:58 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

like don't hit them over the head with your bible

2020-02-14 04:15:04 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  


2020-02-14 04:18:07 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

open up with anti-sjw stuff, get them hating it with you

2020-02-14 04:18:27 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

then comare their #facts and #logic with sjw reasoning

2020-02-14 04:33:03 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

"even if they put us in ditches in the side of the road we'll still have principles" will work if they're actually anti-state

2020-02-14 05:31:18 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

what if they retain (((tribal identities))) despite admixture

2020-02-14 05:31:56 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  


2020-02-14 22:31:12 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

sorry you got to talk about real countries if you want anyone to understand

2020-02-14 22:34:26 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

it's discount russia which is itself discount byzantium

2020-02-17 02:12:47 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  


2020-02-17 03:45:32 UTC [NRx-Files #hobbies]  

bonzai is pretty zen, pun intended

2020-02-17 03:45:57 UTC [NRx-Files #hobbies]  

good for someone who doesn't have much land to plant on/is restricted indoors

To me this seems like Chinese cope, but I'm not into sequencing or research work like this @EYEFORKNOWLEDGE156

But it's entirely possible this was made in a lab, either a lab in globalhomo or in chingchong land and I don't immediately see a practical difference

2020-03-22 23:37:29 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

good lord he's been spread while incubating at all shorts of spook shit meetings

2020-03-24 08:19:32 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

Nah rioting is gonna start in month 2 or 3 not in the beginning weeks

2020-03-24 08:20:20 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

The weird thing is a lot of hospitals have been getting more quiet because malingering minorities are scared enough not to waste hospital time

2020-03-31 02:50:04 UTC [NRx-Files #general]  

its hard writing about anything without linking it to the jews

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