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@Tigris Albus did u hear the news today that the elementary teacher's union or whatever they call themselves are trying to ban Sir John A. MacDonald name from all schools? apparently he oppressed the noble savages.

they are also considering taking William Lyon Mackenzie King off of the $50 dollar bill

father of modern Zionism


@spadegunner I'm gonna have to jump in there and slay ur cuck ass

how bad do u figure her armpit smells?

I wish I wasn't in a public place right now

Classic Vic Mackey

Never heard of you @Billy Ray Jenkins ,

but I've heard about your legendary memes Billy

So it says to let everyone here know a little bit about ourselves so ......I enjoy eating red meat, drinking scotch, hiking, and I am an Orthodox Christian

I spend quite a bit of time in the Radio Aryan chat room too, Sven is one cool cat

@Kombat-Unit hahaha, the man can't help it

Heimbowl memes will fuel my laughter for the entire week

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe I heard that Heimbowl once bodyslammed Sam Hyde while still managing not to spill a drop of his cup of coffee

@Billy Ray Jenkins Law is the clarification of instinctual knowledge

@Billy Ray Jenkins check this out bro, u will like this and I think it might be a good idea for you

@Billy Ray Jenkins my favorite regular podcast

@AltCelt(IL) yup I heard that one on the weekend, great stuff

The strollocaust continues . . .

Bowltum Leap

tfw Heimbowl becomes the hottest meme in the world

@Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe they smell like a combo of diesel exhaust and rotten milk

u talkins bouts soul glo?

@Mr. Bowlnonymous oops I dunno how to pin it in readiness

sheeeiiittt we used to be able to

I blame that nigga Vic

@Vic_Mackey u hear me u smelly dindu

yeah it's good info

Mr.Bowlnonymous posted it

thanks gator guy

un momento, gotta pour some more home made plum brandy

if her face is that droopy at a relatively young age then just imagine the future droopiness

Usury is cancer

no man should ever earn (((interest))) on his savings, usury is death

interest is a defense against inflation, without usury there would be no such thing as inflation

non white corpses make the best manure

libertarian-ism fails because it does not account for the fact that all throughout the history of successful white societies there were restrictions on "freedoms".....I don't have the right to fuck your daughter before I marry her just because I think she's attractive etc.......I don't have the right to worship Islam just because I do so discreetly in the privacy of my own home etc.

also they are much more prone to all sorts of illnesses that cost big bucks on account that they are race mixed and therefore their bodies have two opposing DNA strains trying to co-exist

same reason that Jews have so many super rare/weird diseases, they are a mix of virtually every race and it goes against natural law

never mind 60 we haven't had real churches for 500 plus years in most of the white world

ancient Christianity is something so foreign to us, that we have no idea what it stood for

there's nothing wrong with executing our fed poast

we need to listen to tunes like this and drink some more home made plum brandy before fed poasting in the future

Alexandre Bissonnette ...Canuck ROOF

made that sloppy bowl just for u @Vic_Mackey

All day they`ve been crying on t.v for the 6 dead muzzballs. He also shot another dozen or so

if it helps any bro I honestly don`t believe that non white people are human, so in my mind u killed a few animals

I hear ya, we are highly empathetic

it`s part of what makes us human

deer and geese are more valuable than mud children



seriously bro I really believe this

I know all of us white people do

I`m proud of you though

being British is gaf too

squirrels are more valuable then mud-kids

toads too


I`m thinking of fish bait, like worms and stuff too now, I mean they really provide an essential role in nature

ok I won`t go that far

Bowltz lays his own pipe.....all night long

work on finding ur brain first blitz

obviously, and u can deadlift 6 gorillion so......there's that too


I lost my eyesight years ago from drinking too much homemade moonshine.....I type on my brail keyboard now..

I can kill people with mental bowlepathy

@Blitz ⚡ stop sending me ur selfies homo

weak responses.....u need to go to debate school

not to be confused with master debater school which I know that u already graduated from

muh hat.....

Blitz's direct Saxon ancestor

that is a pic of the british deadlift champion of 1781

the EQ.....the eternal question

would it be county jail?

that's not so bad....been there twice muhself

county jail u basically watch t.v. and smoke pot the whole time

oh and play cards

thorughout white history women were never allowed to walk around town they have jobs as cooks and give nazi bros. shit on a regular basis........smdb

did this come out now cause McCabe got fired?

I can't unmute

I dunno this never happened before

he was Mr. Cambodia 2017 though...male beauty pageant

always been there

if ur asking me

@Blitz ⚡ yeah let's join the Azov battalion and be allies with one of their most powerful friends Vitaly Klitschko the Jewish Mayor of Kiev

Jews run Azov u dumb fat bastard

All of Western Ukraine is kiked and all of their "Nazi" militias

Azov is Jewish subversiveness

pot calling the kettle black

ok I'll get right on that

cuck island cops don't even carry guns

they'll stick u to death

we could just pistol whip those cuck island fags to death

ain't no drama like bowldrama

tfw- the conversation turns to Spenther's tits


I prefer Italian dressing

I'm sorry

I'm weak

I will learn to love ranch when I get sent to re-education gulag

relish is the worst

sour kraut is really good for the liver, anti-oxidant

me too, the pickle thing

Scotch is the best whiskey

I just woke up at 3 am

It's Macktistic not autisitic

@stellarwick Jews are not "people"

I'm not attacking I'm just listening

Italian is where it's at

one day I will be punished for that statement

I think niggerstink is great

I wish I could talk

all women are whores bro, men just learn to deal with it as time goes on

that's why we gotta beat 'em every now and then

@Shakal you a Serb?

oh haha

@Shakal what's up brother, haven't heard from you in awhile

been to Nis lately?

my dad used to live in Vienna

@Shakal remind them that Serbia kicked their ass in WW1.....hehe

@Akashic Wrecker moral of the story is --Never eat pussy

hold on

tech problems

this is weird, now my mic won't un mute

@Billy Ray Jenkins I can't hear you now

u keep breaking up

Niggerstink dindu nuffin


@⚡Blitz⚡ that was me complaining about you still being here.

actually I wasn't complaining I was stating the fact that I can't believe that you are still in here

that's more accurate

@⚡Blitz⚡ I didn't run to Vic or anyone else to have you banned blitz. I stated in the Nurembowlg channel that I am amazed that a good goy like niggers stink was banned but you are still on here.

seeing as you are a massive degenerate lowlife and so forth

but u know that I hate you so I didn't betray or lie to anyone

I hope that u catch GRIDS from raping your grandaddy to death

wait a minute nigga, ns doesn't defend race mixing and he is no longer a junkie, he quit that shit.... while you openly admit that you still use drugs and even promote the usage of them. It would be one thing if you said hey I use gross drugs but I don't want anyone else in our movement to do so....or.....drugs are evil this is how it fucked my life up, but you do not do that blitz. U think that u can control ur usage and that u even benefit from it.

@⚡Blitz⚡ I don't hate you I pity you, u need to wake the fuck up and get off drugs

@⚡Blitz⚡ this is great, so now I am a race traitor because........what? u saying a burn the yenta or the rice or something?

oh I see

thanks a lot confucious

for straightening me out on this matter

@⚡Blitz⚡ That's cause ur gaf

white Islamists like buttblitz need the first bullets

yes yes because you have fallen for the great lie that Christ was a Jew

u jackass

2 billion Christians......lel

We need to first gas every Cock Islander and then deal with the rest of our enemies

I'm speaking about the U.K dummy

the only Brits that will be allowed to live are Dennis Wise and Sven Longshanks, they can be co-Noah's ark dudes.

ironically every crypto jew is an Ashkenazim Jew

out of context nonsense

of course I am Bowlg

Jesus was a white man

yes yes I forgot u are a master of the bible and that's how u determined that Christ was a Jew....congratulations u are a massive jackass

it's my hobby Vic

seeing as I know what I'm talking about

let's here it blitz

Russians are evil too huh

so that means all Slavs are evil?

cause ALL slavs are originally Russian

yes but Slavs say that about western Europeans too so who is objectively correct?

@⚡Blitz⚡ at least u drink good scotch

ooosh the Einar....I hang out at a Scottish pub they Highland parked me years ago

"the gravity".....lel

Isaac Newton - -Crytpo kike extraordinaire

after we defeat gravity we will build concentration camps for "gravity" believers to inhabit perpetually

haha speherecucks..... the ruin of man

at least gravity is on our side when it comes to Jewish noses.......gotta hand it to gravity there

if it wasn't for the fake concept of gravity I would be 8 feet tall

it is settled then.....gravity must be exterminated with extreme prejudice

then it is settled .....matter must be exterminated with extreme prejudice

then it is settled ....the word "destroyed" must be exterminated from the English lexicon

feetsball feetsball feetsball!

if it weren't for gambling nobody would watch feetsball

imagine how bad it must stink at field level. Sweaty niggers galore

could we make soap out of all the fat white guys in the stands eating hot dogs and drinking liquid estrogen?

Pat is awesome

Little/Nehlen 2020

I've never heard of "AIDS" is it similar to GRIDS?

so AIDS is a euphemism for GRIDS?

after I read siege I cured cancer all alone in my cellar. But I'm unwilling to share it with anyone cause I am a massive asshole

u ar batshit dude

I confirm it

am I the only one here reading Anglin's Gab comments tonight or what?

topics include


oh and AWD

why is everybody yelling?

we can all read

large letters don't make it any easier

u got lots o' time bro

so did awd disband or is that just a rumor?

that's what they are saying now

behead those without aristocratic names

@Sean1488 I am a hatter by trade. I make fine quality hats for ready currency

I do not make hats on credit kind sir

send shekels

I prefer heroin, and you don't have to yell

what are you guys reading

did the Russians cause this mess?

please advise

I just woke up and mainlined acid

I'm pumped for work today cause I'm hoping the Dow drops 5000 points

It needs to happen

simultaneously with the currency collapse

I'm gonna go consume 12 cups of espresso now

I'm gonna try mainlining ranch, I'm pretty sure that I can break it down with lemon juice

it's still too thick in my spoon, I need to add some vitamin C powder

I;m gonna throw in some gunpowder too


the new concoction that I just mainlined into my neck veins will henceforth be known as liquid satan

Can anyone here spot me some Dickie Spenther tit juice? I'm all out of liquid valium and I really need to calm down a little. Shooting liquid Spenther milk is high in estrogen and might just solve my current dilemma . thx in advance

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