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Those we want gone don't actually own much. If not for gibs we wouldn't have nearly any issues. They'd be kick out their subsidized homes and lose their welfare benefits that only exist to create more jamals.

coincidence motto

Actually, it was created by Reed to push thru Obama care

They used it multiple times and they (dems) were too retarded to see 2014 or 2016 coming

Thing is, the left eats their own shit. They can't into strategy

But, we on the right tend to fought over purity. Even the lesser issues break us up, like taxes.

Sadly, we need cucks for our numbers.

We just have to bully them. It's all based on time in office (seniority) at the capital. So the senior congressmen and senators have all the power.

Nehlen was making head way, but Paul Ryan has a couple volunteer cucks to muddy the vote up. Kinda impossible tbh fam

Kinda is though

Instead, destroy nog congressmen in your areas. Get them out, that's only one race.

No reason to care so much about Ryan when there are hundreds of winnable seats out there.

ICE is fine, better to have local LE do the work also.

We have counties signing up to deport invaders.

Pretty white-pilling following local and state news.

@badtanman the bikk dox 14yo, video was removed. Got a backup?

They smell shekels

That's all

Don't let them represent you, you got this

But, kikes will use this "I'm your good buddy, I'll sure cville, goyim"

He said dm

Kek, of course!

Be a fucking muslim and rape 1500 little girls, no problem.

Gentlemen, send me Texans. Have them PM me. We're going to start winning.


Watch before shoah'd again

@Ryan88 - KG the new mayor of San antonio is a Philippino jew

And he's married with kids. But he's a faggot that into cp

Imagine being Richard Spencer in the Alt-Right scene and having to go home after another day of doing nothing and being all like “damn, Nina Kouprianova, you fuckin’ fine, all sexy with your curvaceous body and horrific pig-like monster face. I would totally have sex with you, both my White Nationalist character and the real me.” when all he really wants to do is fuck another 17 year old twink from his rally. Like seriously imagine having to be Richard and not only sit in that chair while Nina Kouprianova flaunts her disgusting body in front of you, the favorable lighting barely concealing her stretchmarks and blotchy skin, and just sit there, call after call, hour after hour, while she barks in that dog language to Kremlin. Not only having to tolerate her monstrous fucking visage but her haughty attitude as everyone on Twitter tells her she’s TOTALLY GOT IT and DAMN, NINA LOOKS STUNNING!! because they’re not the ones who have to sit there and watch her hippoish fucking moon face contort into types of smug smirks you didn’t even know existed before that day. You’ve been fucking nothing but a healthy diet of submissive fuccbois wearing red hats and later alleged BBCs for your ENTIRE CAREER coming straight out of the boonies in Missouri. You’ve never even seen anything this fucking disgusting before, and now you swear you can taste the sweat that’s breaking out on her rotund stomach as she sucks it in to writhe it suggestively at you, smugly assured that you are enjoying the opportunity to get paid in roubles to sit there and revel in her “statuesque (for that is what she calls herself)” beauty, the beauty she worked so hard for with cinnabuns in the previous months. And then Putin calls for another march, and you know you could kill every single person in this movement before the police could put you down, but you sit there and endure, because you’re fucking Rick. You’re not going to lose your future Nazi career over this. Just bear it. Hide your face and bear it.

They have no permits to protest, they're blocking all the roads, and no fucking arrests

No right wing at all

That's the Durham. But alot of us memed the kkk, and they're there blocking all roads

There's no right wing protest

Yes @gusphase that's the point

No one should go to Boston

Let them arrest themselves

Torch at night only

No, that's dumb. We gotta meme BLM super chimp fir the summer

We ain't there, role chimps up. Troll saying coming with kkk to noose

We haven't had an official summer chimp out where they burn down their own city. Let's have them hurt themselves attacking cops. Let the fucking cops deal worth this shit

Listen to UNLOCKED: Episode 133 - Antifap feat. Shuja Haider (8/17/17) by Chapo Trap House #np on #SoundCloud At the beginning of the show the jew commie says that if the right speaks it's inherently violence. So it's ok to kill right wingers.

Maybe jail for him?

You guys are disgusting. No matter what you believe no peaceful protester deserves to be run down mercilessly with a 2010 Dodge Challenger, now available in 16 colors with your choice of accessories including (BUT NOT LIMITED TO!)

Car Bumper Safety GuardCar Covers
• Car DVR Camera
• Central Locking System
• Child Seat
• Driveway Mirror
• Fire Extinguishers
• Fog Lamp Kit
• Gear Lock
• GPS Navigators
• Mirror Lock
• Non Slip Mat
• Parking Sensors
• Pedal Jack Anti-Theft Device
• Pet Door Shield
• Pet Pad Protectors
• Remote Engine Starter
• Reverse Parking Camera
• Reversing Sensors
• Seat belt Pad
• Steering Grip Lock
• Sun Shades
• Vision Mirror
• Visor Mount

So what are you waiting for? Come on down to your local Dodge dealer and drive away, no more to pay for $19,990 today!!

Use Brave browser, it's amazing. PC and phone, use it. It's beautiful perfection.

this is why you all need to use this browser right fucking now

@☇Unlimited Power☇ it comes with adblock, tor, everything I would need to download anyway


I'm new to it and usually don't care, but it's blocked all the shit I dealt with before. Plus, the creator is pretty much /ourguy/

It's nice, and blocks all google spybots adbots automatically

Kek, watched video. Cuts off at "So are the joos traitors? " and then you're smiling. Top lel

@Chad Radkersburg-ND it is. Just get out there speaking more often, it helps trains the jitters out of you. I would come off as extremely nervous all the time, but practice helped make me look good over time.

Going in voice and having discussions with our guys will help train your as well.

For me, I just don't give one fuck what leftists think. That was my one saving grace.

All my original OC was dog crap, but I would speak slowly on purpose to gather my thoughts. Since I'm southern they don't mind. But now I can get the argument out quick fast and keep them defensive.

Kek, beautiful. It only gets better, seriously.

That whole interview was concern troll, "dude ovens? Like man, like bro, ovens?" Lmao, that shit was hilarious.

>hope he's in Texas

There will be an event at Texas A&M 9/11, supposedly spencer and Vandal will be there for white lives matter Alt-Right event. Who can I contact about this?

Sacco I guess

Y'all listen to the pres?


Swiss, American southerner, but the same

I know it

Sweet, 2 foot rain predictions

4 inches flooded us to hell 2 years back

Corpus Christie seems ground zero

Gonna be fun times

Watched the news today, that's what they said

That's fucking bad

The ground can only handle about 4 inches a day

I'm more inland

Meh, Texas will be fine. We'll take care of our own

Most the areas are "brown"

The Mexican areas are gonna be flooded, no homes for them

Hotter than hell, gulf full of yellow

Hurricane season goes till November

Used to work offshore

Holy fuck

Wew, this gonna fuggggiing sick

Why? Is this show good?

Well, I went this summer and it was there

@Swiss nope



More inland, we just gonna get flooded this weekend

Colorado is an outdoorsman state

@Billy Ray Jenkins it's the thots that create antifa, they're the worst of the bunch

The road to Rome was lined with crucified rebels after the legion victory

@NuckFigures she killed her children with abortion also. She's in hell right now.

She's in hell for denying Christ and choosing the devil, the rest is just get continued fall

I'm guessing, thus is general

She meets every single criteria

She donated and defended them

She's evil

She is the freak

Just as bad as a tranny

look at that monster

The kikes only put her dating profile pic up

Take that visual

here's another visual of the satanic whore

@Billy Ray Jenkins the kikes used baby pics of trayvon and they blacked pics of Zimmerman. They LIE

Share these gifs

Yeah, but normies are actually on our side

The left are freaks, disgusting animals

Nah, she hated herself and that sin created hate for her own people

She didn't "struggle", she lied to herself and everyone. She's a tool of the deceiver

This isn't a weight issue, it's a spirit issue

Probably look at cigars, that could be a good test. See if there's a difference

Chad manlet

I liked that little town.

He's a cool dude. Can confirm.

@Icarus good


Don't blaspheme

But the pope is crap

Fucking kikes

They just shoah'd a 19 year old for making thot jokes. He got replaced by a kike

>ywn have 25 wives and 145 white children

ywn have this many kids and grandkids, Blackmore nationalism

Actually, Blackmore now has 148

That's direct children, not counting grandkids

Absolute madman Blackmore married a pair of sisters on the same day in the same ceremony

>ywn be Blackmore

@RyanM that's awesome

>ywn have this many wives

Less bowl posting and more Blackmore posting


Nah, needs moar BLACKMORE


this man is always smiling

Get on my level, MOAR BLACKMORE

Most of our gas stations are oil of petrol

Grocery stores running low

Running low, not out of food

All parking lots full of cars, no spaces left

Supposedly there's another hurricane coming, Irma will make Landfall in Texas


I'm fine


I'm on a high hill

Literally can't flood here, just leave the dogs loose and sit in the yard with a shotgun

@trial by jewry just cook them all the way through

All good up here. And keep a low profile, it's all good.

They'll die looting stores before I'm ever bothered



Look at effortpost, read article. We absolutely never ever came from Africa. "Out of Africa theory" completely btfo forever.

Theory is based upon couple foot prints and bones. Crete and Greece evidence millions of years older.

I bet he does stink

Why the fuck is he even there? Reeeee wtf

Hate this fucking clown world

I'll want to visit China some day, I don't want begging niggers on the great Wall, fug

Every single tourist site in Europe is already covered in begging nigs, worse actual fucking African Somalia scum

Secure that happiness


@Spencelarian Neo-Maxi the nig is like "hol up, go where nigga?"

poor cantwell

wew, just a prank brah defense

1 to 10, how fucked is cantwell?

No more events in fag towns

Another lesson learned, the adage that negative publicity is good thing is no longer true.


5 guys in jail on our side only from cville

Can't find any jailed from Pikesville, which did have plenty of nice flags brandished.

The difference is the town.

@northern_confederate Yankee faggot ignores evidence. Imagine that!

You too

No point is discussing the fine points with those who ignore the obvious. Make an argument, I'm anon so I'm not a point of discussion.

The point of positive or negative effects after the event.

Again, no point made.

Change the subject lads, that sure will work.

If we want to speak on states, sure let's do that.

Texas is the only reason there's still any right wing in this country. We have one party rule.

These other "white" states fight for fags and drug users.

@badtanman what's an electorate? Like how's that even real nigga?

This is again pointless

Y'all go back to bowl cut posting, that totally creates power on the right.

I'm vetted.

Only those who can be trusted know who I am.

You should keep you opsec, this is obvious stuff gents.

Cantwell is a radio personality. Hence, duh.

He really can't resist.

It's a good lesson to all the rest of us.

Well, check out cantwell's earlier work. Such as making the argument that it's ok to shoot mailmen. Yeah, he's said that, among worse.

Don't get stuck in a bubble, what's happened after?

I'm really far away from Virginia and there's no alt right presence, but all our monuments are gone. One was 120 years old.

Nobody is rising up in anger either

All the plebs still follow the narrative, mainly the trump "they're all bad" narrative

The normies around here unironically call both sides terrorists.

@northern_confederate think you're correct. This is just the beginning.

Don't know if we all have the same goals though.

@Zorost what?

I still believe the narrative is more important than the actual "protests" on the street. The right in America never goes on the street. They really are a silent majority. Use the evidence and culture we have to win. Everyone on the right hates the left, but especially protesters. Let's go that route.

The joos power is mainly media.

This stuff doesn't work.

We can look to other movements that have won. Front face in the suit, scary guys who aren't "connected" to the suits.

Many examples in history to follow.

We can though

Left, right, Christian, muslim, communist long March, etc. Whatever works.

Nah, scare the elite

Shit shit down. Nigs do this all the time.

Paradigm has shifted. We're in tribal politics cycles of history now

Only the torch really was scary to them

Come out of nowhere, male statements, back into the night like smoke

Ok, let's see if we all agree. What works and what doesn't? I say the torch rally was perfect. Speeches in park at left city, not so much.

Scared all the elite

@Zorost the AnTyr was after they were alerted.

Young strong white men are our only group we're trying to recruit. The opinions of others means nothing to us, that should be the general narrative. Recruit white men and show strength.

We all see what's coming, so bring our men together. looks like it's down


Why are family connections seen as obvious evidence, except when it comes to spencer?

For instance, Ted Cruz plays the role of a conservative. But then you look at his wife and family and the story changes.

Cruz is a shill

But, when we look at some near us we're ignoring obvious elements.

Just look into the guy

Yes, jews are subversive agents who destroy us from within the nation. But there are many non joo 5th columns at play within this lone superpower as well.

Well, he's an urbanite racist liberal Marxist. He's not one of us.

Yes, he speaks of Marx more than any natsoc writers. He's technically NazBol

His wife is the sole agent charged with selling the number one nazbol philosophy book out there

Yes, he wants a white nation. One where "commoners" commit the drudgery as they keep niggers out of their gay bath house.

@Wraff you wouldn't ignore evidence on others

The wife and her connections ARE the husbands as well.

Here's the point, it's not just jews subverting the nation's politics.

Uncle A was a war veteran, wounded warrior, and a true man of honor who fought and struggled his entire life.

These facefags like clicks and upboats

Hitler knew true struggle. Burned lungs, bullet riddled flesh, hunger unending, and so much more. Yet he fought on.

Yeah, let's not compare men to "ecelebs"

"Bled" we've all been in fights

In front of 6gorillion cameras

Or men with artillery and guns and a great possibility to die

It does

@Wraff don't act like a woman

I think you're acting emotional over text chat

No, I'm saying there's no comparison

Not to make the comparison

Punch, report to cops, look at camera, that guy assaulted me, Mr police plz

Wew, the absolute state of western men

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