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2018-02-12 19:01:23 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Can someone send me high rez Patriot Front pics to post on Instagram?

2018-02-12 19:14:34 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-12 19:14:44 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

If anyone’s on Instagram follow me. About to start posting PF material.

2018-02-12 19:15:02 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Doxxd myself

2018-02-12 19:15:21 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I’ll post that. Thanks goy

2018-02-12 19:15:56 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-12 19:17:45 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@everyone y’all better follow me

2018-02-12 19:55:42 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

You followed too many accounts too quickly @NDO Eric - TX

2018-02-12 19:55:56 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Chris MA thanks man

2018-02-12 20:11:00 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Let’s lift and hit the mats

2018-02-12 20:11:23 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-12 20:12:26 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-12 20:20:36 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I got zuccd at like 8,000

2018-02-12 20:20:37 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-12 20:27:40 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-12 21:22:15 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Shouted out patriot front, we’re moving now men

2018-02-12 21:26:23 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Wtf I love Mexico now

2018-02-12 22:04:01 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Since I’m going to Ukraine in July I’m gonna need some Patriot Front material to give to the Azov and national corps guys, I’ll also sticker around tourist areas In Kiev lol

2018-02-12 22:21:58 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-12 22:23:04 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Aesthetics bro

2018-02-13 01:14:31 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-13 01:47:01 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-13 01:49:47 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

New profile pic who this


2018-02-13 02:18:46 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-13 02:18:52 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-13 02:33:03 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I’m out

2018-02-13 02:33:06 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-13 02:33:29 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

The artist from National Action drew it for me you jerks 😡

2018-02-13 02:40:29 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

It’s great I’m gonna post it too

2018-02-13 04:00:18 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

>before reading manifesto New application:

**Political Ideology:** Borderline fascism

2018-02-13 04:00:29 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

>after reading manifesto
**Why Join:** Restore the Reich

2018-02-13 05:18:24 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

👌🏻 I’ll post something again in the next few days

2018-02-13 17:26:18 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I’m gonna upload the Austin demonstration to IG shortly

2018-02-13 17:26:41 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Yes sir

2018-02-13 17:27:23 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Downloaded, just posted about Dresden so will let that calm down then post the vid

2018-02-13 17:32:56 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Damn that ones nice too

2018-02-13 19:11:54 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@ArmaVirumqueCano doxx yourself. What’s your jewtube acc

2018-02-13 19:45:17 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-13 19:45:24 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Holy horrible optics

2018-02-13 19:45:33 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Sad how far VA fell

2018-02-13 19:48:02 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

You’ll definitely get taken seriously with a 90 rpm Roman salute in photos or at journalists

2018-02-13 19:50:54 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

All three of them are doing it different lmao

2018-02-13 22:32:55 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Arranged marriages work

2018-02-15 18:02:43 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

The leader of a white nationalist militia says Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz was a member of his group and participated in paramilitary drills in Tallahassee.

Jordan Jereb told The Associated Press on Thursday that his group wants Florida to become its own white ethno-state. He said his group holds “spontaneous random demonstrations” and tries not to participate in the modern world.

Jereb said he didn’t know Cruz personally and that “he acted on his own behalf of what he just did and he’s solely responsible for what he just did.”

2018-02-15 18:02:47 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Fake news

2018-02-15 18:02:57 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Doesn’t even say the group name? Lmao come on

2018-02-15 18:03:25 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Sounds more like a faggy III% group

2018-02-16 04:30:11 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Heimbach supports Russian communists

2018-02-16 05:10:07 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-16 05:29:05 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Thomas Ryan is that OC

2018-02-16 05:30:03 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-16 05:30:31 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Someone go follow the Patriot Front Instagram to make it 200

2018-02-16 05:30:36 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

199 and counting

2018-02-16 05:31:30 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Halfdan Nibba you don’t even follow me

2018-02-16 05:45:26 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-16 05:45:48 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Everyone send pics of your cool shit

2018-02-16 05:46:19 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-16 05:47:18 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Fuck 20 round mags

2018-02-16 05:47:50 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Lmao I know

2018-02-16 05:48:29 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

The picture that got me deleted on Instagram 7x


2018-02-16 05:51:21 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Nice stipple job

2018-02-16 05:51:53 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Glock supremacy


2018-02-16 05:52:43 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Halfdan Have you been to Ulfheim

2018-02-16 05:53:05 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Paul is cool

2018-02-16 05:53:10 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Some OPWW are cucks tho

2018-02-16 05:56:26 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Deimos-MI OPWW is just a clothing brand created by Paul Waggener the real group is Wolves of Vinland

2018-02-16 05:57:00 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

That Jack Donavan Guy is a fag

2018-02-16 15:27:08 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Lmao if you watch We Wuz Kangz fuck off

2018-02-16 22:46:28 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I posted the YouTube link to Instagram

2018-02-17 04:54:35 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-17 04:54:38 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-17 04:54:45 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-17 22:12:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

The blutunwald girl’s boyfriend is the old artist for National Action

2018-02-17 22:12:31 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Who did the artwork for me

2018-02-17 22:13:02 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Rekt the kid tho

2018-02-17 22:15:26 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I’m gonna push the video over 1,000 views leggo

2018-02-17 22:44:02 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Same as on here

2018-02-18 04:10:10 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

1,000+ views on the new action report

2018-02-18 04:10:14 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Leggo 💯

2018-02-18 04:11:28 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I’ve been shit posting the fuck out of Patriot Front on my Instagram. Losing followers from my spams and sheit

2018-02-18 05:00:41 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Taco Bell 🛎

2018-02-18 05:28:59 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Real meal prep hours who up


2018-02-18 07:39:20 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-18 07:40:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Can you see it

2018-02-18 07:40:57 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Says failed to load for me

2018-02-18 07:42:20 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Full vid of commies getting physically removed by Azov goys in Kiev

2018-02-18 16:20:17 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Yeah back up

2018-02-18 16:20:35 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Westernoutlands on IG too

2018-02-18 16:47:04 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I gave my old Vanguard shirt to my local thrift store. There’s some boomer walking around my town wearing the black polo with symbol lmao

2018-02-18 18:26:33 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-18 19:57:59 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-18 19:58:03 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-18 19:58:06 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-18 20:03:06 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-18 20:22:07 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

300 followers on IG in 6 days. Not bad

2018-02-18 22:28:08 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Who’s down to raid @patriot_front comments on cuckservative Instagram pages

2018-02-18 22:28:24 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

If a group of us spams PF account it’ll draw tons of people in

2018-02-18 22:38:55 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I’ve redpilled hundreds on Instagram and have even profited a good amount of shekels. Good for the metapolitical war

2018-02-18 22:41:57 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-18 22:45:56 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Message me on IG if you want to raid

2018-02-18 22:46:05 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@hlaiwas on IG

2018-02-18 22:46:41 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-18 22:48:10 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I’ve got another account you can sign into. I’ll give you the pass for @rightstats

2018-02-18 22:49:22 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Who else is joining

2018-02-18 23:30:34 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Ayyy add me

2018-02-18 23:30:39 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-18 23:30:52 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I don’t get on often tbh but when I have free time I do

2018-02-19 01:03:07 UTC [Front And Center #general]  
2018-02-19 01:04:05 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@SonderSchutz TX Request sent

2018-02-19 03:41:52 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

100% Jewish

2018-02-19 03:42:02 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Look at her Avi

2018-02-20 01:26:57 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Cuck face

2018-02-20 01:27:09 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

His wife is white 100% chance

2018-02-20 02:29:26 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Chris7577TX Agree. North Korea is best Korea.

2018-02-20 02:34:00 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-20 02:34:12 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-20 02:34:36 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

“Not nationalist”

2018-02-20 02:37:44 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Yeah, I’m sure the country is a shithole. But I also believe it’s a shithole due to 65 years of heavy economic sanctions.

2018-02-20 02:38:13 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

That being said 65 years of economic sanctions and western threats and the country is still stronger than any African nation.

2018-02-20 02:39:39 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-20 02:39:42 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

And the aesthetics

2018-02-20 02:39:54 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-20 02:41:49 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

DPRK 65 Years now. Rhodesia existed for like 12 years?

2018-02-20 02:42:48 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-20 02:43:06 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Surprised their nation looks this good tbh

2018-02-20 02:43:35 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-20 18:32:42 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Can we make an American version of this please

2018-02-26 04:46:18 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Same user uploaded a video of him throwing a flyer in a river

2018-02-26 04:46:20 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

How brave

2018-02-26 04:46:31 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

His own fags started tweeting how he shouldn’t have littered lmao

2018-02-26 19:35:37 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Donald OH congrats bro

2018-02-27 02:25:40 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

@Misk215 great pics. Broad day light in philly. Alpha as fuck

2018-02-27 18:49:32 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-27 18:49:34 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

IG too lmao

2018-02-27 18:50:19 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-27 18:50:26 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Y’all should go put one on his front door

2018-02-27 18:52:12 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

What is it?

2018-02-28 23:27:25 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-03-02 13:55:50 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Typical black behavior. You have more self control than I do. I’ve confronted several people who’ve littered in front of me.

2018-03-02 13:56:09 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Once told a Mexican if he wants to litter he needs to go back to shithole Mexico, he picked it up immediately.

2018-03-02 13:56:30 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Do you not carry a firearm 24/7

2018-03-02 13:57:22 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Because blacks are notorious for jumping individuals. As you said, 3v1.

2018-03-02 13:57:59 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

If a pack of blacks physically attacked you, you’d most definitely be able to use it. At least in Texas.

2018-03-02 13:58:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Yeah, I don’t understand that “no guns while activism”

2018-03-02 13:59:57 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I’m not saying let’s strap AK’s over our shoulder and walk into Kroger’s. Although I carry a firearm 24/7. Why would I disarm myself when I’m out screaming “white supremacist slogans”?

2018-03-02 14:00:04 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Dude, I’m not saying break laws.

2018-03-02 14:00:13 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I open carry and talk to police daily.

2018-03-02 14:01:10 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

>everyone hates whites
>everyone hates fascists
>antifa and blacks are known to become violent

>let’s not LEGALLY carry a firearm or other weapon

2018-03-02 14:25:14 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Josh OH These black mobs are nothing new. The Jewish media constantly refuses to broadcast, even local news reuses. There’s a great book called “Don’t Make The Black Kids Angry” by Colin Flahtery I highly recommend

2018-03-05 23:04:15 UTC [Center And Front #general]  

Our Discord got leaked?

2018-03-05 23:08:58 UTC [Center And Front #general]  

Well that’s assuring!

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