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Anyone in the area already? Anyone out there on the libshit side?

We're still on our way. Gonna be late. I'm @Random_user, using husband's phone. We're with Father Francis.

Ugh. Do they look like the violent sort?

I'm omw. In Nashville. About an hour out

I read that the police told the media about the swastika and that it was a police chopper keeping an eye on us

I meant to. But just got custody of my 2 year old nephew today. Bringing my grand total to 5 babies. So to be honest, I don't know if I'm coming or going and forgot to wear black :/

He's a fine Aryan specimen.

Is anyone in here one of the Knoxville goys?

I seen a survivor story where the Jew was only kept out of the delousing stalls of death because she was a really good soup maker. So before killing the Jews, Hitler made sure that they had the best soup Judaism had to offer.

That's antisemetic.

Delet this

If they can't draw it, they could trace it. Why don't they realize this?

I seen a pic of it, looked pretty nice.

Cernokike claiming that his people came up with the "It's Okay to be White" flyers.

I wrote these yesterday. Passed them around a Wal-Mart in nigville

I wasn't prepared, lol

Hopefully they don't decide to release the evil Natzee at Wal-Mart footage, cause I was having a hard time getting them to stay where I put them and was pretty clumsy about it.

Idk, I was gonna just write it's okay to be White, but couldn't pass up an opportunity to shill for my party.

I put them in the automotive part of Wal-Mart. Figured that was where the men go. Hoping the female writing would appeal to their protective urges, lol.

Yeah, I need to print some. Used all my ink for racist stickering in my pre-party days, and I'm too cheap to buy more ink.

Getting ready to make another racist cup. Thinking about just going with "It's Okay to be White" What say y'all?

Like this, only for Men

Be honest guys, did you wash the area on the shields where you were going to do the nigger rigging prior to the actual nigger rigging?

You didn't did you?

I suppose I could have just posted the link.

There, have the link too. Just because

I'm currently stalking the facebook pages of everyone the internet says is related to him

I hate this motherfucker and I love watching this When Heimbach first started popping up on pol it was 90% positive, great orator etc etc. Now every thread gets shilled to shit

really makes me think

What game are you talking about, need something different to melt my brain for a bit

Can't wait until the season finale when the final battle between the fash and antifash commences, this will be the final man standing.

I did, my apologies

saw a post on here the other day that said we wuz blackstranauts

mfw i thought it was just a meme

til this facebook nog tried to convince me

Keep a lookout for this scum bag

literally holding an AK

ifififokiedoke bet they'll be knocking on your door any minute

just read the nytimes article

In 2012, Mr. Hovater was incensed by the media coverage of the Trayvon Martin shooting, believing the story had been distorted to make a villain of George Zimmerman, the white man who shot the black teenager

This is my favorite part

George Zimmerman, the white man who shot the black teenager

My parents were and are very liberal, alcohlic drug addicts. I was the same way for awhile, then went libertarian, and after realizing people are too stupid for a libertarian society I transitioned to natsoc. I know a lot of people that were the same way

Luckily my nazi waifu was always a traditional woman and put up with my shit until I straightened up and shattered her dreams of the jews being muh chosen.

Will donate friday

Is this chat safe

nvm read welcome mat

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