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What a poπŸ’© flake is! He just delayed or again for a week. He voted aye, to get it out of committee

Knew she had to be part of mkultra...

AMEN!!! β›ͺπŸŒ„ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

I was thinking the same thing about that site @Xenios2011

I scrolled down from the Van Dyke story, & saw a story about Avenatti being arrested, but was pretty sure that pic was photoshopped...

Someone needs to destroy that monstrosity!

Was reading about your pain.
Were you injured or is time catching up? If joints all hurt...just wondering, do you eat many nightshade family...tomatos, potatoes? My joint aches stopped once I stopped eating these things, and started drinking Bragg vinegar drinks...no more arthritis , as had been "diagnosed " ha.

I was replying about the common sense post above

No it is not Avenatti named..its a guy who claimed a friend was raped on a boat in Rhode island, guy says now it was a hoax...

@Irshmun. I have not seen a name yet...but he's in deep πŸ’©

You can watch Trumps rally live now on Right Side Broadcasting Network

Phil Trenary, Memphis Chamber of Commerce, CIA linked, Democratic party super fundraiser, Pinnacle Airlines CEO ....assassinated.

Real Eyes. πŸ‘€
Real Lies. πŸ––

@Riggy17 (UK)..me either, I have been ignoring, don't like blocking...just set myself on ignore...

I deleted that post, he was back here before I finished it. πŸ˜†

I normally dont feed the trolls..

@Riggy17 (UK)...i fully agree with your comment above to me..

Yeah, I know all bout Tommys case, sad state of affairs mate...

They did that to hide the 2 trillion Rumsfeld couldn't account for, they actually had about 10 reasons for 9/11, Iraq, Iran, syria, Libya, Afghanistan...etc..etc..etc..
Operation Iraqi Liberation = OIL

@Steve Angell..there are vast tunnel systems under this & other countries, they also have magnetic levitation hi speed trains under there...just think of the bank vacuum that zooms the little canister through it...that is how these train cars work

didn't see the small pic before I posted

Oh...ok I thought you meant go look up at the post by desimated...πŸ˜›

AMEN @Steve Angell
πŸ™ πŸ‘Ό πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

The senators better have excellent protection, we can't afford to lose a single person for Kavanaugh confirmation. LOSE @Laurie ...😎

Her pet peeve is also one of mine!

That too...& their, there & they're

Never been a yepper, always a yessir.. would've been smacked by the old man...just a gentle reminder you see..to address your elders with the respect they (at least some of them) deserve
TX here

Hope everyone had their cameras covered front & back, because rumor has it that at the moment you deleted the EBD...smile you were on candid camera,

Cannibals exist in those who think themselves elite!

Just come in & drop a bomb & run...?

@oneofhis Mike Adams of Natural News has testing lab

Hate to sound like a newbie here, but what is a tag or being tagged?

@Mary Poppins she really seemed to have gotten her knickers in a twist? πŸ˜†

I guess some are just a little too thin skinned...πŸ’₯🎯

Gonna hop over to gab...see whats croakin'

Not really...still feeling my way around over there too...all my peeps keep getting banned, its like playing whack-a-mole trying to keep up...

Not banned on gab, but fb, tweeter...

It is an interesting concept though...

No how No way! Bless her heart..


But how do we go bout pestering them?

You guys have heard of the Rods of God right?

SS SPACEWEAPON...Tungsten Rods Huuuuge that fall from space...wherevr they want them

Dang u found it before me...good play @Desimated

I'd like purple or turquoise if some is giving out colors...

I still to this day think they dropped one of those back whenever that huge "earthquake" hit Indonesia several years ago...

Well I thought Dustin was talking about major supporters colors or something?

No where better than here dustin

I promise you, you do not want PR

Bitmain, is building it super duper , new crypto thing not too far from my hamlet...

Easy to get outta vaccines go get you a medical bracelet made put the words " vaccines contraindicated"

That was freaking hysterical!

Strike! πŸ’£πŸ’₯πŸ’₯


All that talk of movin
outta country today, made me wanna change my screen name

No prob luke I get it all the time even ib real life...

No how, no way, do I leave Texas, never again.

@FoxValleyMom im still tryin to find how to do the avatar?

I've been in here for a couple of weeks, but some things still figuring out...

I didn't know my deep voice came through in my writing style...lol

Wellll, I used to have one....until I got real up close & personal to a dashing deer...wasnt a pretty site for all 3 of us...me,the bike or bambi

Good luck on the rest of your tests.

One of the Real Powers That Think They Be! Disgusting Woman!


All those congress critters were being blackmailed by HRC&BC...all of em' had taken trips on the Lolita express to Epsteins little private island, set up with what ever struck their fancy, filmed, then blackmailed into submission. The old joke around D.C. is never get caught with a live boy or a dead girl, ala Joe Scarborough . Once Trump came on the scene, he knew the problem, said work with me or go down with them. Some chose to free themselves, & work with him, the rest have chosen early resignations, or whatever like Paul Ryan, the drama will unfold, but I'm not real sure we will ever hear of these kinds of sordid tales. And we KNOW, there are worse things that occurred.

@Dustin Nemos Got a ? The meme masterpiece is missing from the drop down list, but it shows on the download list? Wondering if the mods took the meme file away...or am I just not seeing it? Never mind there it is....duh its there now? I know it wasnt a few minutes ago...πŸ™„

Buhbye, right behind ya, nite all πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

Things that make you go hmmm? πŸ€”


Yeah, you had to have had a birthday day before yesterday 10-6-2018 for it to work..

The Pain is going to be real. Get prepared! πŸŒŽβ˜‡


Neo what do these posts have to do with the 2nd amndmt?

This needed to start last year!


Plumbing Problems. πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©


Worthless piece of πŸ’©


Look up Deborah Tavares
"Quiet Weapons for Silent Wars" or Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars...one or the other, I've slept since then...

Hey Luke, How ya doin? 😊

How many more will be added to the list before this witch is stopped?


I hope we as a nation have the last laugh, not these treasonous traitors!


I agree, except I'm not so sure he was out of the swamp, he did do bidness with the Podesta's...

Of course he's a traitor too, didn't say he wasn't, just that after the grilling Kav took for false allegations, this one should be worried about charges from 36 years ago! Yes I remember well the Branch Davidian Complex, they murdered them all..children included

@Jimbo..thats why everyone should consider gab...googlr twatter & fb are really hating on gab...

I know Trump is trying, but there are some things he does not control

@lmbd. He obviously knows about it, (5G) not allowing it at mar a largo...

He thinks Trumps past needs to be examined? That's rich 😈


Hey all, interesting observation...POTUS has been using mob for the dimms alot lately...
For each letter of the word MOB, move each letter one over on the alphabet, what do you get....?? Just a thought. πŸ’₯ πŸ€—

The anons started this night before last, they said share it far & wide


More big thinks from anons, what were Q drops from the day Hillary lost her security clearance?


We must begin to use our God given rights to refuse ALL vaccines. It is as simple as getting a medic-alert bracelet that say vaccines contraindicated.

Big pharma is not out for our best interests, their only reasoning is for $$$$$$$

All they need to understand is these medical schools are ALL Rockefeller funded

They want us controlled & sick cradle to the grave

I believe Snow white had several meanings

Sometimes the old adage, don't throw your pearls before swine comes into play, not calling your friend a pig or anything, just with some folks, you are just wasting your breath...😐 Stay strong, right & light wins everytime. πŸŒ… The wrong & darkness are throwing a cosmic hissy fit! πŸ‘Ή

We All know who wins. πŸ•†πŸŒ…

Has anyone here done any digging into the Payseurs? They are THE unseen hand behind just about EVERYTHING ! They make the Rothchilds,Rockefellers &Soros' of the world look like paupers...

They are the ones that tell them what to do

Hitlery made a major miscalculation about how reviled she really was by
"flyover America"

I'm like you, mainly post on discord, but enjoy gab...

the green sheep just needed that little bit extra to be different. πŸ˜ƒ

Gotta run @SirW00f, I saw where you were not feeling great, hope you feel better soon...πŸ’ͺ

If someone really wants to go down the rabbit hole...try to find Fritz Springmeier's book Bloodlines of the Illuminati, or for the folks who want to understand the pure evil that these elites are involved with, his book They know not what they do. That book shows how mkultra, monarch & these luciferian elites get brainwashed people to do their bidding. They do these things to their own families. Sick, sick, stuff.

@dogwabone ...take a close look at your birth certificate, notice what your mother is called.

This is indeed the Prison Planet...beautiful planet, but for the moment we just happen to be stuck here as well....

If you donated to Stormy Daniels go fund me, Thank you, you are now paying DJT's legal fees!


How much longer must we endure this absolute witch with a capital B! Please California vote her out!


The international agency obummer handed control of the internet too...

Thought that was supposed to be a few days ago?

Might be time to move toMike Adams' real.video...?

They were testing to see how the hive mind would react...

not really, but would not surprise me

Anybody else lose their connections for the last 25-30 minutes?

YT came back but then All connections lost here

Hmmm...is there anybody out there...

Maybe u all have lost connections now?

Seems to be a rolling 30-40 minute blackout/reset possibly? It gets curiouser & curiouser 😎

Yeah, but we have folks here a
on 3 different carriers, we all lost connections for 25-30 minutes, hope the white hats are in charge

Notice those same neoCONS are most rabid never Trumpers

GHW Bush used to be partners in Zapata Oil, with Osama binLadens uncle...just commenting on Dustins new video about the Bush Obummer hiding OBL

Thats the name of George Bush Sr. Oil company way way back

Rumor has it Bush jerry-rigged bin Ladens uncle's plane, it crashed not far from San Antonio, killing him.

It was a double cross situation

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