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2018-09-30 15:17:48 UTC

This is fun β€” at about 1.37

2018-09-30 15:19:26 UTC

What is that ? Haa

2018-10-01 00:30:56 UTC

About remote viewing - lots of fun and interesting stuff

2018-10-01 19:43:07 UTC

HOOAH ... new forum for UFO research.

2018-10-04 16:22:36 UTC

@TxnPat4evr πŸ‡¨πŸ‡± that’s cool 😎☝️

2018-10-06 16:35:04 UTC

This X series is really good.... so much interesting info - it’s really best to start at first episode as it builds from each episode
Think it’s up to episode twenty or something
Not enough time to watch them all , but will

2018-10-06 20:44:10 UTC

2018-10-07 17:31:18 UTC

Does anyone think there is already a secret space program?

2018-10-07 19:16:38 UTC

Has been for years...

2018-10-08 22:47:55 UTC

secret space program has been going on long before nasa got created, nasa got created as a distraction

2018-10-10 14:26:32 UTC

Haaaaa... this is funny. Never heard it back in the day.

2018-10-10 22:22:32 UTC

i'm old, i did

2018-10-11 16:15:43 UTC

No much traffic in here...when y'all get ready to talk about God's fixed and immovable earth...let us know😜

2018-10-11 22:30:22 UTC

Ill bite

2018-10-13 14:49:02 UTC

@hitchhiker hahaha ! I remember that song!

2018-10-13 16:13:40 UTC

I like these two 🀩 ☝️

2018-10-13 16:15:21 UTC

☝️ what the blank was that πŸ€” .... 😁

2018-10-13 16:29:47 UTC

I know ☝️ isn’t space talk ... but I asked them to add this room for a bit of fun .. sometimes everyone needs a bit of lightness after being immersed in all the heavy realities of what we are fighting change ....soooo
JunsKitchen is so fab if you are into cooking.. he is an artist in the kitchen 😎
I also like the channel he has with his wife. She’s American and they live in Japan and have really cool cats
Although must admit haven’t made time to watch them in months. To much research to do .. yikes !

2018-10-13 18:54:16 UTC -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids

2018-10-14 14:21:41 UTC

@hitchhiker thanks for asking for the space to have some fun.

2018-10-14 14:58:30 UTC

@lmbd 🀩

2018-10-14 14:59:23 UTC

The SGTrepit is great

2018-10-14 15:35:48 UTC

Yes i really like him.

2018-10-16 00:07:23 UTC

Dustin here is a break down on the value of the dollar Over the years. The value of the dollar or buying power is only 2 percent difference. Even tho it may look like the value of the dollar is down over 90 percent.

2018-10-20 17:15:31 UTC

they can't hide the sound of it hitting the floor
they can wash out the image of the piece on the video, but he's talking while the piece hits the floor
if they tried to wash out the sound of the piece hitting the floor, they might as well not show the vid because it screws up his talking

2018-10-20 17:15:53 UTC

also he makes the stupid mistake of actually looking for it on the floor

2018-10-20 17:16:16 UTC

so does the camera man

2018-10-23 04:46:36 UTC

secret space program got started as soon as roswell

2018-10-23 04:47:04 UTC

and ramped up hard after the grenada treaty

2018-10-23 04:47:15 UTC

and now tau 9

2018-10-23 04:47:33 UTC

renegotiated every 9 years

2018-10-23 04:48:38 UTC

the deep state that agreed to these terms are idiots

2018-10-23 04:49:12 UTC

the intelligence community wanted the mind kontrol tech but little did they know they were gonna be mind controlled and body snatched first

2018-10-24 15:30:07 UTC

Whats this ???

2018-10-24 15:30:36 UTC


2018-10-24 15:37:05 UTC

oh yeah and here`s the wizards !!!

2018-11-01 21:20:59 UTC

Please explain how a Caravan of people Fleeing socialism is coming here to pursue socialism is coming here to help US??!

2018-11-01 21:22:11 UTC

Please help US!

2018-11-01 21:23:01 UTC


2018-11-01 21:24:32 UTC


2018-11-14 16:29:55 UTC

This is a fab interview.. Brooks Agnew is one interesting guy .. thanks Dustin 🀩

2018-11-14 16:33:31 UTC

Kerry was in the thick of Malibu fire , I personally think Kerry does great work

2018-11-14 16:34:58 UTC

She has personal vids of fire and unique opinions of what possibly may be happening
She is going to investigate further

2018-11-17 20:15:36 UTC

This is a list of words that will get you banned from the site Architects and Engineers for 911 truth??? Nothing to see goyim

2018-11-17 20:15:41 UTC

If you want to know (((who))) or what did 911 your answer is in the words that you cannot say???

2018-11-24 19:51:39 UTC

☝️ this is very entertaining.. if is possibly true .. would be amazing

2018-11-25 04:17:07 UTC

apparently u never played battlezone 2

2018-11-25 17:24:31 UTC

Nope πŸ€ͺ

2018-11-25 17:24:40 UTC

Haaaaa !

2018-11-27 22:36:56 UTC

there's plenty of resources

2018-11-28 01:22:46 UTC


2018-11-29 11:04:42 UTC

2018-12-04 18:58:42 UTC

Scientists Stunned By Worldwide Unexplained Seismic Anomaly - Stillness in the Storm

2018-12-06 16:51:27 UTC

Scientists Can't Explain What Caused These Mysterious Seismic Waves To Travel Around The World | IFLScience

2018-12-06 16:53:17 UTC

☝️something interesting to think about ... there were worldwide meditations on 11/11
Wonder if thy had anything to do with the earth making music 🀩

2018-12-07 08:18:15 UTC

supposed to be the latest mars probe

2018-12-07 08:20:19 UTC

now who in their right mind would drop a probe down on another planet without proper wiring protections on, also so much waste in construction costs = they build them in clean rooms to get this dirty on another planet with no protection from elements

2018-12-07 08:21:16 UTC

dam thing looks like a home garage project built by a 4th grader

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