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Kamala... what a gem

antischool had a really interesting - side bar on writer school named after and connections... any body catch it?

sorry just saw above - pardon

Haven't you heard? They all prfer unisex... baha

no Flynn can finish what they started... funny how the board moves. Good catch guardian

wouldn't that be something (?)

looking for VJ maybe?

especially if on any psycotropics

look at it like two pages in an open book - it will help

yw.... hence - 400hz reference. best to follow bold type and arrows around outside 1st - connections that cross over othrs also should be considered as part not just arrow heads. hope helps.

Ummm.... there might be safety concerns for you re: printing and dist. Please - this is not 2 be taken lightly.

many are not ready to accept an eventuality

and things are shall we say... in flux.

I see... you have chosen already.

I'm not the right person to ask... good luck.

... and Godspeed.

You are absolutely correct... but map unlocks the key - find the key first.

so you can relate knowledge... not just data.

yeah... that's what you said - twice. good luck Eureka

... and may God bless your soul.

If I have offended you - you have an apology, You asked I obliged. At no time did I ridicule you - why would you say that? Is there something I missed - please help me to better understand. Thank you.

I see... a question was posed - I answered. Unfortunately text does an improper job of relating the nuances of my speaking - thank you for the clarification... I was concerned for your safety "handing out" printed versions - again thank you - no condescension was intended.

thank you jedi ...

Hello, Nemo.. thank you.

That makes two of us Marcus

good to know ... thank you

Ummmm... how did you get here?

xx - that one is rather suspect to me

Agreed - it would seem that many just repub info rather than dissecting and digging

discernment is "key"

trails are not open for a reason odd77 hipa laws - remember?

xx - we hear you. the only way to find the truth is to dig and connect y tubers can only report on what they find or see

xx - patience - cut the head off a snake and it can still bite

this thing took centuries - isn't going to happen in seconds

think of it like this - guys came back from ww2 shell shocked. they didn't know what ptsd was. they couldn't talk to their wives about what they saw - so they joined fraternal societies for "talk therapy" and people took advantage of that. except our gfathers didn't know what was behind it all at the top. they just went to play cards like they did on RR - they were manipulated and this land was infiltrated

odd77 - saw that too

they have to communicate - what they do

yes - thanks to Nemo

the more you study the easier to sleep - it subsides - PRAY!

xx - its all good

lets stay on point... its ritualistic. how they think they keep power

goes back centuries - read about essau and decendents

Habsburgs, ancient Bohemia... etc

inbreeding and "blood sport"

Forget tv - open the books, duck duck go searches cross connect on wikki - its all there!

This is an ancient battle - forget "fast" forget quick - find... dig.

"blood sport" black forrest "Horn" district - Austrohungerm empire

read the map... pls!

drop google - starve those freaks

odd 77 - no. do or don't - many will fall due to doubt

have faith or don't

There are too many evils - that were set in place for humans to carry out. you don't wake up one day and say... im going to eat some flesh and rape a baby. Our battle is w/ spirits and principalities

look up d'jinn... its on the map - means "spirits and principalities:

has everybody got "the map"

don't think sunday school ... think all practicing religions - and find the denomenator

no savior all heaven by works

yes - essau. the region between the black and Caspian sea bordered n and s by mountains... now "Georgia

find the map... read like 2 pages of same book opening

bold letters and intersecting arrow lines not just arrow heads

all ancients can be traced back... the map is 2 sides / 1. spirituality 2. technology - they want both to enslave once and for all

narrow is that path

wisdom - not respewed data as always

we all know something isn't right - or we'd be eating Cheetos and picking belly button lint

I've done it - the orange never comes off

yep see - still there - just checked - nuculear shite

agreed trpod - the hour is late

power is not ours to wield... only by faith

3,680 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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