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That is what happens to fascist scum.

National Socialism is fascism you dumb cunt.

You know you're white trash when you support Nazism.


White Trash from a White Trash family.

Pure garbage.

He's just a piece of shit hick bastard like his friend Timo.

They suffer from serious inferiority complexes.

Nobody dropped anything. Your failed attempt at logic wasn't worth jack-shit you lyin' ass bitch.

You are white. And when confronted about it, you claimed to be "half-black" in a vain attempt to justify your racism under the guise of self-hatred.

And then you tried to twist my words and make it seem like I called all poor whites trash, which wasn't the case at all.

You're a fucking failure.


Way to take something I said entirely out-of-context in order to make it seem like that was a part of my argument. And fuck your free speech. Reactionaries get the bullet, not a platform.

@Timo))) You're just another dumbass racist edgelord. Gtfo already.


You're so unbelievably illogical. You should be chemically-castrated you fucking turd.

@Timo))) You're still here? Try cutting your wrists vertically with a rusty knife.

Go for it.

Operation Anarchism is an illiterate cuckboy thats a poser bitch

Lick a nutsack Haze you fuckin pussy bitch

The Frankfurt School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


BBC = Big Black


Theresa May sucks cock.

Theresa Thatcher

Orwell was a closeted liberal.

The Conservative Party aka the Cocaine Addicts Party.

Corbyn has slept with 48 women.

Labour Party has more sex.

Conservatives worship Moloch.

UKIP smell terrible.


They can't wipe their asses properly.

You filthy brits need to keep your hands where they belong.

You scots were pussified long ago

But the Irish remain free.

@Ulstèr-Scotch Go lick Simon Cowells ass you wannabe Englishman.

@Ulstèr-Scotch This is how a real man eats.

@Horse Shmeat Fried chicken, rigatoni w/ cheese, biscuit and garlic mashed taters.

Fried bologna is good af.

@Horse Shmeat You don't know what's good for you.

The state will keep you warm at night.

People in the USSR had the best sex ever.

I'm taking a massive shit right now.

Drunk sex? Really? That's a typical Saturday night for most people.

PBR is honestly the best American lager in existence.

Lol. It's true though. Every other brand pales in comparison.

If I have to drink American lager, it's PBR or nothing. Would rather drink my own piss than the other stuff.

American lager in general is terrible imo.

I'm more of a wine guy. Beer is for plebs.

@Horse Shmeat Wine is the nectar of the gods, you peasant!

@Horse Shmeat You filthy pleb. You probably sip your tea from a wooden bowl while cozying up next to a fire in your single-story log house.

@Deleted User You need to drink from fine china like a true aristocrat.

@Horse Shmeat I drink wine to forget about the terrible night I had with your mother.

@Horse Shmeat You sip tea to cleanse your pallette of Kropotkins jizz.

@Horse Shmeat Kropotkin wasn't a marxist so obviously he's going to have bad tasting jizz. It's simple logic.

Free DUMB cum.

@Ulstèr-Scotch When your life is ended prematurely by an IRA car bomb.

When she says she only likes guys who eat ass and you eat ass like a pro.


When your toilet is fucking clogged.

Socks on inside? Ni99a plz.


2017-07-20 15:15:48 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

@Deleted User Steal it you fucking thief.

2017-07-20 15:17:02 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

@Kennedy And you still haven't accepted my request you loser.

2017-07-20 15:18:56 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

Whatever you liar. 😭

2017-07-20 15:38:07 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

We need orgasmic fiestas of colossal proportions the likes of which the world has never before seen.

2017-07-20 15:40:47 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

I'm talking about hot and sweaty orgies every weekend where the wine and bodily fluids flow like the waters of the Euphrates.

@Rayaan Kill yourself immediately.

That fog is due to reactionary Dengist market-reforms and the betrayal of the revolution by capitalist roaders in the CPC.

He will also fuck their wives.


@Deleted User You should drive off the nearest cliff you basement-dwelling wehrboo beta-brain. This server is reserved for those who have been blessed physically and intellectually, not mentally-inept, scrawny virgboys like yourself.

Francis II had a small penis like every other monarcunt.

Stalin would have beaten his ass.

Stalin was a real man.

Who said I'm mad? Lol

You turd.

Okay I'm sorry.

SIKE. Fux yew d00d!!

Das gud. Sehr gut.

@Deleted User You suck, Chopin.

Schubert owns you.

@Hebusssss stop u turdbitch

@Deleted User Fuck you, wannabe hebrew.


2017-08-05 05:49:51 UTC [/leftypol/ International #english]  

@Jared#1958 All I see are cuckboys that got destroyed by the Red Army.

Patriarchy is for cuckboys. Real men desire to be dominated by women.

@Deleted User How so you sexually-inexperienced cuckboy?

@Deleted User Cool. Saves me the trouble of responding to your bullshit worldview predicated on archaic views of male-female relations based on bronze-age mythology.

@Anglican "I know lust to be wrong". Preach it, virgin!

Save yourself for that special someone! Lol

@Deleted User You responded.


I know I do. And I'm a hetero cis male. I love to be dominated by women. Not in the leather-clad dominatrix pain-infliction sense but the raunchy fuck-my-brains-out sense.

I love when a girl rides me like a cowgirl into the sunset.

@Deleted User I agree, but it tends to be less popular among women as far as orgasming is concerned.

That's definitely a more male-friendly position.

Plus I love making out and sucking titties while she's riding the d.

@Anglican Most women want to get on top.

Cowgirl tends to be one of, if not the most favorite position among women.

@Deleted User Nah. I handle dat ass but there's gotta be a healthy balance. If a woman gets off before you, you've failed. The easiest way for most women to get off is to ride the d like a cowgirl.

@Deleted User Sounds liberal

@Firefly Then you're a stud who knows how to lay it down.


@Deleted User Yes, comrade. Reactionaries get the woodchipper.

Ukranians are just Russians who refuse to look in a mirror.

@Deleted User Kievan RUS not Kievan UKR you revisionist. Ukraine is Russia.

He's a Stalinist too lol. We're both Maoists.

I'm 25% asian you racist mofo.

Sorry? I'm sexy af lol.

Identity crisis? Please. I'm 75% Germanic, 25% Asian. I probably look "whiter" than you lol.

I just look like a sexy white dude.

@Deleted User Get back to you after I've stimulated your girl intellectually as well as physically? Aight.

@Deleted User Lol get outta here you spiritual tractor-hater.

And you literally wouldn't be able to tell I was partially Asian. Nobody can. Lol

I have a very "German" look about me.

@Deleted User Genotypically asian? I'm 75% German.

That's racist horseshit that was once applied to African-Americans by small-dicked white men that were afraid of everything.

And I could easily fuck your girlfriend with my superior physique.

@Deleted User Your ancestors were wiping their asses with their hands and refusing to take baths while the chinese were developing paper lol.

And I dunno why a slav is talking about "asian genotypes" when his ancestors were getting fucked by the mongols.

@Deleted User You wouldn't be in a virtual chatroom without paper. Lol

@Deleted User >Panface
That's rich coming from a slav who looks less "white" than I do.

@Deleted User I'm proud as fuck to be a quarter Asian lol. Just like in proud to be mostly German. I'm a physically attractive man that slays pussy. I couldn't care less about an inferior specimen like yourself

@Deleted User How am I "proving" anything? I'm just stating the obvious. I'm not humoring your idiocy with "evidence" of any kind.

@Deleted User You're just an insecure little wannabe Aryan slavboy whose ancestors were sexually assaulted by mongols.

@Deleted User Yeah, you seem to not understand how genetics works. Which is why you were claiming I, a caucasian person, was "genotypically asian". Lol

Sure, and I like it.

I fucking love it.

There you go, now you're making some sense.

I don't want to be white. I was born white. Lol

I am a white man.

Can't change it.

@Deleted User Fuck you and your racialist view of "whiteness" that has no basis in scientific or social reality. Get a grip you genetically inferior ass.

@Deleted User It's not projection. The truth hurts, bro.

I pity you tbh. Haha

@Deleted User The 25% prevents me from freely expressing strong emotions. I keep it cool, calm and logical at all times.

@Deleted User You're so damn jealous lol.

@ego_sum_jeffum I agree, comrade. I was just referring to the fact that I'm 25% asian lol.

I'd hit it, but wouldn't give her a call back.

Not digging the chin tbh.

The eyes and nose are cute af though.

I didn't even know she was a porn actress, I thought those were non-pornographic movie gifs lol.

@Deleted User The funniest part of that movie was when he was booty-raped in the showers by those neo-nazi bitchcucks/wannabe aryans that look Eastern European.

@Deleted User American History X

@Deleted User Sure I would. Me, a heterosexual man would get off to something like that. Makes sense.

@ego_sum_jeffum Maoism > Honeckerism

@Deleted User You are a perverted mofo with a fetish for slavic women.

So am I, but I'm not so obvious about it.

Slavic women are hot af d00d.

@Deleted User East Asian women, generally speaking, tend to be exceptionally beautiful. This is an undeniable fact that has been widely accepted for some time now.

Chopin literally receives zero attention from the fairer sex and must resort to pleasuring his angry inchworm to pornographic videos depicting the same actress over and over again.

He probably sounds like a bitchboy.

@Deleted User Now I've gotta call my ex-gf and ask her to come over and suck my cock. Thanks a lot you perverted fuck.

@Deleted User I have a lot of ex gfs. Tends to happen when you're young, attractive and active on the casual dating scene, betaboy.

I've only had a few serious girlfriends, and I learned to hold off on that shit until I've had enough strange to keep me content before I choose to settle down.

And a lot of women want me. Lol

I'm physically attractive and have a way with words. Women gravitate towards me.

@Deleted User I love to toot my own horn, especially to upset little wannabe aryan bitchboys like yourself who aren't good with women. It seems to be working because you continue to respond with lame ass attacks on my heritage. Must suck to have a deeply-rooted inferiority complex.

Seek counseling brah.

Is that an insult? Lol

Get real, beta.

I'm a Caucasian person lol.

What are you even talking about?

Ah, I just thought you were a little bitch lol.

Go back to watching anime porn and wishing you were japanese.

Wishing your ancestors were fucked by some roaming samurai and not mongol invaders.

Sure you do, offspring of Ghengis Khan.

Most of my ancestors never even encountered the mongols, the ones that did were able to hold them off for some time unlike your beta ancestors who got fucked. Literally and figuratively.


Not chinese lol.

Nah. Koreans are Master Race.

Koreans are actually genetically closer to the Japanese.

And they contributed a good bit to both Chinese and Japanese culture.

And as far as "racial purity" is concerned, Koreans would be considered the "purest" asians around.

They were very insulated for much of their history.

@Firefly Nice. Marriage is Bourgie as fuck though.

@Deleted User Actually they aren't lol.

Koreans are.

@Deleted User She's not that hot bro. She's a solid 6 on the slavic beauty scale.

@Firefly Wise choice. LOL

@Deleted User Without makeup she's a 4.

@Firefly I can agree with that. Would fuck but not impregnate.


A vagina outside of his PC screen?






Oh yeh

Das meh

@ego_sum_jeffum Yu mad breh?

Oh aight. Lol

LOL. I wasn't even "informing" really. I had no agenda aside from troll-posting.

@Deleted User Seems reasonable to me. Then again I'm a real man so ymmv.

@Deleted User Yeah, women totally "created" the wage-gap in order to deprive themselves of money. Makes sense.

@Deleted User Yeah, because it's something one "falls" for and not a socioeconomic reality. Nice one.

@Deleted User So how do you explain a female corporate executive who makes less than her male counterpart? The unadjusted annual salary of females comes out to 78% of the salary of their male counterparts regardless of occupation.

@Deleted User Who cares how many dicks she's "taken"? And her eyes are extremely attractive.. most people would agree. You're just a weird little wehrboo.

Bruce likes his women to have creepy stalker bug-eyes.

Ew lol

I've met a few sexy Jewish girls. Although I prefer Arab girls.

Arabs or jews?

European Jews have a very different genetic make-up.

Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews are very similar. They both descended from Iraqi and Iranian jews over 2500 years ago.

@ego_sum_jeffum Fuck Israel.


@Deleted User They're related, sure. But Arab women are quite different from most Jewish women aside from Arab Jews.

And they tend to be hotter imo.

Beautiful Arab gals

@Deleted User I bet she gives great head.

She has a tight bod as well.

This is an even hotter slavic girl.

@ego_sum_jeffum I am not anti-woman. I'm also not afraid of sex lol.

@Deleted User Clearly you haven't been reading what ego has been typing.

@ego_sum_jeffum How have I not respected women by appreciating their beauty?

@Deleted User That would be Chopin, not me. Lol

@ego_sum_jeffum Wow dude. That's kinda harsh. Sounds like projection though.

@ego_sum_jeffum Kinda hard to not go outside when you work two jobs, go to school and are politically active.

@ego_sum_jeffum Do I fuck girls? Yeah. Do I comment on their body? Yeah. Do most girls do the same damn thing? Yeah. Grow up you ignorant prude.

@ego_sum_jeffum What experiences are you referring to? Lol

@ego_sum_jeffum There is nothing wrong with being comfortable with your sexuality and not being some neo-puritan that is against any and all comments of a sexual nature.

@ego_sum_jeffum The bombardment of Stoya porn gifs? Yeah, I agree.

@Deleted User Dude, that would be Chopin. Not me.

@ego_sum_jeffum Stfu you cunt. Stop confusing me with Chopin. I'm not the one posting that shit.

@ego_sum_jeffum I am very pro-woman, like any other Marxist. I'm also against pornography as I believe it is a result of patriarchal power-relations and serves to further the interests of those who reap the benefits of this patriarchal system.

@Deleted User No, it's real life.

It's called being a soc. major and having a firm understanding of the society in which we exist as well as the relations therein.

Facts are facts.


Sociology is an interdisciplinary field, drawing from subjects such as economics, political science, philosophy, psychology, etc.

You must be an uneducated moron to suggest sociology leads to a "distorted" worldview.

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