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2019-10-20 05:17:14 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

2019-10-20 05:18:45 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

1. Midwest
2. Running and wrestling
3. Im a Sedevacantist Roman Catholic

2019-10-23 11:01:45 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

2019-10-23 13:00:48 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

@Darradarljod i was invited back? Am i unbeaned?

2019-10-24 04:31:22 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

@Darradarljod vet me ploz

2019-10-24 12:02:56 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

Welp i agree fully with what Johnny had to say so

2019-10-24 12:25:51 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

I think the issue with most of this right wing Christian thought is how imminent and material it is

2019-10-24 12:27:24 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

How can you even begin to consider a protestant your brother when he will always be working against Christ. Or the Orthodox who blasphemes our Lady by denying her immaculate conception? How can a serious Catholic even consider these people comrades? They undermine Catholicism with everything they do.

2019-10-24 12:29:39 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

I'll put my faith in the lord before i ever trust a protestant or heretic to watch my back, let alone the entirety of the west. And i say to hell with western civilization if Roman Catholicism is not destined to rule over it once again. Because if Roman Catholicism is not destined to rule it then its going there anyways, and all the ecumenism was pointless

2019-10-24 12:30:22 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

A Roman Catholic has different goals than the Orthodox or the Protestant anyways. And they will always undermine us with their heresies.

2019-10-24 12:30:55 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]

2019-10-24 12:33:37 UTC [Wargus Christi #vetting]  

And certainly no protestant or orthodox is my camrade because we do not share the most simple of things. We do not share the same faith, nor the same baptism, nor do we have the same blood in our veins, we have Christ's blood through the church and they have satans by undermining Christ

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