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welcome and goodbye info...thank you,, what what ?

and yet they are

just like us

just like there is no us and them

I think its rare to find a rightwing mind that believes in the idology of suppresion of others because of superiority , I believe its a dilusion of scarsity / not wanting to share what is there so they can be the rich which can't happen without there being the poor

excluding of course people like trump who are just stupid

can't really intelligently discuss stupid people it seems

or at least not for very long haha

the only good european is the one in my bed and she's hawt

jk,, but yeah, white people everywhere,, too much white people

also - supresion of brown people sucks big time

most old cultures were / are more advanced than our modern white dominate cultures

so Nnyef,, do woman visit this server // probably not haha

I"m not so fixed in thinking that race in general is bull shit, but believing that one race is superior,, nah


kinda funny how white redneck americans love to get a dna test as proof they are tied to the great white race only to find they have blood in them from Africa ,, hahaha

all do what ?

oh,, have blood from Africa got it

are there even any woman on this server ?


are you guys satisfied with digital woman ?

good to know

me either


idk // i think i'm more of a progressive politically

which includes socialistic without the violence

cause i'm way to prone towards violence so its best I don't think about it

yeah - go bernie haha

small minds

hitler was part black and part homosexual

chill are you a little dick who a big gun ?

haha jk

I don't need to move on cause I'm not stuck on the 2ww

the jew ? damn,,

I"m more concerned with the next ww

who cares ?

2017-10-12 03:57:48 UTC [/leftypol/ International #canada]  

me too / / / canadian

2017-10-12 03:57:52 UTC [/leftypol/ International #canada]  

but I'm not a jerk

2017-10-12 03:58:11 UTC [/leftypol/ International #canada]  

I don't need to identify with mass killing

hmm, this room needs a reason to exist

hello autism brothers

2017-10-12 06:42:50 UTC [/leftypol/ International #canada]  

hello canada

race don't carry intelligence genes

opportunity / health / education and perceptions = intelligence

idk what Otto is talk'n about

anyone as long as they are not being supressed

three jews walk into a bar,, they turn out to be bankers and involved in grand theft /// are all jewish people bankers and theives ?

out of the closet >


Tage, are you male or female ?

I can't tell by your typing

wat wat

agree not a choice

to explore might be a choice

for example ?

idk if that leads to our sexuality rather how we feel about our self and sex but maybe not gay

I'm thinking straight or gay or what ever is something we are born with and influenced by circumstance

I agree changing these things depends on the individual, but I don't agree with the bigger hips / breasts concept

snow are you gay male ?

or is that not an appropiate question

wondering if you are talking personally

speaking from personal analization

how did you know

fake news update,,, no econoic system works if you factor in - corruption ,, on the other hand every system works if you factor in - consideration

for teh people of the people by the people = corruption ,, hmmm

give me freedom or give me death = death

what's a nazbol

tendencies ? you mean sexually ?

I love me a good fk in the trenches

hey do any of you guys have an arm chair and are sitting in it right now ???

for shame

couch philosophy has no ring at all

how about welfare, I can work with some poetic meaning if one of you are on welfare,,

you know what fk it,, I'm going on welfare an calling my self a poet

frog men for the win

thanks ACJ ,, at least I have a purpose

now let me get a cheese sandwich adn watch rick and morty returns

probably cause there is no shit in 'it'

I'm a waiter am I a Jew /

waiter jews are working for the jewish SS

I guess the Nazis didn't believe in Jesus / the first Communist

whom is the administrator if I may ask

i see, or i don't see

well this was fun , not

have good chats people this is your life

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