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D.C. goys! Hail! New to the chat and wanted to introduce myself and say hi.

Confirmed, alt right Chad Nationalism will be there!

I'm out of town till after the 4th. Always ready to hit the gym.


Alright guys I am actually going to go hit the gym now but if anybody is going to be around in a couple hours I'd love to talk to somebody about vetting and what I can do to help out with Charlottesville.

Right on Davis. I'm definitely in the district, certainly don't mind driving for good company.

I'm on a 7 day post block on my main Twitter

Will promote whatever is needed.

None that I have seen yet

But, tonight is my first night in here. Still learning my way around.

Need to figure out vetting before Charlottesville

Hail beltway goys

This is going to make Charlottesville 2.0 that much more interesting

The official right Shield of the Great American houseboat

Charlottesville is going to be ridiculous.

We will find somewhere to drink, I'm not worried about that at all

Looking to get an invite for a good goy I know irl

Driving down Friday afternoon after work. Thought I was gonna be able to pull a day off but no luck.

Cops have a hate bus too

18 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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