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@O.W. von Diez isn't there a service similar to airbnb? I can't think of be name of it.

What's the hotel situation looking like outside of Charlottesville?

Who has an RV lol

I don't mind , I'm just really sad that our fashy sleepover got shoahed

Right Wing Outdoor Recreation Squads

@boggs_26 Do we need to let @O.W. von Diez know IDNC head count?

@boggs_26 okay good. Sorry, I've been super stressed since the Shoah.

Do not carry on college campuses

How do we bounce back from this? Any rally that we ever want to have in the future can just get shut down in 30 minutes by the governor if he feels like it.

Would it turn out differently in other cities?

What's he doing at the park?

Sooo disappointed. I wanted to hear the speeches.

I hope there's a law suit

I think this is intentional ^

That he didn't outright condemn us

I feel like "the violence" is intentionally ambiguous but idk, I'm looking for white pills

Feeling very, very blackpilled

I feel like we need to retaliate/follow up very soon

Somehow get those speeches out there

@London MA who's speaking? Can you livestream?

^thank you

They declared it unlawful once we got to the park

Probably planned it that way

"African American woman so terrified of murderous nazis during Charlottesville invasion that she had a seizure while driving and lost control of the vehicle, bumping into bystanders"

How many are stuck?

Is James Fields associated with us in any way?

@IdentityIndiana same. I'm not feeling like I'll come out of this slump unless we retaliate somehow


What's that symbol?

Jfc does anyone know this guy? He really fucked us.

Head shape does look different 🤔

And why was he editing by himself

And why doesn't anyone know who he is?

I've heard that vanguard actually has no idea who he is

I've seen some Ohio vanguard guys saying that they've ever met him and they have no mutuals with him, which is strange

@yeah dude infiltrator? Do the people pictured beside him in the photo know anything about him?

Respectfully, it would put a lot of people at ease to know that this isn't the same guy.

Any contact with the other people in the photo?

They didn't interact with him at all?

I'm about to head to pol stop with the theories lol

Was on pol earlier because they have a whole different conspiracy theory about the driver

I think it's deleted now though

Something to that effect @Andrew--

That he was evacuated out of the car by blacked out suburbans and the guy they arrested wasn't the same guy that was driving


To be fair I didn't go to pol looking, I was googling the identity of the driver and pol came up in results

Anyway, someone needs to wake up this guy and obtain the selfie lol

@Topher I'm not sure, I didn't follow it. I just read it to the end and then moved on


My group is of the consensus that the guy in the photo at the rally and the driver are the same guy

You're welcome, glad to help lol

-Also sarcasm

Crazy that he was with VA but somehow no one knows him

Proof that the mother is a Jew?


How do I know??

This is getting (((fishy)))

How can he be antifa if he's pictured at the rally with our guys?

Somehow deceiving enough of vanguard to to make it behind the lines? That seems unrealistic

But we have no proof of that ^ so I don't think anyone is rolling with that

My husband was coordinating ID, he says that no ID member was in a fight

What's the name?

That was LoS, not ID

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