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I remember her.

Brittany, how did you do that with your profile pic? I'm Boomer-Tier with technology.

Nice, thanks @Brittany🦋!

I've heard they're bussing in Muzzies as well.

Be sure to dodge any Snackbars

You cannot conceal anything other than a handgun, can you?

Therefore loaning guns should not be allowed for concealed carry.

Great work guys! The livestream had me pumped!

Fucking gnarly.

Homemade History is Bezt History


All of you goys should be proud

Best version!

Is everyone okay?

We will get them, don't worry, we'll sue the shit out of them and fund so much activism in every fucking major city across America.

@queenarchitect jesus, yall have any male figures staying? At least a firearm or something?

@wyatt did they get you too?

Jesus fucking Christ


fucking PLANT

my friend who was scanning pol said they thought he was a plant, then the thread got deleted.



@evelynbrauny1988 why did that thread get deleted? my friend was talking about it.

Goodnight, Sir!

I hope we get all of this fucking sorted soon.

Fuck that son of a bitch.

Damn right.

Good thing he's talking about it.

Topher 2017-08-14 23:50:29 [Ethnoserver #welcome]

Those mother fuckers.

32 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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