juts kill nme

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So this is what its like to be an immigrant ..
not so bad i guess
I assume the oppression begins after being allowed into the country?

Return of Redarrow

Coming to a cinema near you

wtf even is this shit?

@Rรถlli its pretty gray

@ Discordia Hi, are you a trans?

<@321284040416034819> What is a rhetor for?

@Secretary of Akkad Hello Good Sir, have you figured out how to turn it on yet?

I see nothing has changed ... just a bunch of children screeching on the internet about their love for hitler

what OTHER racisrt>?

is this sargons secret gay gasm server?

i was in the immigration and it was a dead zone

and now this is full carnivale

Are you all on drugs?

shrek is into animals

reality is a digital reconstruction of an analog world

is there anyone in here with a IQ?

is it just the time of day?

is this what it is always like?

This server looks like it has been taken over by the forces of chaos , who is in charge?

teks og musik

so you're all silent now i get it

So whats happening?

oh yeah i heard about that disney spiderman thing

who fucking cares

Disney are a cancer on society

isnt anyone else already sick of tom hollands autistic bitch spidey

its not marvel anymore though , its propaganda

sidetracker works for disney>?

he gonna tap dat l8r 2nite

Disney should be taken out into the street and made an example of

Disney is carrying Bubonic Plague

fuck is ferris dead?

Dogs are cool

okay ... so we are still in clownworld


thats a man?

free will bombed

so fifty fifty

all of them are going to get cleansed out of existence

cardboard cutouts

is anyone interested in forming a global militia to protect the people from the communist governments?

so we could be called the watchmen

or the minutemen


omg that would be a disaster

sidetracker you are just a troll spambot fanboi fucktard with sargons cum in your eye

sargon shouldn't be allowed back into the UK due to hate law

fuck that would be funny

he will probably get bashed by antifa

i hope he doesnt get bashed by antifa

and i hope antifa get hit with a spas12

i dont understand america , they got the guns , but they dont use them

when i was in america it was cool

i am not worthy

Do i know you?

do you know me?

im confused

coz its a fucking honeypot

small minds

bottom right - a full on racist nazi lover kek!

America is the only thing stopping global gulag

Heaven forbid some massive natural disaster striking the US, like a tsunami or earthquake

i mean the russian nuclear tsunami drone,

its all jacks fault

its probably been spoiled with nitrates

omg i just rembered what made me mad to begin with

i went online to buy windows, and google shopping recommended me a dodgy site

thats what started this whole holy war hell on earth thing


a vagina u cant do

stop your whinging ... everyoine here has dropped a sausage sandwich with sauce and have had to clean it up

americans are really poorly coded npcs

sargon will come back, but he will probably never be the same again

@SPOOKY Phil, Ruler of Heck ping me again and see what happens!

you don't wanna know punk

i'll outlive you if it's the last thing i do

that simpsons thing sort of sums up the state of the world right now ... past its used by date ... if it gets anywhere near any of your senses , you get cancer

and who do we have to blame? america and russia with their fucking nuclear tests ripping a fucking new bunghole into the simulation

whos up for a cl;ass action against america and russia for fucking up the simulation?




did you just call me riceman?

you would be correct i actually ate rice recently

scooby doo is satanic cult

im not joking

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