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oh my oh me

we have rights?

doesnt feel like it

seems like theyre the misguided leftist idea that they get in the way of their power games

rights are only rights if they cant be taken away

as Carlin said i believe

its amusing that the Left seems to be attacking Rights

they probably just dont like the name

the way i think of it is that what people mean by god is 'the apparent reality of the universe'

jews dont eat pork because 3k years ago, it wasnt safe to eat, so its almost like 'gods telling us not to eat it'

and if we are born with a inherent desire for self preservation as living things are, thats as if 'god says we have a right to defend ourselves'

it was more dangerous that other meats

at the time of their knowledge

so if you just say 'fuck it just dont eat that youll be fine'

youll have more people living if its not allowed

pretty much yes

agreement of the fundamentals

the way i see it is that some modes of being are more effective than others

aka, cultures being better or worse

and so the ones that are exceeding are doing more things 'correct' than not

its like democracy via bodycount over a million years

or like in Fallout with their vault tests

they give each vault a set of rules, and monitor which ones are more successful

thats always the problem

show me other viable game plans that dont result in more suffering than Christian/Capitalistic/Free Marketry

i dont see it anywhere

and they dont succeed as often as fair traders with repeat interactions

and they cause suffering to others

by the way, im interested by Anarcho societal systems

so im not boldly against you on this

suffering as about as real as anything we experience

seems like its pretty real when its happening to you

so minimizing it seems the be the best option for a happy population

and a successful one

because its a matter of sacrificing

id rather sacrifice willingly a little, than sacrifice nothing and suffer immeasurably

i should rephrase from 'happy' population to 'least suffering' population

pretty apparent minimal suffering is what every single person would like

you find it nonsense that people want to be in pain the minimal amount possible?

ill keep that in mind in my next torture session

'German' is a secret anagram for Gnamer, the N is silent

you know when the smiley faces come out the conversation is beyond over <:pepelaugh:544857300179877898>

<:FuzzyPeach:583773935385182231> @PureEvilPie RN

i bet you think a video of a police officer arresting a dude means all police are evil too

antifa is an idea

its not a group

it knows no boundary

shes MY president at least

racking up them killscores

shes got the higher KDA than trump

clearly the better player

oh no sorry, trump is responsible for more deaths than stalin and hitler

who reads papers more than watching the BBC

youre not convincing anyone of anything youre just strengthening each other's own viewpoints and reducing chances of convincing so just stop at this point lol

>free speech

@PureEvilPie and so the mask drops that you think Leavers are lower class chav types

with small brains

and this is the exact problem

you fucking classist shitlord

oh we talking reals and not feels?

well brexit won the vote

or is that not reals to you

i guess we'll see wont we

personal anyone that takes the guise of an insufferable arrogant 'im smrter than u' is something im not agreeing with

@King Canuck that would be the artist 'incase'

i mean, i dont know what youre talking about

i mean, i dont know what youre talking about

the aliens are called Puazi

i mean, i dont know what youre talking about

i mean, i dont know anything about it

we have the inquisition

theyre coming to ban straw drinkers

and people making babies

weight is just a number

on other planets she weight 900

thank god for that

can you imagine being done in for jerking it to a 15yr old

you know if they SAY theyre 13 it could just be pedo-play...... <:tiptip:462282246695419934>

they just gradually get short and shorter

well if people can fly commie flags, why not that too

if you have principles you dont need to believe anyone

and if your principles are liberty based, you cant be radical about it

freedom came under attack and people SURPRISE SURPRISE dont like that

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