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On the video games point, they use the stat 50% of Americans play video games, I'm pretty sure that includes all video games from candy crush to Hatred, so not exactly relevant. But mhe, whatever, the rest of the info in that part was pretty on point. I don't know how much of the psychology stuff is legitimate criticism and how much of it T.D.S.

But I do know this, do not stop the video at 0:00 unless you want be assaulted by a cursed image.


probably K types are cheaper and don't work on most flammable liquids while B types do, but IDK

2019-08-09 19:46:11 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

yet another person who lives in shit-that-never-happened land

2019-08-09 19:47:52 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

when you don't have a picture of the actual shooter googling "generic white dude" will do.

2019-08-09 19:57:02 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

Chadformers; incels in disguise

2019-08-09 20:11:26 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

the only solution to feral hogs is to give every American an A-10

2019-08-09 20:26:30 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

london looked at NYC being cleaned up and went' "NO, THAT'S RACIST."

2019-08-09 20:48:42 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

they fear us because of our sick 360 no-scope powers

2019-08-09 21:20:21 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

the problem is western law enforcement has gotten quite good at preventing Islamic extremism so progressives believe that it's no longer a problem.

2019-08-09 21:20:53 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

now it's all localised to Islamic countries

2019-08-09 21:25:49 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

yes, but killing 50 people in pakistan isn't a crime as long as they're infidels

2019-08-09 21:34:15 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

watch as it get's exactly 0 coverage

2019-08-09 21:43:59 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

0/10, not the pussy

2019-08-09 22:27:56 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

have you ever been so high on social justice that you threatened the ENTIRE COUNTRY OF ICLAND?

2019-08-09 22:35:24 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

can't the jews just chop their babies penises off in another country if they really want to?

So, I've been thinking on brexit and the problem with the Irish border. What's to stop the UK from just leaving the EU and it's customs union and not policing the border with island in accordance with the good Friday agreement?

Like, leave as if they were going to put a hard border between the republic of Ireland and northern Ireland and then not do that?

2019-08-10 00:32:19 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

@The Electric Lizard allot of proprietary tech is owned by those companies

2019-08-10 00:32:42 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

which you need to build competitive services

2019-08-10 00:34:28 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

@The Electric Lizard patent trolls

2019-08-10 00:37:50 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

@Omar_The_OMAP I believe banks were issuing promiseary notes as far back in to the 1600s in europe

2019-08-10 00:39:25 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

both the confederates and the union issued their own notes

2019-08-10 00:42:28 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

the problem is large companies use their market power to muscle out smaller competitors to maintain their monopoly/duopoly

northern ireland would have some issues with that

2019-08-10 00:45:58 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

really, the US would be wise declare it a utility and to buy it out.

2019-08-10 00:46:12 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

damn it, ninjaed me

@Doom let me just point you to THE TROUBLES

don't worry, it happens to all of us sometimes.

this is a good primer on the Ireland/brexit issue

just maximum brexit but don't police the Irish border

problem solved


if you don't police the border then your subpar goods can cross into the eu

and if they try to police the border, they have to deal with THE TROUBLES

make Ireland not out problem

obviously you have never met the irish

they'll bomb anything

exactly 3

paris belongs to the yellow vests now, their protests will never stop, if you say otherwise you are in denial

2019-08-10 14:53:37 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

@Jokerfaic Projection

2019-08-10 14:54:55 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

if your conspiracy theory existed before the event in question happened then it's really not fair to call it a conspiracy theory

2019-08-10 14:56:39 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

24 hours before the event wacky conspiracy theorists predicted exactly what happened, why they're wrong, coming up next

to be fair it's not really that interesting a story anymore. FRENCH GOVERNMET IGNORES CITIZENS FOR 798th WEEK, MORE AT 11

2019-08-10 15:01:44 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

the only problem with the deep state theory I have is how can people with so much secret influence be this incompetent
@Jokerfaic T.D.S. knows no logic

2019-08-10 15:02:56 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

the only problem with the Russia controls everything theory I have is how can people with so much secret influence be this incompetent

2019-08-10 15:04:21 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  


2019-08-10 15:05:26 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  


2019-08-10 15:07:10 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

do you know just how hard it is to initiate supercriticality in a way that consumes even a fraction of the fissile material on purpose, never mind by accident

2019-08-10 15:11:01 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

although, a ICBM probably has enough fuel to create a couple kiloton explosion, enough to look like a small atomic event.

2019-08-10 15:12:16 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

and with the warheads material in the mix the end result would probably be about the same

2019-08-10 15:14:25 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

Snails have been observed with unusual levels of radioactivity.

Obviously a secret plot to irradiate the french.

2019-08-10 15:15:50 UTC [Athens #tholos_general_news]  

Is that toll several million in back room deals and bribes Hillary?

apparently he's not dead, so about 2-3 weeks for him to recover.



no, people can't die in a hospital. THAT'S ILEGAL.

oops, I slipped and pushed him into this noose, My bad

2019-08-10 15:25:12 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  


and then 30-50 feral hogs gored him from out of nowhere

@Grok he's already been pronounced dead by the media, if he's not dead in fact he soon will be

2019-08-10 16:06:47 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

If I were in the us I'd for vote tulsi of yang on the issues but the democratic party as a whole is such a dumpster fire.

1000 keks

2019-08-10 16:13:27 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

Nobody's perfect, and I feel that was mostly because they've already been gearing up the "yang is supported by WS" narrative and he saw it was that or get shit canned

2019-08-10 16:18:51 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

I know, you can't give these people an inch, but he probably isn't as WOKE as we.
And he sounds as if he's trying he's best not to but being backed into it.

2019-08-10 16:19:47 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

but that may just be wishful thinking no my part

2019-08-10 16:30:43 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

the problem of increasing automation and a subsequently decreasing consumer base needs to be solved somehow. a UBI might just be necessary despite how unpalatable you find it.

2019-08-10 16:34:20 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

the guy speaking in the tedx talk is a venture capitalist worth 1$ billion, he might just know something about capitalism

2019-08-10 16:36:37 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

yes, they let someone I don't like talk so everyone else they let talk must automatically be an idiot. good job, well done, you cracked the code

2019-08-10 16:38:44 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

sorry, let me change it then, I obviously misunderstood you.

yes, they let someone I think is an idiot talk so everyone else they let talk must automatically be an idiot. good job, well done, you cracked the code

2019-08-10 16:42:00 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

yea, so if they let anyone speak then maybe the wise thing to do would be to judge them based on their content? like youtube let's the fat acceptance movement speak, so therefor sargon is a dumb idiot.

2019-08-10 16:43:17 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

TEDx events include live speakers and recorded TED Talks, and are organized independently under a free license granted by TED

2019-08-10 16:43:28 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

it literally is

2019-08-10 16:45:21 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

and your argument is the more tightly controlled TED talks are good and the less tightly controlled TEDx talks are bad?

2019-08-10 16:46:29 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

I know, I'm a dumb idiot for listening to something and THEN judging the quality of it's content.

2019-08-10 16:48:32 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

never listen to anything your opposition has to say. that's how they get to you.

2019-08-10 16:49:52 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

very mature

2019-08-10 17:01:00 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

wait, it's not even a TEDx talk, it's a straight up TED talk

2019-08-10 17:04:11 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

so, point still stands, might be worth listening to a literal billionaire talk about what he see's as the failing of the current system even if he is a dirty socialist.

2019-08-10 17:05:38 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

oh no, they weren't supposed to include dicks in the cat girls

2019-08-10 17:05:58 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

I'm the one who's supposed to provide that

2019-08-10 17:08:42 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

oh no, not prince andrew!

who is prince andrew?

2019-08-10 17:09:17 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

which royal family, there's like 3 of them.

2019-08-10 17:10:27 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

hey, it's not nice to bring up their education system, they are doing their best

2019-08-10 17:13:31 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

@PieOhMy maybe the mixed up the ar-15 with the gau-8/AVENGER

@Inkogni but the news would never lie

2019-08-10 17:25:06 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

@Jokerfaic I'd just drop it, he's made he's stance on TED talks very clear and if thinks TED is undiluted garbage that's his right, pushing him on it is unlikely to achieve much

2019-08-10 17:26:53 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

you do you man, just saying

2019-08-10 17:30:06 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

do you have the article?

2019-08-10 17:30:30 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

there were camera malfunctions, yes

2019-08-10 17:31:30 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

from previous in the thread

2019-08-10 17:39:17 UTC [Athens #piraeus_politics_news]  

does it count as paying attention if I no longer care

everybody, let's get real, Epstein's death really was a suicide. why else would you contemplate dishing out dirt on Hillary if you didn't want to die.


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