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>night of long KNIVES

he didn't follow any element of marxism
including the commodity form or the LTV
he was just vaguely anti-cap

"privatization isn't capitalist"

private ownership of industry is the definition of capitalism

it's not like privatization is socialist

privatization is only found in capitalism

"trade and industry are controlled by private owners"

>chinese socialism isn't capitalist
my sides

look at this unruhe fanboy

"industry is privately owned"

yes and companies like krupp and messerschmidt made profits

corporations didn't support NS because they loved the state
they did it because they made profit

they made profits though

companies will support anything if it nets them more profit

commodity production is by definition production for profit

"*complex theory*"

but are you redpilled on the AQ?

the JQ is shit
consider the AQ

anglos do though

when you talk about profit but don't understand how it's made

what the fuck did I walk in on

oh okay

do we put memes about donbass here or in <#308951630328627200>?

I'm hyped


russia fired on the incoming missiles

"US braces for retaliation"

fired cruise missiles at syria

there aren't many articles out yet

but videos are all over twitter

netherlands is small enough to get taken out by only one nuke

why is there no posadist emoji

๐Ÿ‘ฝ ๐Ÿฌ โ˜ข


I can't tell if he's writing it or wiping it off

the DPRK is a continuation of the provisional korean government
they are the real korea


I've heard that this computer runs incredibly fast if you wear all black


how is posting one message spamming

I only posted one message and that's apparently spamming

so posting "uhhh" is spamming now


you need one u

since when are caps counted as spamming?

this fucking bot man

@Dyno shut the fuck up

what makes you think that he's senile?

I think you're taking this a bit too seriously


fair point but this guy's arguing that it's when people can make choices

and that profit motive has nothing to do with capitalism

I'll post the thread in a second

if capitalism isn't an ideology then what the hell is it

I mean it has theory and praxis
you can read capitalist theory
you can build a country on capitalist theory

and it has philosophy

pretty much just ancap

we see more of a socdem society in the USA

I mean it happened in the belgian congo

"rape u next week"
well that escalated quickly

"legal thing.exe"
you can't make this shit up

-5/10 CIA backed

wait it's a school district

conejo valley?

@Alex35 you have that backwards

why is there no trotsky emoji

maced alaska is a special kind of stupid

he's also blind in one eye

emu pride worldwide

give them money?

@Dyno fuck off

"hey punk, you're gonna take this money and you're gonna like it"

cyber is acting like a stereotypical elementary school bully so ye

watch him go ballistic

@Deleted User sure you did
and I bet dwayne johnson showed up to congratulate you

"real man"

you'd stick a boot up your ass?

23,588 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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