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2017-09-20 22:06:11 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

2017-09-20 22:17:05 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

G'day πŸ˜„

2017-09-20 22:17:10 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

or evening, I suppose

2017-09-20 22:17:58 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

In how long is the VC?

2017-09-20 22:18:09 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

I'm not sure I'll be able to make it, seeing as I'm in Sweden and all. πŸ˜…

2017-09-20 22:19:59 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Hmmn, I see!

2017-09-20 22:21:07 UTC [Cascade Front #art]  

Listening to C418 gives me flashbacks to when Minecraft was actually good and enjoyable πŸ˜„

2017-09-20 22:21:09 UTC [Cascade Front #art]  

Nostalgic fun.

2017-09-20 22:21:22 UTC [Cascade Front #art]

2017-09-20 22:21:33 UTC [Cascade Front #art]

2017-09-20 22:21:37 UTC [Cascade Front #art]

2017-09-20 22:22:38 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

I am currently writing, by hand, a book about simple crafting and DIY stuff like recipes, without illustrations as I'm bad at drawing ^^'

2017-09-20 22:23:39 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Currently writing about couch grass (or quitch), which I'm currently in the progress of making flour out of

2017-09-20 22:32:23 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

I don't have any particular skills other than craftiness and dedication/ambition πŸ˜… My skills lie with languages.

2017-09-20 22:34:43 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Well, I'm swedish!

2017-09-20 22:34:50 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Right, that only makes me bilingual by default.

2017-09-20 22:35:17 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Well, I'm fluent (as in I "stay afloat, can survive on it") in swedish, english, german and french.

2017-09-20 22:35:39 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

And some latin and spanish on the side πŸ‘€

2017-09-20 22:35:52 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

*I can also read russian decently, but only the alphabet*

2017-09-20 22:41:37 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

By the way, what's with the colours of the flag? Why those colours and that design?

2017-09-20 22:44:24 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

The .. is it "Northwestern Front"? flag, I just can't agree with the colours of it lol

2017-09-20 22:46:03 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Likewise, as a swede 😎

2017-09-20 22:47:37 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

I adore this flag, it's my own suggestion for (of course I love my own product) the flag of "Scandinavia", if we ever got around to making our own united country instead of Sweden, Iceland and so on.

2017-09-20 22:48:14 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

I believe a flag should either be beautiful and colourful, or very simple and crude

2017-09-20 22:48:47 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

I agree, it's just a mix of all the flags lol

2017-09-20 22:49:01 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Post, I can't recall πŸ€”

2017-09-20 22:52:03 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Basically, we want to continously keep ourselves in some sort of hardship, right? Basically "In this place you have to work hard to make it".

2017-09-20 22:52:54 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Part of the point, after all, is leaving the comfortable city life behind to harden ourselves by hardship.

2017-09-20 22:54:16 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

This conversion makes me want to start crafting flags lol

2017-09-20 22:55:07 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

The flag ought to be overly simple, maybe putting focus on a symbol. Like a rune.

2017-09-20 22:56:09 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  


2017-09-20 22:56:21 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Having unwanted people move in isn't really a likely thing anyhow

2017-09-20 23:07:02 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

I can't figure out a pretty flag 😦

2017-09-20 23:07:19 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Maybe green on lightbrown, as in we're setting the seed in the dirt πŸ€”

Currently reading 2 books, one on the finnish winterwar and the other on Sparta. Next is Yukio Mishima's Sun and Steel! πŸ˜„

2017-09-21 00:11:33 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

G'day πŸ˜„

2017-09-21 00:11:38 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Doing fine, thank you

2017-09-21 00:12:31 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

I hate waking early, in one sense πŸ˜… I work best during the night

2017-09-21 00:14:35 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

I wish

2017-09-21 00:14:42 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Currently "between jobs" so to speak πŸ˜„

2017-09-21 00:15:05 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

I'm trying to get a nightshift one

Primitive Technology is 😀

This summer I did my first bit of farming, just a patch of 1x2 meters, but it taught me tons πŸ˜„

For instance - peas will conquer everyfuckingthing, peas took over everything, even other peas.

When I was clearing it out a week ago there were like twice the "surface" amount of peas beneath, that were almost dead etc lol

For sure! πŸ˜„

First: *Don't put things too close to one another*

I don't know about second πŸ€”

Surely 😎

I didn't do that though, I live close to others lol

*Like the rest of my family, and the neighbours*

Well, *shit* πŸ˜„

Oh, I even hesitated before bringing it up in here πŸ˜“


Right channel. 😏

I'm thinking about doing more peas, but a lot of potatoes next year πŸ˜„

Maybe sweet potatoes πŸ€”

Taters are neat πŸ˜„

I love making hash browns

Oho, noooow I know what to make for lunch tommorow!

I just made sandwiches for lunch today, but I think we have some potatoes in the fridge πŸ‘€

Sounds spicy

*Very spicy* πŸ€”

I might try to make pancakes, or bread, with my quitch-flour πŸ˜„

Once I get around to actually turning it into flour

Very nice! πŸ˜ƒ

I don't really know about my motivation, it's something like "If I don't do this my dreams won't come true" and thus my dreams enable me to push harder and what not

Nah I've found that the middleground is best

Like sure doing something because you're determined to do it and your standard is "it gets done", but it becomes a lot better when you're motivated to do it

As long as you don't *depend* on motivation

2017-09-21 13:36:20 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Coins are the best system, but I have no idea how we'd make it work πŸ€”

2017-09-22 11:11:19 UTC [Cascade Front #propaganda]  

Likewise, I have a lot of information-pics and wallpapers

2017-09-22 18:43:19 UTC [Cascade Front #propaganda]  

I really like that symbol/flag

2017-09-22 18:43:40 UTC [Cascade Front #propaganda]  

But the tree and rune should be brown or something πŸ€”

2017-09-22 18:43:52 UTC [Cascade Front #propaganda]  

Green+brown is a good farming-relation

2017-09-22 18:43:59 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  


2017-09-22 22:53:40 UTC [Cascade Front #propaganda]  

I adore the design πŸ˜„

2017-09-23 00:25:24 UTC [Cascade Front #propaganda]  

The only thing I'd like is a simpler tree or something, but this *looks* better

2017-09-23 00:25:39 UTC [Cascade Front #propaganda]  

I just like being able to carve, draw et.c. symbols

2017-09-23 12:26:08 UTC [Cascade Front #off-topic]  

I have a tattoo, might get another πŸ˜„

2017-09-23 23:29:06 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Day was pretty good, but I think I've eaten something bad

2017-09-23 23:29:11 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Or several bad things lol

2017-09-23 23:29:19 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Feeling terrible atm :v

Heck yes my dude

Hey, those silk worms are adorable, as are the moths πŸ˜„

2017-09-24 21:48:46 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Lots of new people πŸ˜„

2017-09-24 21:48:47 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  


That's so great

Makes me wish I was a burger lol


*I was born here*

2017-09-24 21:51:41 UTC [Cascade Front #member-bio]  

Swede here, interested in history and languages mostly - I speak english, german, french and swedish fluently and have had some latin and spanish, as well. 19 currently.
I'm working out and working otherwise as well (lol) to make sure I become a good father who can support his children, in all ways imaginable. NatSoc politically.

I-I know

2017-09-24 21:52:14 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  


2017-09-24 21:55:59 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

You'll get to know Discord swiftly, it's a great thing. πŸ˜ƒ

2017-09-24 22:04:56 UTC [Cascade Front #propaganda]  

Working on redpilling all around me, to some degree 😎

2017-09-24 22:05:23 UTC [Cascade Front #propaganda]  

Got my parents from the "Normal" rightwing party that started this immigration shit in sweden to the Sweden Democrats (basically the AfD or UKIP of Sweden)

2017-09-24 22:05:34 UTC [Cascade Front #propaganda]  

And gotten several friends increasingly redpilled

2017-09-24 22:06:56 UTC [Cascade Front #propaganda]  

We had a police called Peter Stormare who went viral because he simply reported (to the public, without any names and so on) what crimes had been done during 1 month or a week, can't remember, and he simply said how many were swedish/foreign

2017-09-24 22:07:10 UTC [Cascade Front #propaganda]  

Media were furious about him and several other police were like "T-That's a lie....."

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