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2017-09-19 22:02:15 UTC

This is some quality posting.

2017-09-22 14:40:33 UTC

i have a video on roman concrete sonewhere

2017-09-22 14:40:38 UTC

i'll post it soon

2017-09-24 10:27:09 UTC

Hey, those silk worms are adorable, as are the moths πŸ˜„

2017-09-26 10:47:56 UTC

Anybody here has experience with woodworking? It looks very interesting. I'm now fantasizing about making a boat

2017-09-26 10:48:10 UTC

i'm going into woodworking next year

2017-09-26 10:48:18 UTC

thats cool

2017-09-26 10:48:29 UTC

what are you planning on doing with it?

2017-09-26 10:48:45 UTC

helping out with our potential community, obviously

2017-09-26 10:49:00 UTC

but i enjoy working with my hands and woodworking/carpentry is cool

2017-09-26 10:49:10 UTC

so like Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

2017-09-26 10:49:50 UTC

yeah woodworking is comfy, and apparently theres money in wooden boats

2017-09-26 10:49:56 UTC

oh nice

2017-09-26 10:56:38 UTC

but anyway, theres always demand for carpenters, thats a good skill to learn

2017-09-26 10:56:41 UTC


2017-09-26 12:18:57 UTC

Yeah, I've been meaning to make something out of wood sooner or later, probably something easy like a chair or a table πŸ˜„

2017-09-26 12:19:06 UTC

My dad made the table in our kitchen last year lol

2017-09-26 12:19:15 UTC

*It's not very flat, but it's homemade*

2017-09-26 12:26:03 UTC

I definitely want to try and make my own furniture someday, it likely wont save any money but will probably be very satisfying.

2017-09-26 12:30:20 UTC

^ some amazing oldschool machines

2017-10-01 23:41:53 UTC

Fuck it, @ram3n I'm not content until we've made ourselves 1 weapon each in our smithy

2017-10-01 23:42:04 UTC


2017-10-01 23:42:11 UTC

I want a Family Sword that hangs in like the living room in my house πŸ˜„

2017-10-01 23:42:14 UTC

american ulfberht swords

2017-10-01 23:42:28 UTC

Hey now, it'd be a viking sword if I had a part in it πŸ˜ƒ

2017-10-01 23:42:31 UTC

handcrafted with the finest viking steel in the finest of american forges

2017-10-02 00:09:47 UTC

Maybe we should focus on modern weapons

2017-10-02 00:10:00 UTC


2017-10-02 00:10:02 UTC

Focus, yes

2017-10-02 00:10:03 UTC

I'm not sure a sword is gonna do much xD

2017-10-02 00:10:30 UTC

but I'll be damned if we don't make some neat firechopping axes, necessary iron parts of doors, handles and so on

2017-10-02 00:10:46 UTC


2017-10-02 00:11:05 UTC

and, if we have some money or iron over et.c. we can make decorational (but yet useful) stuff like rings, jewelry and weapons :3

2017-10-02 00:11:24 UTC

It is cool, but you know very well what I'm saying xD

2017-10-02 00:13:00 UTC

Yeah 😊

2017-10-02 01:02:01 UTC

I have done blacksmithing before. One of my only two surviving knives, out of 7.

2017-10-02 01:22:03 UTC

That's really dope - we'll be your apprentices until we know the basics, then πŸ˜„

2017-10-02 01:55:07 UTC


2017-10-02 01:55:10 UTC

It will be fun.

2017-10-08 13:41:36 UTC

this is so old fashioned

2017-10-08 13:41:50 UTC

you could have a dozen simple machines to make it more efficient lol

2017-10-08 13:42:07 UTC

at least get a motor for that tub of liquid soap to pump it out for you haha

2017-10-08 13:47:42 UTC


2017-10-08 13:47:54 UTC

i could probably build a machine out of WOOD to do 90% of that work

2017-10-08 20:37:02 UTC

I don't know if this has been posted before, but this is amazing and I just wanted to share it.

2017-10-08 20:40:32 UTC

man that is comfy

2017-10-08 20:42:33 UTC

In another video he talks about the heating costs of the house. It only requires 5 cubic metres of firewood during the 6 cold months. Which is pretty amazing as well.

2017-10-08 23:58:30 UTC

Thats amazing

2017-10-09 06:52:27 UTC

I picture us building houses like that, but prolly simpler, when I watch that

2017-10-09 06:52:32 UTC


2017-10-09 16:49:14 UTC

Tbh I'm very comfy in a simple house

2017-10-09 16:49:28 UTC

as long as I have a window to look out of when it rains

2017-10-09 21:06:00 UTC

@John.II and a cup of coffee, with a good book, and a roaring fireplace

2017-10-09 21:06:07 UTC


2017-10-09 21:10:43 UTC

In a bathrobe

2017-10-10 04:49:57 UTC

@Marlow replace that cup of coffee with a cup of tea and I'm good

2017-10-10 04:51:15 UTC

Tea is also a good choice.

2017-10-15 04:03:49 UTC
2017-10-15 04:04:27 UTC

>can't even use the link

2017-10-15 04:04:52 UTC

my mistake

2017-10-15 04:04:56 UTC

yes there we go

2017-10-15 04:06:41 UTC

great video

2017-10-16 03:07:23 UTC

tfw want to make a hobby forge in my garage and start metal working

2017-10-16 03:08:30 UTC

sounds comfy

2017-10-16 03:09:58 UTC

totally is. I need to remake my forge, possiably use coal instead of propane this time but I need a bigger space for that

2017-10-16 03:10:20 UTC

what have you made in the past?

2017-10-16 03:10:23 UTC

got the anvil tho, which is the hardest thing to acquire

2017-10-16 03:11:08 UTC

nothing yet. I just fucked around with different kinds of metal to see how they work. I also melted copper to its liquid form

2017-10-16 03:11:32 UTC

I really enjoy stuff like this though. its really fun

2017-10-16 03:12:08 UTC

post pics if you make more stuff

2017-10-16 03:12:15 UTC

will do

2017-10-26 19:07:30 UTC

@Orchid where do we discuss home building techniques and ideas? Is this the place?

2017-10-26 19:07:41 UTC


2017-10-26 19:09:35 UTC

I've been really interested in this topic lately. Who else is interested in it? How do people here feel about ancient or classical building methods (timber and log) vs more modern (using OSB and vapor barriers, etc.)

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