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for sure

some of the most sinister music ever made

man I haven't heard Gadget in a long time

oh this is a doom track, not grindcore


I still haven't listened to the new Bell Witch album, but I've heard great things about it

83+ minute song

funeral doom

what've you heard?

album cover of the year

Pallbearer's not funeral doom

just doom

funeral doom is way slower, usually much drearier, and usually has guttural vocals

takes a while to get going but yeah

two of my favorite funeral doom tracks: the first song on this (it's not uploaded separately)

22 minutes long

yeah Ahab is funeral doom, at least they used to be (haven't heard them in a long time so I don't know if they still are)

that Esoteric song is easily one of my favorites

more melodic than the others, guitars weaving all over the place

yeah Lore was one of the better albums of 2015

haven't heard Reflections yet

I'm not a huge fan of stoner in general though

so, if you like Esoteric/Asunder, some other bands to check out:
Mournful Congregation

and I would have added Ahab but you know them already

Shape of Despair are great too but a little cheesy sometimes

the first Pantheist album too

one of my all-time favorites, and incredibly obscure

wish they'd get more exposure

There's some metal for you

I can do that, though I don't have much more to recommend on the electronic music front

do you like metal? if so, which subgenres?

well for the electronic stuff just listen to everything SuicideSheep posts on YouTube :0

MrSuicideSheep and all of his channels

though a lot of it has vocals

what I've been listening to metal-wise recently is the polar opposite of chill

blackened sludge I guess you could call it, I dunno one of the most hateful albums I've ever heard

but the guitar tone is so good

here's some instrumental progressive stoner

Zebulon Pike's good stuff

the beginning is definitely funky

here's my current favorite song

the singer was on American Idol and got knocked out in the top 20 or so

second half of the song is way better

one of my favorites

I saw them live in 2003

bunch of highlights from that year

them and Alamaailman Vasarat especially

and if you haven't seen this SGM performance yet you need to

Yeah, it's a shame the band broke up. Think she and the drummer (her husband) moved to Boston for some reason, and SGM were based in San Francisco, so...not much that could be done.

There's a new band composed mostly of ex-SGM members though

Free Salamander Exhibit

Alamaailman Vasarat also did a super heavy doom song

I guess you could call it that

I just love their instrumentation

no guitars

distorted cellos instead

@โœฟ Mittens โœฟ that's quite the collage

dang you have good death metal taste

Infester is A+

and Demilich

and Timeghoul

Unlock the Shrine over Rain Upon the Impure, hmm

and I haven't heard Pulver. Gonna have to listen to that. Konkurs is great.

surprised Disintegration's not on there considering some of the other choices

his flow in the bar starting @2:03 is unreal


oh that's the guy who did a 30+ minute video about *just the first song* on Trout Mask Replica

@radeon have you ever heard the band Four Question Marks?

there are lots of bands that get called Meshuggah ripoffs

as I'm sure you know

but boy do they deserve it

even the vocals

sounds like something Meshuggah would have released in the early '00s

except without the jazzy lead guitars

Archspire were pretty good live until their drummer broke his bass pedal and they had to cut the set short :|

lyric videos are getting more and more cheesy in their presentation

Keith Merrow is pretty good too! I'd check out his solo work if you get a chance

2018-03-23 00:21:14 UTC [Sparta #general]  

Obviously not since Dankula was just convicted of a hate crime for making fun of Nazis

2018-03-23 00:27:09 UTC [Sparta #general]  

maybe you should go to the Hungarian embassy

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