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I wish I could make money off baby benefits

God I wish Frank Zappa was still alive.

2010 was years ago

Why do communist/socialist always choose symbolism that makes them look like classic bad guys?

I actually never found Louis CK that funny.

My sense of humor is probably too autistic tbh

Thank you Buff Jesus

What a nice boy.

Sabaton is a good live band.

Speaking of pewbs apparently Chris-Chan is wanting an interview with him or something.

In May

Or last May. Or how ever you form words.

I saw them with Battle Beast and Leaves' Eyes.

Battle Beast is a great live band as well. Leaves' Eyes was alright.

I'm a sucker for cheesy power metal.

Good shit

GWAR went down hill after Oderus/Dave died

No, the Jews orchestrated the holocaust so they could use their victimhood to influtrate deeper into society.

This is my favorite song from their last album

2017-11-13 04:42:52 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  

Well, what if he ran and there was another freak that came at her while he was chasing the other one?

2017-11-13 04:52:16 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  

Alex Jones is a gift.

You just like the porn

When did you get into the idea of foxes anal voring galaxies?

Worse hobbies tbh

I wouldn't know anything about furries or being one....ahem.

*notices your bullet*

Tbh I don't care what someone else enjoys as long as it doesn't cause harm.

What is a dildo?

Speaking of dildo I had a friend who came from a very fundamentalist household. He thought condoms were dildos.

He was 19 at the time


I like some electronic music.

I'm pretty picky tho

Ban lood

Hey @โœฟ Mittens โœฟ wanna get drunk and listen to Ween?

Stop scaring Mittens guys

I identify as a demigod.

And according to one of the senate candidates in my state supporting Net Neutrality = being a socialist who hates the free market.

Tbh I don't really know much about it

But why wouldn't the ocean belong to someone?

I love that album.

I can't wait to see Devin next month.

I can figure out nature by thinking really hard about it.

2017-12-01 01:20:26 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  


2017-12-01 06:23:56 UTC [Sparta #breaking-news]  

That story about the Iranian girl actually makes me sad tbh.

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