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2017-09-28 16:41:29 UTC

nat socs are leftists

2017-09-28 16:41:29 UTC

collectivism is a left wing concept

2017-09-28 16:41:34 UTC


2017-09-28 16:41:36 UTC

individualism is a right wing concept

2017-09-28 16:41:45 UTC

Mussolini was a communist

2017-09-28 16:41:46 UTC

No characterstic of right-wing politics lines up with fascism

2017-09-28 16:41:55 UTC

mussolini was kicked from the communist party because he wanted a war and they didn't because they were pansies

2017-09-28 16:42:05 UTC

@trent your mod services are needed, goy.

2017-09-28 16:42:16 UTC


2017-09-28 16:42:16 UTC

there's no economic left and right, dude

2017-09-28 16:42:28 UTC

I don't think people understand

2017-09-28 16:42:30 UTC
2017-09-28 16:42:32 UTC

left = collectivist and right = individualist

2017-09-28 16:42:34 UTC

economic yes and economic oh shit we're starving

2017-09-28 16:42:40 UTC

Weve reached levels of woke beyond possible @The Chad Sonnenrad

2017-09-28 16:42:44 UTC

They're both apparently raging leftists

2017-09-28 16:42:44 UTC


2017-09-28 16:42:49 UTC

Oh god is someone saying fascism is left wing

2017-09-28 16:42:49 UTC


2017-09-28 16:42:50 UTC

That these individualist principles have no value

2017-09-28 16:42:55 UTC

@Cords4me but fascists *are* national socialists

2017-09-28 16:42:56 UTC

they need <@&350743889667424256>

2017-09-28 16:43:00 UTC

In a socialist society

2017-09-28 16:43:02 UTC

whytho is just mad cause no fashy gf

2017-09-28 16:43:04 UTC

That's exactly what fascism is

2017-09-28 16:43:05 UTC


2017-09-28 16:43:06 UTC

Because you have no expreession

2017-09-28 16:43:10 UTC

>fascists *are* national socialist

2017-09-28 16:43:12 UTC


2017-09-28 16:43:14 UTC

hahahaha holy shit

2017-09-28 16:43:17 UTC


2017-09-28 16:43:23 UTC

Socialism opertating upon a national basis

2017-09-28 16:43:27 UTC

@Clonemaster™ 6.41 Fascism and national socialism are two seperate things autist

2017-09-28 16:43:32 UTC

National Socialists being right-wing was a lie concocted by the left

2017-09-28 16:43:35 UTC

@Human Supremacist no they're not

2017-09-28 16:43:40 UTC

They are

2017-09-28 16:43:41 UTC

@Fusion true

2017-09-28 16:43:43 UTC

in order to make communism more appealing to the masses

2017-09-28 16:43:44 UTC

Im an american i apologize for them

2017-09-28 16:43:49 UTC

Relative to the rest of the world

2017-09-28 16:43:52 UTC


2017-09-28 16:43:54 UTC

don't let super geniuses like @whytho trick you -- are in fact all very stupid

2017-09-28 16:44:00 UTC

fascism is using force to make your group the most important group

2017-09-28 16:44:04 UTC

Fascism and national socialism are literally the same thing

2017-09-28 16:44:08 UTC

natsoc is the political bit

2017-09-28 16:44:08 UTC


2017-09-28 16:44:09 UTC

Hitler based his party on the italian fascists they are not different

2017-09-28 16:44:13 UTC


2017-09-28 16:44:13 UTC

That's not the definition of Fascism though, @based medicine merchant

2017-09-28 16:44:16 UTC


2017-09-28 16:44:16 UTC

fascism is the idea that the state is more important than the individual

2017-09-28 16:44:19 UTC

Wait it's almost like

2017-09-28 16:44:22 UTC

Hitler's party

2017-09-28 16:44:22 UTC


2017-09-28 16:44:31 UTC

Had socialisim in the name

2017-09-28 16:44:33 UTC


2017-09-28 16:44:40 UTC

Must be a typo

2017-09-28 16:44:47 UTC

Those stupid americans

2017-09-28 16:44:47 UTC

mussolini started fascism and he used force to make his natsocs the dudes in charge

2017-09-28 16:44:52 UTC

Let's crack open the old dictionary

2017-09-28 16:44:53 UTC


2017-09-28 16:44:56 UTC

National socialism was specifically hitlers ideology fascism is an overarching term but more directly refers to mussolini style literally just fucken google it

2017-09-28 16:44:56 UTC

"a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition."

2017-09-28 16:45:07 UTC

It dosent

2017-09-28 16:45:13 UTC


2017-09-28 16:45:13 UTC

>forcible suppression of opposition

2017-09-28 16:45:13 UTC

Do you know how many people died

2017-09-28 16:45:15 UTC

what I said mate

2017-09-28 16:45:16 UTC

Fascism and communsim is the difference between national socialism and international socialism, as well as the people being united by nationality in fascism as opposed to being united by enconomic class in communism. Those are basically the *only* main differences

2017-09-28 16:45:19 UTC

For a false perception of stability

2017-09-28 16:45:21 UTC

>became a wage cuck goyyy!!

2017-09-28 16:45:26 UTC

However the key is centralized government

2017-09-28 16:45:26 UTC

Yes total government pwoer that's how you solve problems

2017-09-28 16:45:28 UTC

a socialist practice

2017-09-28 16:45:30 UTC

It was

2017-09-28 16:45:32 UTC

@🚂Quatroking🚂 (🇳🇱) y dafuq am i muted?

2017-09-28 16:45:35 UTC

Otherwise communism and fascism are identical

2017-09-28 16:45:37 UTC

Yeah, the economy of the USSR really was terrible

2017-09-28 16:45:41 UTC

The nazi economy was great before the war

2017-09-28 16:45:43 UTC

The economy of US

2017-09-28 16:45:44 UTC


2017-09-28 16:45:48 UTC

communism is more cucked than natsoc because it's globalist

2017-09-28 16:45:49 UTC

@Mr.Weyland y dafuq am i muted?

2017-09-28 16:45:50 UTC

THe nazis where state capitalists

2017-09-28 16:45:52 UTC

your most important export was outdated military tech

2017-09-28 16:45:55 UTC

Obliterated the production of the axis

2017-09-28 16:46:00 UTC

Russia lost 20million

2017-09-28 16:46:03 UTC

not communists they compromised iwht the corporations

2017-09-28 16:46:12 UTC


2017-09-28 16:46:15 UTC

>not understanding the difference between trotskyism and stalinism

2017-09-28 16:46:15 UTC

@Kami idk

2017-09-28 16:46:16 UTC

@Human Supremacist no they weren't, the government still controlled everything

2017-09-28 16:46:17 UTC

>hey comrades we gotta spread communism throughout europe

2017-09-28 16:46:17 UTC

ask yourself

2017-09-28 16:46:18 UTC


2017-09-28 16:46:27 UTC
2017-09-28 16:46:27 UTC

Stalinism is a slant of communism that believes there should be socialism in one country

2017-09-28 16:46:38 UTC

dinald needs to start enforcing the anti communism laws in america
put those plastic FEMA castkets to use

2017-09-28 16:46:41 UTC

as opposed to Leninist and Trotskyist thought which believe in spreading the revolution throughout the world

2017-09-28 16:46:43 UTC

I got an invitation to join this server, saying it was "the new CC", I take it it's a spiritual successor and not an official replacement?

2017-09-28 16:46:50 UTC

No, it's an official replacement.

2017-09-28 16:46:50 UTC
2017-09-28 16:46:56 UTC

official? holy shit

2017-09-28 16:47:04 UTC

Yeah, goy

2017-09-28 16:47:08 UTC


2017-09-28 16:47:09 UTC

there was a coup, and shit happened

2017-09-28 16:47:15 UTC

@Fusion lol! holy shit

2017-09-28 16:47:16 UTC

this is the same thing as cc but without a furry enabler as owner

2017-09-28 16:47:17 UTC

Read announcements. @acidhammer

2017-09-28 16:47:20 UTC

@Clonemaster™ 6.41 Thers a difference between companies having to answer to the state and tahem being completly being dismantled, i agree national socialism had aspects of marxism but its still right wing adn fascism in general was capitalistic

2017-09-28 16:47:27 UTC

@Maddy will do

2017-09-28 16:47:33 UTC

hell the fascist coup that nearly occured in america was organized by fucking corporations

2017-09-28 16:47:37 UTC

but how is national socialism right wing

2017-09-28 16:47:41 UTC

I say this as a fascist

2017-09-28 16:47:42 UTC

(looks to server list on left) Holy shit, CC is gone! LOL

2017-09-28 16:47:44 UTC

national fucking socialism

2017-09-28 16:47:58 UTC

Even in Soviet Russia companies existed, so by that logic communism is right-wing

2017-09-28 16:48:00 UTC

THE NATIONAll retard

2017-09-28 16:48:07 UTC

there's no social right and left wing either, that doesn't exist

2017-09-28 16:48:07 UTC

the natioal part of it

2017-09-28 16:48:14 UTC

it's a distraction from what matters

2017-09-28 16:48:22 UTC

Fascism and communism are gay

2017-09-28 16:48:23 UTC


2017-09-28 16:48:24 UTC

There was wage disparity In the ussr

2017-09-28 16:48:28 UTC

Huey long is true god though

2017-09-28 16:48:33 UTC

praise huey

2017-09-28 16:48:36 UTC

Because communism never existed

2017-09-28 16:48:40 UTC

People are different

2017-09-28 16:48:46 UTC

"communism never existed"

2017-09-28 16:48:49 UTC

Society structures itself around that

2017-09-28 16:48:50 UTC

Can communism ever actually exist?

2017-09-28 16:48:53 UTC


2017-09-28 16:48:56 UTC

In a book

2017-09-28 16:49:00 UTC

Communism can’t be realized because it exists on paper

2017-09-28 16:49:02 UTC

I mean in real-life.

2017-09-28 16:49:05 UTC

It can exist

2017-09-28 16:49:08 UTC


2017-09-28 16:49:08 UTC

With two people

2017-09-28 16:49:09 UTC

communism can't exist because it's a fiction

2017-09-28 16:49:11 UTC

Can there ever actually be a communist society?

2017-09-28 16:49:16 UTC

Communism is fiction

2017-09-28 16:49:22 UTC

marx forgot this small thing called reality

2017-09-28 16:49:31 UTC

Nawh that hit him hard

2017-09-28 16:49:34 UTC

all evidence, 100%, proves that communism is incapable of working within reality as we know it.

2017-09-28 16:49:35 UTC

communism is very real @Drakus_

2017-09-28 16:49:36 UTC

You should see some of his quotes

2017-09-28 16:49:53 UTC

gorillions of people starved under communism how can you say its not real

2017-09-28 16:49:53 UTC

@Human Supremacist That's not very much an argument. I'm going to quote myself a little here, Nazi Germany represented a de-facto socialism, where the means of production was *technically* 'privately owned' but the state had every say in how it was run and bore the substantive powers of ownership regardless. This being the introduction of price and wage controls in 1936 as a response to the inflation caused by all the governemnt spending necessary for all its programs and subsidies. Furthermore, the government took outright control over what was produced, in what quantity, by what methods, and to whom it was distrubuted. This constitutes the de-facto socialization of the economic system. The government was still excersising the powers of ownership. And the alleged position of a private owner basically became that of a government pensioner.

That's not capitalism in any way. State capitalism and socialism is literally a difference without distinction

2017-09-28 16:50:00 UTC

heres a book on top of a gamepad on top of a fidget cube on top of a fidget spinner


2017-09-28 16:50:03 UTC

what book you ask?

2017-09-28 16:50:11 UTC


2017-09-28 16:50:12 UTC

is it art of the deal

@Autistic Dog boyo I thought ye were nordic

2017-09-28 16:50:19 UTC

ah damn

2017-09-28 16:50:24 UTC

im american <:pepegun:356316958141972501>

2017-09-28 16:50:27 UTC

It is now quite plain to me — as the shape of his head and the way his hair grows also testify — that he is descended from the negroes who accompanied Moses' flight from Egypt (unless his mother or paternal grandmother interbred with a nigger). Now, this blend of Jewishness and Germanness, on the one hand, and basic negroid stock, on the other, must inevitably give rise to a peculiar product. The fellow's importunity is also nigger-like.

2017-09-28 16:50:36 UTC

- Karl Marx on lasalle

2017-09-28 16:50:40 UTC

I have a framed picture of lenin which a friend gave me as a joke

2017-09-28 16:50:44 UTC

Marxism is dated

2017-09-28 16:50:50 UTC

I laugh at it frequently

2017-09-28 16:50:54 UTC

Our champion of social justice and equality

2017-09-28 16:50:54 UTC

It doesn’t translate well in the 21st century

2017-09-28 16:51:01 UTC
2017-09-28 16:51:02 UTC

lenin was a funny dude

2017-09-28 16:51:14 UTC

Karl Marx looks like coked-up Santa Claus

2017-09-28 16:51:18 UTC

(((I'll just hand power to trotsky when I die)))

2017-09-28 16:51:33 UTC

The notion that Nazi Germany wasn't socialist, and that they were, instead, somehow, right-wing, is an outright myth and one of the worst cases of flawed historical revisionism I've ever seen

2017-09-28 16:51:34 UTC

papa stalin says hello

2017-09-28 16:51:42 UTC

That's an interesting thought

2017-09-28 16:51:52 UTC


2017-09-28 16:51:54 UTC

Nazi germany was socialistic yes but fascism isnt

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

2017-09-28 16:52:02 UTC

fascism and national socialism are different things

2017-09-28 16:52:09 UTC

thats my argument

2017-09-28 16:52:11 UTC

@Human Supremacist Dude, fascism *IS* national socialism

2017-09-28 16:52:17 UTC

one of them is a political system, the other is a political concept

2017-09-28 16:52:19 UTC

what would have happened if Trotsky had disseminated Lenin's last will and testament to the CPC and showcased that Lenin believed Stalin should not have been his successor?

2017-09-28 16:52:21 UTC

but they do the same thing

2017-09-28 16:52:24 UTC

I've already explained this

2017-09-28 16:52:35 UTC

NO they are not literally just google it

2017-09-28 16:52:42 UTC

Would Trotsky have come to power? Would someone else?

2017-09-28 16:52:49 UTC

trotsky would've been killed

2017-09-28 16:52:52 UTC

fascism was created almost ten years before hitler took power

2017-09-28 16:52:52 UTC

just like kirov

2017-09-28 16:52:58 UTC

national socialism was only germany

2017-09-28 16:53:07 UTC

No, Italy was too

2017-09-28 16:53:07 UTC

or bukharin

2017-09-28 16:53:12 UTC

NOt italy, hungary, spain

2017-09-28 16:53:22 UTC

You're historically retarded

2017-09-28 16:53:25 UTC


2017-09-28 16:53:30 UTC
2017-09-28 16:53:31 UTC

I love these arugments

2017-09-28 16:53:33 UTC

You could argue that every socialist country employs blind nationalism as a means to indoctrinate the populace.

2017-09-28 16:53:41 UTC

mussolini created fascism and had his natsoc government

2017-09-28 16:53:43 UTC

@Clonemaster™ 6.41 Dude you are just uneducated, you make me ashamed to be american

2017-09-28 16:53:44 UTC

I'm not very new

2017-09-28 16:53:47 UTC

"LMAO this guy" "You must be new to politics *4"

2017-09-28 16:53:59 UTC

at least we dont have that many muslims

2017-09-28 16:54:11 UTC

@Clonemaster™ 6.41 is 17, yet he puts together more comprehensible arguments than Antifags twice his age.

2017-09-28 16:54:11 UTC

No Muslims are meek

2017-09-28 16:54:18 UTC

Look at the second caliphate

2017-09-28 16:54:22 UTC

Great people

2017-09-28 16:54:23 UTC

@Human Supremacist you don't know I'm uneducated, that's quite frankly not for you to assume

2017-09-28 16:54:30 UTC

As a fascist i can tell you i do no support socialism in any way shape or form

2017-09-28 16:54:30 UTC


2017-09-28 16:54:42 UTC

I know exactly what I'm talking about

2017-09-28 16:54:46 UTC

YOu are on the differences between nationali socialism and fascism

2017-09-28 16:55:12 UTC

state the difference

2017-09-28 16:55:25 UTC

Alos why am i baned from speaking in serious chat

2017-09-28 16:55:27 UTC

they were formed by the same dude and have been employed together

2017-09-28 16:55:32 UTC

another pedophile found in the California education system

2017-09-28 16:55:35 UTC

why aren't I surprised

2017-09-28 16:55:44 UTC

The economics of fascism are collectivist, socialist, and redistributionist. All left-wing characteristics, all characteristics of socialism

2017-09-28 16:55:46 UTC

she's pretty ugly too

2017-09-28 16:55:49 UTC

FAscism was created my mussolini ten years before hitler took power

2017-09-28 16:56:11 UTC

yes, mussolini made fascism, which hitler copied but was a bit less commie about it

2017-09-28 16:56:18 UTC

why are you guys still talking about fascism

2017-09-28 16:56:19 UTC


2017-09-28 16:56:27 UTC

@Scary_Clown tfw pedo teacher is literally first lady of france

2017-09-28 16:56:34 UTC

They, the national socialists, or fascsists, despised wealth inequality

2017-09-28 16:56:36 UTC


2017-09-28 16:56:39 UTC


2017-09-28 16:56:42 UTC

pedo lady was also the president

2017-09-28 16:56:47 UTC

Stop spamming

2017-09-28 16:56:57 UTC

don't make me ping a mod

2017-09-28 16:56:58 UTC


2017-09-28 16:56:59 UTC

<@&350739960602689547> <@&350743736604426240> <@&350743715033120769>

2017-09-28 16:57:05 UTC

<:dynoSuccess:314691591484866560> Changed roles for Hmmmm#5333, +Cuck., -Patriot

2017-09-28 16:57:13 UTC


2017-09-28 16:57:18 UTC

@Walter <:ModsREE:356316860880388098>

2017-09-28 16:57:19 UTC


2017-09-28 16:57:29 UTC

I watched The Founder last night on Netflix

2017-09-28 16:59:12 UTC

And the Krauts were cucked enough to give her a fourth term

2017-09-28 16:59:14 UTC


2017-09-28 16:59:16 UTC


2017-09-28 16:59:23 UTC


2017-09-28 16:59:30 UTC

no censorship!!!!!

2017-09-28 16:59:32 UTC

I should have done some advanced tactics and got myself registered to vote for that

2017-09-28 16:59:34 UTC


2017-09-28 16:59:38 UTC

I got connections

2017-09-28 16:59:41 UTC


2017-09-28 17:00:06 UTC

at least afd won big and fdp is alright

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