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@drinkbleach leave then weak cuck

keke viking

viking was the enemy

@trent you're not golden you milquetoast beta

stop gaming the system

why are you even in my country

I will sell you medicine at low prices

give me textipede and aus back

why is trent a mod

@trent if you're mod give me my textipede and aus roles back



cia guy can you do some baneposting

what happens if I take off your mask

don't question the integrity of cia guy

he is the truest of mods

get this weeaboo trash oudda here

ew gay

centipede central

keep anime away from glorious rightism

this is what I saw during the centipede central exodus

it came to me like a vision

lefty pol kek

what happens if I take off the mask

you're a big guy

ew traps


hugh hefner is irrelevant

jfk was assassinated by the cia because he tried to take power from it

do not mistake the cia for our ally ever, they are the deepstate and we should disband them

what role do I need to read educational

wallace touches gromit confirmed

stalin killed jews

sometimes I hear people compare trump to hitler, and I have to tell them

trump is nothing like hitler

hitler was a great leader

hitler killed disabled people

was hitler stalin?

stalin killed his best friend

that's a bit of a mistake

mr stalin why did you kill your friend kirov

I'm excellent at stick poking, I'll have you know

I'll take down anyone in a stick poking fight

I may be an anarcho monarchist but I can usually respect a strong leader

like idi amin

can't help but respect the dude for his laugh

give all the power to one dude and have few laws

nothing can go wrong

stalin was not a liberal

stalinism is not even close to liberal

there's no such thing as economic left and right

only economic right and wrong

kirov was a nice man

if you want prosperity you go capitalist

if you want control you don't

conservatives are enlightenment liberals

anarchists were the left in spain

and those guys sucked

fascism is inherently left wing

fascisti means together, which is a collectivist ideal

collectivism is left wing

collectivism is a left wing concept

individualism is a right wing concept

mussolini was kicked from the communist party because he wanted a war and they didn't because they were pansies

there's no economic left and right, dude

economic yes and economic oh shit we're starving

fascism is using force to make your group the most important group

natsoc is the political bit

mussolini started fascism and he used force to make his natsocs the dudes in charge

>forcible suppression of opposition

what I said mate

communism is more cucked than natsoc because it's globalist

>hey comrades we gotta spread communism throughout europe

this is the same thing as cc but without a furry enabler as owner

but how is national socialism right wing

national fucking socialism

there's no social right and left wing either, that doesn't exist

it's a distraction from what matters


communism can't exist because it's a fiction

marx forgot this small thing called reality

is it art of the deal

ah damn

I have a framed picture of lenin which a friend gave me as a joke

I laugh at it frequently

lenin was a funny dude

(((I'll just hand power to trotsky when I die)))

papa stalin says hello

one of them is a political system, the other is a political concept

but they do the same thing

trotsky would've been killed

just like kirov

or bukharin

mussolini created fascism and had his natsoc government

state the difference

they were formed by the same dude and have been employed together

she's pretty ugly too

yes, mussolini made fascism, which hitler copied but was a bit less commie about it

pedo lady was also the president


I should have done some advanced tactics and got myself registered to vote for that

I got connections

at least afd won big and fdp is alright

the donald is for normalfags who like the president but are too scared to commit to politically incorrect arguments when it comes to race

such as iq

send pics of hillary being tossed into a (((van)))

I kekked

in au we have aboriginals that are very stupid

we give them all the opportunities they could ask for and they still fail at every turn

they're some of the stupidest people in the world outside of africa

pewdiepie has no idea how economics works

he's a no bs natsoc

I don't care about jews until they start telling me what to do

I have family in south africa and they're trying to get out

jacob zuma has 5th grade education

I don't know if zuma legitimately believes the dutch explorers caused all their problems or he's just convincing a bunch of retards they were

but the blacks seem to listen to him

at least they managed to get a no confidence vote, even if it failed

primitive technology is proof that africans are just dumb

africa is super resource rich

we'll be conservative and say the africans have had 50k years

how long did it take the romans and the greeks to build society?

even the bloody egyptians managed to do it and all they had was a river


cuck sjws


all these people asking for mod and I just want so sell my medicine in peace

buy my medicine?

I have some good mushrooms that will make you think you're mod


all that matters is the TJ

psychology is a scam

psyhology works with the assumption that humans are a bunch of chemicals and that certain things have certain reactions

you can't figure out how people work with just chemicals

why are you talking about pokemon

is it because it's also a scam?

since gen 3 pokemon games have all functioned the same way

once they figured out the formula they kept doing it over and over again

the only changes are with the visual aesthetic

magic is the only worthwhile card game because it teaches you how the law works

there's a high liquidity if you're smart about it

I never understood pokemon cards

yugioh made a bit more sense in the playground but we were 7 so we made up the rules

yeah like a 7 year old is going to find the comprehensive yugioh rules

by the way I read the bible when I was 4

at least make you're trolling somewhat entertaining


using the wrong word's and apostrophes on the wrong spots

headpats are for little girls and weeaboos

the hell

a headpat is very self explanatory

you don't know what a weeaboo is?

so you're not a weeaboo

they're disgusting faggots who want to be japanese and are obsessed with japanese culture and anime

your just dumb

loli is disgusting

you should feel ashamed


pedophiles should be executed

it's alright

any based aussies here that voted no


my boi trent

voting against fag marriage

nah let them be weird and kill themselves

don't want to use taxpayer money to kill gays

they die at 40 anyway

1. marriage is the word to describe the union between man and woman
2. there's no societal benefit to encouraging unions between people that can't make babies and contribute to population growth
3. religious freedom
4. freedom of speech
5. parental rights in education since indoctrination programs will become mandatory

the yes campaign is asking people to sign a blank cheque on fag marriage

we have civil unions anyway

it's completely insulting to people that are married and are religious

gay marriage is a misnomer

it's like a rich slave

slaves can't have possessions because they're property

gays can't marry because they're not man and woman

they would

why do gays defend islam

islam wants to kill them, christianity gives them a fundamental right to life

I've only seen yes campaigners in the streets, but no campaigners go to houses and talk to people

yes campaign is preachy

they plaster rainbow posters everywhere

why did the fags take the rainbow as their own anyway

rainbows are a pleasant thing when not associated with sodomy

I hope so, but young people around my age (19) are brainwashed

they don't think, they don't see

however, the ones that do think are against it

the plebiscite is non binding anyway

@shumagram ask for another ballot

the redpilling started for me when my grandfather told me about the climate change hoax and showed me data

I did history and chemistry in highschool

the left is 100% anti science

all it takes is that one thought that goes against what you've learned

and it's at the back of your head, nagging

so you look into it and find you've been lied to your whole life

gamergate was a pretty big one and pretty much secured gamers to be right wing

well, at least anti-pc


I know one center classical lib that's anti-sjw and one leftist that's anti-sjw

the rest are rightist

I've always hated the Labor party here because they waste money and they've done really obvious bad things

also julia gillard yelling about misogyny in parliament was a good laugh

carbon tax too

yay losing money with no benefit

I have no idea why obamacare hasn't been repealed because it was judicial overreach

justice roberts rewrote parts of it so it was constitutional

I like cory bernardi

he's my man

I've found that leftists think they know best but in practice know nothing

harry reid dicked up by requiring 60 votes

I've never liked the george bush type

john mccain is the worst

george bush may have been a nice man but he really screwed up

because prometheus gif avatar

prometheus sucked

what did they say

also you need to ?aus yourself so you have a nicer name colour

what has changed a bout russia since 2012?

putin is still president, they didn't change their policies

they took crimea back and shot down a plane, that's it

nothing that makes them our enemy

mutually assured destruction is a good thing tπŸ…±h

if everyone dies if we fight, there's no incentive to fight

peace through strength is the only way

who is the owner

does keemstar have a producer

they cancelled his youtube red show

even though nobody would watch it

no, I don't know what goes on at USYD

keemstar and scarce are both autistic and I hate both

mark dice is good

keemstar annoys me with his dumb facial expressions


I'm not big on h3h3 unless he's making memes

jordan is redpilled

I think images are broken, I'll try this one of african people

can you change names to the same thing?


why does elon musk want to colonise mars? he doesn't, he just wants the funds

he did the same trash with tesla

it's a bad company that brings in the funds

he hit it big to begin with and is now looking at how to get even bigger

there's nothing on mars, I don't want to colonise that trash

it's rocks and dirt

the first colonisers will die

whichever unfortunate soul agrees to that trip is suicidal

we already have iron

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