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@drinkbleach leave then weak cuck

keke viking

viking was the enemy

@trent you're not golden you milquetoast beta

stop gaming the system

why are you even in my country

I will sell you medicine at low prices

give me textipede and aus back

why is trent a mod

@trent if you're mod give me my textipede and aus roles back



cia guy can you do some baneposting

what happens if I take off your mask

don't question the integrity of cia guy

he is the truest of mods

get this weeaboo trash oudda here

ew gay

centipede central

keep anime away from glorious rightism

this is what I saw during the centipede central exodus

it came to me like a vision

lefty pol kek

what happens if I take off the mask

you're a big guy

ew traps


hugh hefner is irrelevant

jfk was assassinated by the cia because he tried to take power from it

do not mistake the cia for our ally ever, they are the deepstate and we should disband them

what role do I need to read educational

wallace touches gromit confirmed

stalin killed jews

sometimes I hear people compare trump to hitler, and I have to tell them

trump is nothing like hitler

hitler was a great leader

hitler killed disabled people

was hitler stalin?

stalin killed his best friend

that's a bit of a mistake

mr stalin why did you kill your friend kirov

I'm excellent at stick poking, I'll have you know

I'll take down anyone in a stick poking fight

I may be an anarcho monarchist but I can usually respect a strong leader

like idi amin

can't help but respect the dude for his laugh

give all the power to one dude and have few laws

nothing can go wrong

stalin was not a liberal

stalinism is not even close to liberal

there's no such thing as economic left and right

only economic right and wrong

kirov was a nice man

if you want prosperity you go capitalist

if you want control you don't

conservatives are enlightenment liberals

anarchists were the left in spain

and those guys sucked

fascism is inherently left wing

fascisti means together, which is a collectivist ideal

collectivism is left wing

collectivism is a left wing concept

individualism is a right wing concept

mussolini was kicked from the communist party because he wanted a war and they didn't because they were pansies

there's no economic left and right, dude

economic yes and economic oh shit we're starving

fascism is using force to make your group the most important group

natsoc is the political bit

mussolini started fascism and he used force to make his natsocs the dudes in charge

>forcible suppression of opposition

what I said mate

communism is more cucked than natsoc because it's globalist

>hey comrades we gotta spread communism throughout europe

this is the same thing as cc but without a furry enabler as owner

but how is national socialism right wing

national fucking socialism

there's no social right and left wing either, that doesn't exist

it's a distraction from what matters


communism can't exist because it's a fiction

marx forgot this small thing called reality

is it art of the deal

ah damn

I have a framed picture of lenin which a friend gave me as a joke

I laugh at it frequently

lenin was a funny dude

(((I'll just hand power to trotsky when I die)))

papa stalin says hello

one of them is a political system, the other is a political concept

but they do the same thing

trotsky would've been killed

just like kirov

or bukharin

mussolini created fascism and had his natsoc government

state the difference

they were formed by the same dude and have been employed together

she's pretty ugly too

yes, mussolini made fascism, which hitler copied but was a bit less commie about it

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