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2017-09-28 15:01:24 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  
2017-09-28 15:22:14 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

@OOFgouf check youre mic man it

2017-09-29 17:31:32 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

@Shetlandsk Helliglov Det driter jeg i. Jeg liker melodien.

2017-09-30 16:34:53 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Autumn glow

Helicopter rise

Leaf falls down

A man follows

2017-10-01 18:20:57 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Ezra Koenig

2017-10-02 17:28:28 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  
2017-10-02 17:48:43 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-10-02 17:49:07 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

I dont have permission to do that actually

2017-10-02 17:49:27 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

i know, i am being supprest

2017-10-02 17:49:58 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-10-03 19:44:53 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

@FremenCC I muted you beacuse your mic was bleeding. just so you know, let me knoiw when you fix it.

2017-10-04 14:41:34 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]

2017-10-05 16:16:13 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Look at them!

2017-10-05 16:54:46 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Seems soamewhat stale beacuse it lacks furniture, otherwise its looks like a nice plase man

2017-10-05 16:55:23 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Get some nice peice of art on the wall and stuff, that could be cool

2017-10-05 16:55:54 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

oh nice

2017-10-05 21:22:27 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

When china invade afrika

2017-10-08 16:33:04 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

@buster Who the hell are you talking to?

2017-10-08 17:19:57 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

wow, the mods are fighting eacth other

2017-10-08 17:20:01 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

its great

2017-10-09 16:47:05 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  

Love that channel

2017-10-09 16:57:57 UTC [The Right Server #serious_chat]  


2017-10-12 19:12:24 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Milllennial "Fat bastard" Woes

2017-10-12 20:26:24 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  
2017-10-14 20:15:25 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Rick’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick’s existential catchphrase “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub,” which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev’s Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon’s genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them. 😂

And yes, by the way, i DO have a Rick & Morty tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid 😎

2017-10-15 10:04:14 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Thought you would like that one, right up you're ally.

2017-10-15 19:51:05 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-10-16 18:13:24 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

@Gobe What?

2017-10-16 20:00:18 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

/Thread Theme/

2017-10-17 18:25:56 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

@WingALingDragon How did what i said have anythjing to do with the Norwegian monarchy, did i miss something here?

2017-10-17 18:26:14 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

oh right

2017-10-17 19:54:17 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

He reminds me of Artemis Fowl

2017-10-23 20:12:14 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Type 32 Nekomata

2017-10-23 20:22:22 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-10-23 20:23:03 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-10-23 20:30:03 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Extra thicc!!!!

2017-10-25 15:46:52 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

@LaCraig A non-white race
will not set foot on Mother Base /
He's making a lagoon
out of blood of the coons /
a grave for every slave
He's keeping jiggaboos in the zoo /

What's his name?
His name's what? /
All for revenge
against the blacks! /

if you fulton a nig
he's gonna throw them into the brig /
he's beatin on the Congos
like a pair of bongos /
and if he gets his way
he'll be dropping nukes on the spooks /

What's his name?
His name's what? /
All for revenge
against the blacks! /

their tears are superb
when he makes them bite the curb /
don't speak ebonics
or he'll go demonic /
he's a negro killer
most of MGS5 is filler /

What's his name?
His name's what? /
All for revenge
against the blacks! /

2017-10-25 15:58:36 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

@Aidana You there?

2017-10-25 19:00:33 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

@Sleeby No what about it?

2017-10-25 19:01:04 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-10-27 19:05:38 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

'This fucking voice chat..........

2017-10-28 17:34:12 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Large Nr.9?

2017-10-28 17:34:18 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-10-29 18:34:23 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  


2017-10-30 15:18:49 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Kevin "Rapey" Spacey
Kevin "K-Sex" Spacey
Kevin "Sodomy" Spacey
Kevin "Rapi5t" Spacey
Kevin "My Anus Is" Spacey
Kevin "Not a Safe" Spacey
Kevin”Se7en inches” Spacey
Kevin "Baby Driver" Spacey
Kevin "Not in that" Spacey
Kevin "Keyser Sogay" Spacey
Kevin "Aids Outbreak" Spacey
Kevin "He was eleven" Spacey
Kevin “Butt, Officer” Spacey
Kevin "Unusual Places" Spacey
Kevin “American Booty” Spacey
Kevin “Wax that K-Pax” Spacey
Kevin "House of Nards" Spacey
Kevin "Probe You Deep" Spacey
Kevin "No Older Than 7" Spacey
Kevin "John Wayne Gacy" Spacey
Kevin "Let's Get Racey" Spacey
Kevin "Ass Like Goatse" Spacey
Kevin "Consenting Adult" Spacey
Kevin "Twinks are Tasty" Spacey
Kevin "Big Kahuna Spoona" Spacey
Kevin "I like 'em age 11" Spacey
Kevin "Boys Are My Pacey" Spacey
Kevin "I get minors hazy" Spacey
Kevin "Your Face or Mine" Spacey
Kevin "Put Down the Macey" Spacey
Kevin "I'll make any hole" Spacey
Kevin "Casino Jack Me Off" Spacey
Kevin "The Director's Cut" Spacey
Kevin "Put Rapp on my lap" Spacey
Kevin "He was *only* eleven" Spacey
Kevin "I'm gay so it's okay" Spacey
Kevin "I was Drunk and Rapey" Spacey
Kevin "I'm What's in your Box" Spacey
Kevin "at-least-he's-not-Gacy" Spacey

2017-10-30 15:19:06 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

Kevin "Your Cornhole is Tastey" Spacey
Kevin "Wearing something lacey" Spacey
Kevin “You’re 11 I’m In Heaven” Spacey
Kevin "Got More Boys than Gacy" Spacey
Kevin "I'll make your asshole" Spacey.
Kevin "Don't wakey while I rapey" Spacey
Kevin "I can be Chad also Stacey" Spacey
Kevin "Has no concept of personal" Spacey
Kevin "The Man Who Stares At Boys" Spacey
Kevin "turns out he was gay anyway" Spacey
Kevin "The Men who Stare at Scroats" Spacey
Kevin "L.A. Not Confidential Anymore" Spacey
Kevin “Drunk on the night in question” spacey
Kevin "Pedophile You Say? Nah, Just Gay" Spacey.
Kevin "I'm serious about L.A. Confidential" Spacey
Kevin "Wanna have a threesome with Scorsese?" spacey
Kevin "Liberal Media guarded my pedia-philia" spacey
Kevin "Stop flattering yourself, I was drunk" Spacey
Kevin "Out Of The Closet Into The DA's Office" Spacey
Kevin "I get careless when the dick is hairless" Spacey
Kevin "Wine and preteens make my memory a little" Spacey
Kevin "Hand me the preteen you fucking cocksucker" Spacey
Kevin "Hiding in the boy's changing room at Macy's" Spacey
Kevin "Age not on the clock? Then you're old enough for cock" Spacey
Kevin "Now I have to hop over the Mexican fence to avoid the fury of Pence" Spacey

2017-10-30 15:47:01 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

[–]SuggestAPhotoProject 3372 poeng 3 timer siden

Republicans should be celebrating this as well as liberals. Corruption in all forms needs to be brought to justice, and this is a victory for all Americans.


[–]1136991040443 1565 poeng 3 timer siden

Can't speak for all of us, but this republican is celebrating and eagerly anticipating the fall of that neon colored buffoon.


[–]HowdoIreddittellme 901 poeng 3 timer siden

Oh hell yes. This conservative is as well. I look forward to Mueller and his team bringing any and all of these criminals to justice, regardless of their party.


[–]Ulthanon 251 poeng 2 timer siden

Call your Senators and Congressperson, let them know what you think. Tell them daily.


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[–]Versa-vis 319 poeng 3 timer siden

Lets nail fuckers to the wall! For America!


[–]YourEnviousEnemy 45 poeng 2 timer siden

I call dibs to the film rights before Scorsese does!


[–]racist_sandwich 81 poeng 2 timer siden

2017-10-30 15:51:38 UTC [The Right Server #voice_chat]  

[–]benbroady [poeng gjemt] et minutt siden

The Donald are losing their shit at the moment, always hilarious. I think I lose IQ points reading their comments though.

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