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hey fags

anyone here into chinkshit poker cards, chinkshit games and LOZ sets?

the gameboy games?

Work perfect though Mario Picross 2 recently wiped its save and stopped saving entirely

might be a dead battery though, easy to repair

I know the Mao one is available on amazon

I got all of them off Shanghai markets

Mao Zedon & International Friends too but 4 years earlier

each card has a propaganda photo on the back including one with stalin iirc

Yeah the back has a story about how he was once a rich dude in afghanistan but dishonored his family and became a dickhead terrorist

i wish aliexpress sold more food stuffs

you could pay the chink jew and get a lenovo

I got a Lenovo P2 two weeks ago, it's pretty great

basically a moto g5 plus but with a fucking 5100mah battery, 4gb of ram and super amoled

the camera is also slightly better

I took it off the charger yesterday morning, played over 2 hours of fallout shelter and did a whole bunch of internet browsing

it's now at uh

near-stock, it has 5 apps of which you can remove 3

the leftover two is the manual and a theming app

yeah and using usb otg you can actually use it to charge other batteries lol

it's pretty much a powerbank with phone capabilities

metal back, finger sensor thingy, NFC

Yeah I'd probably have gotten a xiaomi if it was sold locally

Yeah there's a couple of importers

but they offer shit-tier warranty

comparing both the p2 has a better display and better video

other than that, yeah, same specs

well except for the battery

I currently run LineAge OS on it, nougat 7.1

but it also has an official nougat update

unlocking the bootloader takes two fucking weeks however because of mongoloids that root their phones, brick it and then return it to the seller

but once unlocked, works fine

I'm pretty happy with it, my previous Moto G2's battery only lasts like two hours nowadays

going from 2 hours to 3 days is insane

lots of reviews complain about it but I think it's just fine

besides if you want pretty pictures, buy a fucking real camera

it's in the hardware home button

yeah totally aeca


can't you just, you know, not setup a print

dude you are literally buying a device with a microphone, gps and a shitton of other sensors

and you are concerned about your fingerprint

300 euros


I'm dutch so I'm used to getting raped when it comes to prices

fucking 21% VAT when I order something above 22 euros, man

they don't always do that

in cash

because it's 2017

and everyone pays everything in cash

I don't think cheques are still a legal thing here in nl lol

how many ali orders do you guys have

I recently broke the 100 orders

you open up "my orders" and count the pages

each page is 10 orders

fun stuff, works really well for gba games

oh mine is with gamecube plug tho

I order a ton of cables and adapters

parts for arduino

gameboy carts


my first game was a bootleg pokemon firered for like 4 bucks

not anymore

dropped but I have a college degree

I work as a programmer

I dropped out of compsci, communication & design and industrial engineering

top kek student debts

Den Haag jonge

yeah and I'm still in the old system so I only have to pay back for 15 years

debt is like 23k so in the end I got a free 8k because 15 years x 80 euros a month is only like 14400

new system is 30 years of paying back, get fucked new students

at least it's at a 0.1% rate

interest rate

so yeah, rente

in theory it is none

I mean if you only have to pay 1 cent per 10 euros, who gives a fuck

anyways brb gotta get groceries at the appie before they close

I'm probably going to file a dispute soon maybe

the cable I ordered in february still didn't arrive

kinda pissed because it's a 100k+ rated seller

those usually arrive fast

to be fair I forgot about the cable lol

I noticed that it helps a lot when you talk to them in chinklish

"Hello friend!"

"I wish you very health and happy day"

shit like that

I tried to order 1kg of fuji apples once but the seller canceled the order because he forgot to specify the minimum order of 20kg

I got my money back and an invite to see his farm

Yeah except his farm is about 100km south from bejing

"Hello, cable has not arrive and it almost three months since I order, what happen?[Cry][Cry][Cry]"

there we go

can you guys recommend fidget cubes

but i like switches

>faggot fape shit right next to him

>hotdog fingers

don't tell me how to live my life

you're not my dad

chinks should invent simulated tendies

holy fuck I didn't even notice the wart



how are they regarding payments

all I use is ideal and straight up cc, I don't trust paypal

@Lefteris get the 369-in-1

it has about a dozen GBA roms, whole bunch of gameboy and a shit ton of nes

it's also real 369-in-1, no repeats

it also has a racist megaman romhack if I remember correctly

I used that seller, arrived in two weeks

There's really not a whole lot of videogame sellers on AliExpress 😦

oh also all the games actually save

Haven't tried out trading yet

I have ordered a game or two off DealExtreme years ago but their shipping is terrible

haha ikr

though that's standby

I can get about three days with heavy usage

haven't tried the powersaver mode yet

yeah they usually don't deliver on mondays

you can buy LOZ blocks

they sell for like 2 to 3 bucks, are 8 times smaller than regular lego and you get like 300 parts

they easily take 30 to 60 minutes to construct

oh fuck they have big sets now

1300 pieces lmao

raspberry pi displays?

mediocre at best but they're doable

they tend to do multiple steps at the same time


btw they're rated ages 9+ because they are seriously small

They're real fun though because they're not lego bootlegs

hahaha that's some high quality bootleg alright

heheheheh it says faggot

I remember in 2012 when beats headphones became popular

you could buy deats over at people's square

found the photo


pal of mine got a rolex bootleg in shanghai in 2012

survived two weeks before it literally fell apart lol

the clockwork was solid though

i wish i had the motivation to write reviews about the chinkshit I own

because I probably own more chinkshit than the average person

I mean I even got fucking chinkshit cooking books

I'm at the osama bin laden poker cards level

Nah but I visited shanghai twice

dated a chink for like 18 months too

I even own chinese soda cans lel

Mirinda, Coca Cola and Fanta

nah we just realized we didn't really have too much of a future together

we're still friends and talk now and then

always marry a class up

It's not *really* arranged marriage

parents pretty much serve as a dating service

Another chinese friend of mine recently married to the third guy she dated

note that they married like, two months after meeting

they're happy together though, these dating markets know how to match

don't see anything wrong with that

lol ikr

Huh, now you mention it, I don't really remember seeing any graveyards on the maps in Shanghai

I guess they just throw everybody in the ovens

traditional religion is pretty cool though

pretty much "don't be a dick" and "respect nature or whatever"


when I left shanghai last summer this fucking faggot pal of mine gave me a god damn vacuum packed chicken as a parting gift

knowing full and well customs blocks that shit

what the fuck kind of parting gift is a chicken anyways

I wonder if the hotel threw it away by now

I left it in the shared fridge lmao


what chinkshit collector level am I if I own a chinese school uniform

**two** chinese school uniforms

got them from this college I've been in contact with for the past uh

6 years

got one in 2012 and in 2015

oh also I got a pot of chinese tea that may or may not be entirely legal

but it smells nice

I've got keychains, two chinese consoles, a ton of gameboy games, poker cards, wavers, loz bricks, a bag of dried berries, several cooking books, a ton of adapters and cables

i am the ultimate chinkshit enthousiast

even my phones are chinkshit, because I use motorola and lenovo

xiaomi? nigger I got you covered I got a shit-tier xiaomi router

arduino? got like 3 clones yo

yeah I got them in 2013 from a pal who was going back to shanghai, no way I am eating them

I have 5 chink comics

no wait I have 8

3 of which are plants vs zombies

shit fam I even have a nice big chinese bowl that I can put my feet in

shit ton of chopsticks, some of which are decorative

bunch of restaurant menu's, entry tickets, etc.

a large tuzki coffee mug

tiger balm

a fold-up umbrella I got for like 20元 and somehow didn't break yet

pretty glad I got that one at the time because two days later I experience my first three-day long tropical rainstorm

that was pretty cool

i am a god

htpc keyboard, wii classic controller for the gamecube, snes controller for the pc, sd cards, usb sticks

now I think of it, still haven't opened the curry cubes I got

washing cloth

i have a nice scrubby washing cloth to scrub my anal with

my favorite chinkshit adapter is my usb a to usb b adapter

no wait

usb male to usb female

damn straight

well for one I can extend my cables a whole inch

some fags suggested using it to prevent usb wear but if you use this you actually stress the port more lmao

no clue why these things are a thing

I got like 10 different models of micro-usb readers

two actually work and another one is a fucking card cannon

ejects the cart at insane force

why are people so autistic about ordering batteries?

I order coincells all the time, recently ordered a new battery for my gba sp and last summer I ordered two batteries for my camera

never had a problem

@Berserk64 I don't actually own a pocket yet but there's really not much of a reason to get one

I mean I own a red gameboy, a yellow and skeleton gameboy color, three purple gameboy advances and a gameboy sp

I really only use the sp because I can charge it with USB

having that said if you didn't yet get a usb cable off the chinkweb, go do it, they're great

I'm actually about to order three cubes and I'm looking for a decent spinner on aliexpress

because I always fiddle with adapters and stuff while working

figured I might as well get one and see if it's any good

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