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2017-07-25 19:20:09 UTC

Ill take it back<:sheeit:318919831527096321>

2017-07-25 19:20:43 UTC

But they are race mixing?

2017-07-25 19:30:20 UTC
2017-07-25 19:44:42 UTC

@Kevin FL proud boys love race mixing

2017-07-25 19:44:53 UTC

A huge chunk of them are race mixers

2017-07-25 19:44:58 UTC

Not all

2017-07-25 19:45:12 UTC

Quite a few Jews too

2017-07-25 21:02:57 UTC

Need TN activists to help defeat an Antifa leader in Nashville.

2017-07-25 21:04:48 UTC

im in

2017-07-25 21:05:03 UTC

hate anti fags

2017-07-25 21:44:37 UTC

Our very own @Blue Lady TX~WD is on this weeks Helicopter Mom.

2017-07-25 21:48:06 UTC

Not sure how we are gonna defeat them. Not by arguing with them that's for sure. Our people need to see the facts. The DNA differences all the way to Jewish agenda. Until others awake. We won't move. And if we can awaken our people the battle is won. David Duke has amazing science behind NatSoc movement and why our people are dominate.

2017-07-25 21:49:15 UTC

If more lazy fucking white people would be like David Duke. We would win.

2017-07-25 21:49:59 UTC

Cool. Really glad to see our ladies out there spreading that message. And 5 kids? Talk about pulling your weight. @Blue Lady TX~WD

2017-07-25 21:56:06 UTC

Very nice!

2017-07-25 22:09:44 UTC

Bruh, that Uhuru song gets better everytime i see it

2017-07-25 22:33:51 UTC


2017-07-25 22:36:16 UTC

Really good job. You represented Vanguard fantastically

2017-07-25 23:01:27 UTC

What's up folks

2017-07-25 23:03:19 UTC

Just trying to get into some shit tonight

2017-07-25 23:03:27 UTC

What's up with you?

2017-07-25 23:04:06 UTC

Nothing really just sitting down finally

2017-07-25 23:05:50 UTC

Leg day got ya down?

2017-07-25 23:28:11 UTC

Nah, work.

2017-07-25 23:28:19 UTC

Been out of the loop for a little bit in here.

2017-07-25 23:28:54 UTC

Yeah, I hear you.

2017-07-25 23:55:16 UTC

@everyone In re to: https://www.njhomelandsecurity.gov/analysis/the-face-of-white-supremacy-in-2017 we have formed a response attached below. The intent is to publiclly, albeit cordially, challenge the NJOHSP's definition of our character in order to have them retract their statement while also correcting the public record as to why our organization exists. This is a first draft, so let us know if you have any questions or concerns:


2017-07-25 23:59:12 UTC

@Billy Merse Looks good brother. Has leadership seen it yet?

2017-07-25 23:59:17 UTC


2017-07-26 00:00:40 UTC

I speed read it so I may have missed it but you may want to mention defamation as a result of us being labeled "terrorists".

2017-07-26 00:02:48 UTC

I don't want to present assumptions as to why we received that label. That's for the state to clarify their reasoning behind their claim.

2017-07-26 00:05:43 UTC

Terrorism isnt mentioned in on the page at all

2017-07-26 00:06:31 UTC

It's in the header

2017-07-26 00:06:33 UTC

The only angle you could take is that it's in the "counter-terrorism" section of the site.

2017-07-26 00:27:03 UTC


2017-07-26 00:27:10 UTC

Me during the race war

2017-07-26 00:32:23 UTC

this ones fuckin funny

2017-07-26 00:32:31 UTC

tho its trolling

2017-07-26 00:55:00 UTC

Discussion: The Sermon on the Mount was a guerilla warfare instruction set relevant to our times.
Join me in voice at 6PM Pacific 9PM eastern if you like.

2017-07-26 00:55:28 UTC

that's five minutes

2017-07-26 00:58:50 UTC

Yup. That's true.

2017-07-26 00:59:00 UTC

More proof women are useless in combat roles

2017-07-26 00:59:10 UTC

Not even yelling for her battle

2017-07-26 00:59:17 UTC

I'm down to listen to you as time permits.

2017-07-26 00:59:35 UTC

Im in the car with my roomies or id hop in

2017-07-26 01:02:06 UTC

Next time

2017-07-26 01:31:47 UTC

@Tedium hey best buddy

2017-07-26 01:31:54 UTC

Alright I gotta shower. Really enjoyed that @FairUse WA I just followed you on twatter.

2017-07-26 01:32:44 UTC

Hey goy

2017-07-26 01:41:43 UTC

@FairUse WA cooking and listening

2017-07-26 01:42:15 UTC

lol oh shit @GarlicToasties and @Tedium are friends? FFFFFFFFF

2017-07-26 01:42:33 UTC

Best friends

2017-07-26 01:43:21 UTC


2017-07-26 01:43:23 UTC

oy vey

2017-07-26 01:45:04 UTC

@GarlicToasties i've brought you into the hive hahahha, this is why i'm not on FB much anymore, you can invite my one FB account with this name back into that FB group and that discord server if you want, or mention it

2017-07-26 01:45:15 UTC

i have been meaning to and keep forgetting

2017-07-26 01:45:29 UTC

What about the nephilim??

2017-07-26 01:45:42 UTC

Woah what's the discussion in there

2017-07-26 01:45:53 UTC

Something about nephilim

2017-07-26 01:45:54 UTC


2017-07-26 01:45:59 UTC


2017-07-26 01:46:38 UTC

Oh i was just asking about them haha

2017-07-26 01:46:51 UTC

Im boutta join the voice chat

2017-07-26 01:46:52 UTC

If anyone had any word on them

2017-07-26 01:47:03 UTC

@SonderSchutz TX I know about that stuff

2017-07-26 01:47:04 UTC


2017-07-26 01:47:34 UTC

Yeah ive read into modern accounts of sightings in Afghanistan from troops

2017-07-26 01:48:25 UTC

@SonderSchutz TX yeah i looked into that case you are talking about

2017-07-26 01:48:38 UTC

The pilot who flew the body back went on a few radio shows about it

2017-07-26 01:48:47 UTC

This is so badass

2017-07-26 01:48:51 UTC


2017-07-26 01:48:57 UTC

Anyone care to fill me in, I just joined the chat

2017-07-26 01:49:00 UTC

voice chat

2017-07-26 01:49:55 UTC

It's a sermon mixed with history lesson mixed with "how Christ ties into our movement"

2017-07-26 01:50:06 UTC

Thats awesome, cant believe i missed it

2017-07-26 01:52:20 UTC

@FairUse WA Which denominations should we look into? Don't want to interrupt with gym noises.

2017-07-26 01:52:32 UTC


2017-07-26 01:52:36 UTC

Same question as chris

2017-07-26 01:53:18 UTC

Wrong question

2017-07-26 01:53:29 UTC

Why not just make FairUse the new chaplain considering our others are gone

2017-07-26 01:54:57 UTC


2017-07-26 01:55:21 UTC

I think that's a good idea

2017-07-26 01:55:26 UTC


2017-07-26 01:55:57 UTC

Oh no Thomas, excuse me. Lol

2017-07-26 01:56:14 UTC

Don't apologize

2017-07-26 01:57:28 UTC

It was sarcasm lol

2017-07-26 01:59:14 UTC


2017-07-26 02:03:43 UTC


2017-07-26 02:04:02 UTC

Fixed it


2017-07-26 02:08:04 UTC


2017-07-26 02:08:13 UTC

@FairUse WA you should write Christian articles that debunk common pagan attacks against the faith

2017-07-26 02:09:16 UTC

I was accidentally talking over u too much so I'm gonna leave it at that. Thanks again.

2017-07-26 02:14:40 UTC

@FairUse WA do you believe Christ was European or another ethnicity

2017-07-26 02:14:54 UTC

Or had European features

2017-07-26 02:17:52 UTC

Yeah from the geographical region of Judea

2017-07-26 02:22:04 UTC

@FairUse WA whenever they were ordered to kill em all wasn't it because they were literally impure

2017-07-26 02:22:07 UTC

Yeah like the edomites

2017-07-26 02:23:20 UTC


2017-07-26 02:23:31 UTC


2017-07-26 02:23:52 UTC

That picture triggered me

2017-07-26 02:25:47 UTC

Dude Christ was swoll as fuck

2017-07-26 03:03:07 UTC

^ lack of exercise,soda, shitty food

2017-07-26 03:03:15 UTC

The whore just protected her tweets.

2017-07-26 03:03:19 UTC

We win.

2017-07-26 03:03:55 UTC

And because of the pussification of American men no one has any aggression left

2017-07-26 03:04:22 UTC

Most men just roll over and take it like it is now πŸ˜‚

2017-07-26 03:04:43 UTC

Not me.

2017-07-26 03:04:45 UTC


2017-07-26 03:04:58 UTC

What time is that event on Friday start?

2017-07-26 03:05:01 UTC


2017-07-26 03:06:42 UTC

7 pm

2017-07-26 03:06:43 UTC


2017-07-26 03:08:44 UTC

Who's this bitch? Isn't she white

2017-07-26 03:08:55 UTC

That Suicide Silence vocal cover is straight fire

2017-07-26 03:09:21 UTC

the high-pitched parts remind me of Heaven in Blood by Absurd

2017-07-26 03:11:26 UTC

@Pale Horse - FL They don't have any number statistics so idk where they are getting the info from maybe it's just guys who stand over microwaves all day but there's probably a difference between men who eat well and exercise vs the other

2017-07-26 03:17:05 UTC


2017-07-26 03:17:15 UTC

This needs American only trolling.

2017-07-26 03:19:53 UTC

Is internet abuse illegal in England?

2017-07-26 03:48:17 UTC


2017-07-26 03:53:12 UTC

Polish politician goes to an anime convention or something

2017-07-26 03:53:16 UTC


2017-07-26 03:55:51 UTC

Who wants to help me test out my new mic? @here

2017-07-26 03:56:32 UTC

Connecting @Ilya Muromets

2017-07-26 03:56:45 UTC

thats deep science level shit

2017-07-26 03:58:48 UTC

Almost there

2017-07-26 03:59:01 UTC

It's taking forever

2017-07-26 03:59:10 UTC


2017-07-26 03:59:39 UTC

Never done the voice part on PC, idk why it takes so long

2017-07-26 04:00:47 UTC

Gtg phones gonna die:(

2017-07-26 04:00:52 UTC

Yeah i can hear you

2017-07-26 04:07:55 UTC

@Kevin FL No free speech in the UK/

2017-07-26 04:26:48 UTC


2017-07-26 04:26:58 UTC

We are reaching levels of DR3 that aren't even possible

2017-07-26 04:28:15 UTC


2017-07-26 04:33:21 UTC


2017-07-26 04:33:42 UTC

If we dont look as good as this in Cville, or better, I'll be disappointed

2017-07-26 05:33:08 UTC

Are you going to speak this time?

2017-07-26 05:47:36 UTC

I didn't attend the last one. Organizers are iffy on letting some groups speak. I will if I can.

2017-07-26 06:01:43 UTC

Useful info.

2017-07-26 06:16:18 UTC


2017-07-26 06:16:51 UTC

Peak nihilism, bro.

2017-07-26 06:17:18 UTC

Fuck that guy.

2017-07-26 06:22:49 UTC

Oh shit!

2017-07-26 06:31:53 UTC

This guy is a beast.

2017-07-26 06:36:05 UTC

Fucking based.

2017-07-26 06:42:00 UTC

Very useful to know stuff.

2017-07-26 06:43:14 UTC

Dont just post links, schedule outings with other FL guys and practice these skills.

2017-07-26 06:44:19 UTC


2017-07-26 06:44:31 UTC

FL is an aggressive place tho.

2017-07-26 06:44:35 UTC

Everything bites.

2017-07-26 06:45:04 UTC

Just be careful

2017-07-26 06:45:07 UTC

not very hard

2017-07-26 06:47:45 UTC

If you aren't wrestling gators regularly, I'm not sure you're doing it right.

2017-07-26 06:48:01 UTC


2017-07-26 06:48:07 UTC

It would be useful for PLEs.

2017-07-26 06:48:22 UTC

And getting in shape.

2017-07-26 06:48:36 UTC

If this is how our ancestors used to live life.

2017-07-26 06:48:47 UTC

That's why we must defend our land.

2017-07-26 06:50:22 UTC

We need to be prepared for a total societal collapse. I knew this Anarcho Primitivist chick from Montana that was into black metal and the Unibomber and she posted stuff on iFunny about needing to learn to survive so that when civilization collapses, you'll be ready

2017-07-26 07:06:01 UTC


2017-07-26 07:06:07 UTC

Watch those videos.

2017-07-26 07:06:27 UTC

To think we disgrace our ancestors.

2017-07-26 07:06:37 UTC

By allowing our land to be taken.

2017-07-26 07:06:46 UTC

Our government is giving it all away.

2017-07-26 07:07:14 UTC

Maybe we should go camping?

2017-07-26 07:08:04 UTC

I wish I lived near enough to someone else to do fun things with them. The nearest Vanguard members are 3+ hours away from me.

2017-07-26 07:08:15 UTC

I know an IE member.

2017-07-26 07:08:27 UTC

And I'm going to meet some Vanguard Members.

2017-07-26 07:08:35 UTC

I will have everyone meet.

2017-07-26 07:08:43 UTC

And then we will have a bigger group/.

2017-07-26 07:09:13 UTC

I know there are some fashy people in my city, or near it at least, I just don't know how to contact them.

2017-07-26 07:10:00 UTC

There *was* a guy in my city, but we were gonna go postering and he spooked out and went afk forever

2017-07-26 07:13:00 UTC

Hol up

2017-07-26 07:13:14 UTC

"Moscheles, Moischel, Moszkowski - from Moyshe (Moses)
Loeb, Loew / Leib, Leibowicz, Leibowitz (Eastern Yiddish) - from Loewe (lion)
Annie Leibovitz
RenΓ© Leibowitz
Gelfand from "Elephant" in Yiddish"

2017-07-26 07:13:21 UTC


2017-07-26 07:15:11 UTC

This was in the Yiddish category

2017-07-26 07:15:25 UTC

Well he is weak.

2017-07-26 07:15:47 UTC

Is there a lot of biting insects in TX?

2017-07-26 07:16:08 UTC


2017-07-26 07:16:30 UTC

Ants, spiders, chiggers

2017-07-26 07:20:53 UTC

And niggers.

2017-07-26 07:20:58 UTC

Chiggers and niggers.

2017-07-26 07:21:31 UTC

And spics

2017-07-26 07:21:36 UTC


2017-07-26 07:47:59 UTC

These bow videos are great

2017-07-26 07:48:03 UTC

ive wanted to learn to do that

2017-07-26 07:48:12 UTC

make projectile weapons out of nature

2017-07-26 08:07:29 UTC

Well, now you can.

2017-07-26 08:07:46 UTC

And you're in AZ, best gun laws in the country.

2017-07-26 08:17:16 UTC


2017-07-26 08:17:35 UTC

i can do lots of cool stuff

2017-07-26 08:18:24 UTC

Make videos.

2017-07-26 08:18:31 UTC

I wanna see your 1st bow.

2017-07-26 10:39:55 UTC

Creepy shit

2017-07-26 11:20:08 UTC

Made contact with the IB! πŸ˜€

2017-07-26 13:15:53 UTC

So I was reading a little more into this new microchip thing I wonder if that can become a reality for us in the future? I'm sure most people would line right up under the clause that it would "make life easier "

2017-07-26 13:24:13 UTC

@Kevin FL you are absolutely correct

2017-07-26 13:24:20 UTC


2017-07-26 13:25:31 UTC

Fuck yeah. That's my CINC. That's what I'm talking about. I hope trump follows my "outrage a day" strategy. Keep them so outraged they can't keep up.

2017-07-26 13:26:15 UTC

And yeah, these people need psychological treatment. I blame poor fathers and mothers for this transvestite problem, as well as massive amounts of hormones now in our water system, and even babies' milk.

2017-07-26 13:27:21 UTC

In the next year, I'm going to get a ~$3000 water system installed in my house. It will filter out all birth control hormones from my family's water. That's not a conspiracy theory, it's a documented fact that b/c hormones are in the water.

2017-07-26 13:27:36 UTC

We could just use the trannies as target practice

2017-07-26 13:27:51 UTC

I'm pretty High T, so I'm not too worried right now. But soon.

2017-07-26 13:28:06 UTC

@BraeJager TX yeah you are definitely right about the water issue, that's one thing alex jones is right about

2017-07-26 13:28:13 UTC

The trannies are some of the biggest victims of (((social experimentation))).

2017-07-26 13:28:36 UTC

You can go to your local water district website and see test results. It's not just an Alex Jones conspiracy.

2017-07-26 13:28:44 UTC


2017-07-26 13:28:50 UTC

Glyphosates n shit

2017-07-26 13:29:00 UTC

Fluoride in many places too

2017-07-26 13:29:17 UTC

When I was young I thought b/c was a good thing. I thought those Catholics who railed against it were nutty. Turns out I was wrong. That shit must be banned.

2017-07-26 13:29:55 UTC

It's hard to escape being poisoned now a days

2017-07-26 13:30:02 UTC

It's in the food water and air

2017-07-26 13:30:12 UTC

Not air. But food and water, yes sir.

2017-07-26 13:30:19 UTC

Now, other pollutants are in the air.

2017-07-26 13:30:38 UTC

But moving to the country will fix that. We are already growing a big garden. Soon we're gonna get our own eggs too.

2017-07-26 13:30:50 UTC

You can find the patents for like chemtrail shit though

2017-07-26 13:30:56 UTC

The 14 Words is how I live my life daily.

2017-07-26 13:31:10 UTC

I haven't seen anything that remotely causes me to believe in chemtrails.

2017-07-26 13:31:15 UTC

Post it if you got it.

2017-07-26 13:31:23 UTC


2017-07-26 13:31:40 UTC

Most of the chemtrail videos on youtube are super kooky.

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