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Thanx guys. Sorry for the delay. Apparently I never verified my email so I had to redo that lol. I'm glad to be here.

Thank you, my good men. Plz excuse the silly name. It was given to me by brothers, making a play on chicken tendies, seeing as how I'm a quarter dago.

Thanx Stephen. Lol I'm very proud of it. I've always noticed my paternal side is physically gifted as far as strength and physique and whatnot. I inherited the metabolism luckily. Anyone else here have teardrop tattoos like me?

Haha. I'm kidding.

I think it's because a lot of them don't consider themselves white. Which is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. And there's some weird thing in pop culture and media to compare them with Mexicans, which only adds to them not considering themselves white. I'm in an Italians of Louisiana group on fb, and I have argued w so many ppl (all women, now that I'm thinkin about it) that Italians are white. Those cunts want so badly to not be white. It makes me sick

Italian women are fucking nuts too. You hafta constantly keep them in check cuz they constantly test you. Then jersey shore came out and I've been telling ppl I'm "3/4 not dago" ever since lol

And they hate the moolis. Lol. From birth I believe.

If any of y'all live in/near northeast Louisiana and wanna meet and go shooting or riding four wheelers or hog hunting, I have a hunting lease we can utilize for whatever. It'd be nice to hang out with some of /our guys/ for a change.

I've been trying to kill some hogs all year. I've only gone at night and the cloud cover has yet to go my way. I think I'm gonna stick with day hunting from here on out.

These bastards RUIN deer hunting

I've gotten two with traps, but it teaches all the other hogs present every time they see that. So my traps don't work for me anymore and those awesome multi hog traps are too expensive.

My dad got me an AR for my bday so I'm ready to take it hog hunting lol


Yeah. I've soaked it in that nigger orange drink before. They went nuts.

Had em on camera fighting over it like two hours after I left. Fuckin hog assholes

"Photos that been cropped"

Lol dude you're welcome to come anytime. But u gotta lemme come too haha. I ain't missin out on the slaughter

Lol thanx for allowing it Dillon hahaha. 😂 yeah it's year round. And feb 1-August 15 is legal to night hunt em.

But I don't have a night vision scope. I have a gen1 night vision monocular but it doesn't help with shooting at night. I hafta rely on the moon and clear sky. Which very seldom line up

Dude I can put some blood-filled hogs in front of u lol. Yeah it legal to spotlight em. But their eyes are different than deer, so they are more apt to run off instead of stand there and stare at it

They're way smarter than deer too. They're fuckin hard to hunt. I killed one 387lbs last year

I have a pic of the huge bastard. Should I blur my face or somethin?

I mean i don't care. Just didn't know if it was a rule or anything

Lol ok lemme try to rig this thing. One sec

Ok I look like Isis but here goes

Yeah. Tried dragging him outta the woods myself. Made it three feet and laughed and walked to go get the four wheeler

Yeah me too. Wait...We're talking about the size of the corn crops right?

Lol. Did I do that right?

Are any of you goys going to the league of the south conference on June 24?

In Alabama

When is it?

The 17?

Well shit

I feel ya. I'm nailed down to hanging out with my future brother in law and his buddies while his wife n my fiancé do a baby shower. We hafta do "something photogenic" while they do that shit so we are going shooting.

My fault. Sorry bout that

I'm pretty sure they just fucking shoa'd azzmador' YouTube channel. I was in the middle of responding to an oath cuck in the comments and wham.

Lol I know bro

Those pieces of garbage. He dindu nuffin

But seriously he didn't

Yeah. Not for long tho. It'll change soon enough. All we need is enough voices to yell at zog and media.

Y'all seen that fire in London?

Anyone know the cause yet? I'm assuming inbred kebabs but know nothing. They won't update shit on the news

That's one hell of a fire

^ Jesus that's a NICE TV tray.

Oh.... F

Damn that's a good deal. Look at that workmanship. I know it's no modern marvel. But for a TV tray, it's pretty fuckin nice lol.

Who punched the wall? Lol

Must be a young fella. Birthdays are a day for mourning in my life now.

I'll be fuckin 30 next year

Hahaha holy shit! You must be polish

Well good for y'all throwin a party for your grandpap. Doing things for your elders patriarchs is a very white trait. Admirable for sure.


I don't think u meant matriarch. Lol. But respect for that fine man. Sending Internet high fives

Don't leave me Internet high five hanging bro

Tfw you listen to the beginning of White America by Mr bond loud as shit in your truck.

I used to listen to the nigger-centric songs by rucka rucka Ali. But since mr bond and blink 1488, I can't go back.

I still think rucka rucka is a krypto Nazi. He has a song called "whatchu jewin?" where he talks about Jews tryin to sue everybody and copyright strike everything and shit. And how can we forget "Anne frank bash 2012"? Lol.

He's kind of a clown and I don't see him coming out as a WN (if he even is) anytime soon, but there are plenty of not subtle hints toward a WN worldview in his parodies. I dunno, I may just be engaging in wishful thinking but I'm stickin with it! Lol

Lol you'll love "Anne frank bash 2012" then. If you only watch even ONE of his videos, watch "what the black says". I died laughing when I saw it the first time. It hurt my throat I laughed so much. @TXStormer

@everyone Anybody in here close to northeast Louisiana? These guys talking about meet ups has me wanting to go to one lol.

I have plans for Saturday that were made like 2 months ago or I would be going for sure. Future sister in laws baby shower. But I'll be at the next one if its like 6 or less hours away

@Riefen I agree. Let's do it in Louisiana lol.

@RCO Nick-TX Shit I can do Mississippi. Jackson is like 3 hours away from here I believe. Vicksburg is like an hour and 15 min

And anybody from Texas who wants to ride w me is welcome. Save yourself some gas money

@Fox Tx It's a tad shithole-ish. But it's trying

@Fox Tx Oh u wanna drive I see. We'll hafta play paper rock scissors for driving privileges. I hate being a passenger lol

Fuck I'm excited now.

You wanna make it there right? I'm driving. Hahahaha

That was a dodge jab lol

I'm jk jk. No shots lol.

I drive a nip mobile anyways.

Never been let down by em. Driven a Toyota all my life. Plus, they were on the right side of ww2 lol

I got the last model before they changed lol. 2015

Oh Jesus. Am I the old man in this group?

Thank Jesus


Clinging onto my 20s

I'm definitely driving then. Lol

Fuck yeah redskegg

Only if you're hauling them back to Mexico lol


Well then you better keep it on a leash! (Old man jokes)


Any of yall wanna jump on voice later?

Aight. I'm gonna go mow the yard before it gets dark. Don't start without me, niggers. Lol

Y'all wanna set a time or how u wanna go at this thing?

What's that...what's that weirdly placed shadow buddy?

Lol no not ugly at all. I may go buy some. 😂

Lol oooohhh!!! He said "look it up faggot it's a huge deal!!!" Shots fired!!!!

Oh now I'm craving tea.

I'm gonna jump in voice. You homos hurry up n come talk to me. I'm lonely

That's what I call based black guys in trump hats.

Lol I'm just fuckin w u bro. I like it. U should keep it

Ima go follow you rn.

Goyim? This is the rabbi appreciation chat. You're in the wrong wrong chat room.

Lol jk

I can't help but hate the nogs. I loathe them. I wish I could put sickle cell in the water supply. They're the fucking worst. Just look at how they're murdering, raping and torturing our people in South Africa. Yes, the Jews started it all with the boycott there, just like Germany. And fuck them for it. But the niggers are the ones physically shoving machetes up white women's vaginas and out their necks. I only woke up to the JQ about 8 months ago. I've hated niggers since I was 5 and I can't/ don't wanna stop now. They're getting the ovens too if I have any say in the new Reich.

Fuck yeah. The only mother fuckers who are safe (but on notice) are the spics (the ones still south of the border) and the Asians.

The dude face fisted a female commie porn star who was throwing rocks at trump supporters. He's ok in my book. That's thot patrol if I've ever seen it.

They tried to ban American vanguard from an event? Dafuk?!


@Thomas Ryan my apologies. As to my previous endorsement of them, it's revoked. Fuck em.

I think the only ppl we should hide from rallies are legit skinhead klan guys with swastika face tattoos. I mean anyone else, as long as they're presentable and don't make villains of us, are only helping. Am I crazy for thinking that?

I need to get a white collar'd Tshirt for the next event. That looked really good at the Houston rally. I think it was a great mix of professionalism and a "you don't wanna fuck with us" vibe.

Me too. It makes me sick to my stomach.

Hypothetically, if for any reason y'all need more ppl to come after like 6 pm, update us plz. I will be done with this family baby shower thing at 3 and I believe Austin is a 3 and a half or 4 hour drive from my house.

So i will head to Austin after that if need be.

Never mind it's 7 hours away lol.

Hahaha yeah I know. I had my fiancé record it for a Facebook group I'm in. It's not nearly as doxing as it sounds. It's the best Facebook group on the Internet. I'm convinced. Been in existence for 8 months or so and still 106 members. Everybody in there is /our guy/ so there's no worry of it getting out I swear lol. But they all laughed their asses off so I figured I'd share with the admins 😂

A lot of them already have. The ones who haven't are in other countries or are out of shape and embarrassed because they most likely are not in good enough shape. A few of them are in I.E. and then some of them I have no idea why they aren't members already. But there are great dudes in there. One is a regular on TDS and a few other big altright names are in there under pseudonyms.

I'm not trying to sound cool lol. None of the big names keep in contact w me. Don't get me wrong. Im just a grunt whose also good for a laugh


Looks shopped. Look at hands

It's prolly just an air soft or some shit

Lol yeah. Part of her hand is missing but other than that, that's a damn good shop Job

The left hand. It's cartoonishly thin thin.

And u can see through the palm lol. But it's high quality work

Eh it's all good. I'll defer to you then good sir.

Hello there Kevin.

@Thomas Ryan There's no better cause to donate to. They've gotten 100% of my D'nations to anyone for the last like 3 or 4 months, outside of a youtuber who is also a white South African. The fact that no media covers the brutality going on there is all the evidence anyone should need to see in order to prove the passive attitude toward white extinction. I find myself not being able to talk to ppl about it longer than a minute or so. I just hafta send em a link or I chimp the fuck out and look retarded.

Just dropped a smooth 21.50 to the suidlanders cause. Will donate more when I get my fiancé's a working phone and a car battery. Times is rough but gimme a week n I'll have some more. Simon Roche is a good man. And so are all of u for doing this for them. Hail victory


No need for thanx, brother. I did such a weird number because it's all I had left on the card lol. 22.68 to be exact but (((PayPal))) takes a cut, of course. Like I said I'll def get plenty more in there by the deadline. Just a bunch of stuff hit me all at once. and seeing as how whitey pays taxes and doesn't leach from them, well you know how it goes.

Good morning sir

Garlic toasties checking in

Toasties hates yo ass too nucka

Of course not. I love all my la brotato chips


Commander of the Pokemon lineup. Lol

Channel name: The southern dingo

I'm not heyy

I'm not getting a notification**

Lol never mind I figured it out

Mayne y'all will like those a little better. I feel really bad that I kinda wasted yalls time on that video hahaha. I was thinkin "they ain't laughing. Wait maybe they're all laughing at the same time and it's just cancelling each other's microphones out". But nah. It was just a mood killing average video. I owe y'all one ok? Lol.

Nor I. But not for the benefit of the knee grow.

What's up beother

Brother* that the real azzmador?

Voice anyone?

Take your time brotato chip

Gavin McInnes. Mr "I hate Nazis"

This proudboy cuck was cucking extremely hard. I fixed his post for him.

Black proud boy^^

Great soft redpill meme

@Graham they want u back in voice.

Correction. WE

Fucking based black guy

@Ilya Muromets what u doin honkey?

@Ilya Muromets sweet. I know. U sent me those badass roof memes last night and I fuckin hurt myself laughin

Lol the bowl patrol. I like

Well, I do hate the negro. It's a vile, disgusting animal.

Will mow your yard for German marks.

Dillon Roof? You mean white Moses?

Plz forgive me. I'm not worthy

@Tedium hey best buddy

Best friends

This is so badass

It's a sermon mixed with history lesson mixed with "how Christ ties into our movement"

Oh no Thomas, excuse me. Lol

It was sarcasm lol

I was accidentally talking over u too much so I'm gonna leave it at that. Thanks again.

Fuck yeah!!!!! I'll be there!

@Thomas Ryan I'm going to Charlottesville, broseph. I'll message u my number if u wanna meet up while there. Sound good?

Lol oh ok. I see. 👌🏼


And you're so teddy

@Kevin FL @Kevin FL I'm not sure dude I've never had one before lol.

Now they're saying the driver was a vanguard member.

Jesus Christ. I hope that if its true, (((they))) don't come after vanguard.

I don't recognize him

Doesn't mean anything tho.

Yeah...even if it was tho, we need to know what the full story was

Those are two different guys

@Kevin FL I was there. My group saw the immediate aftermath of the wreck happen from the top of the parking garage. It was crazy. We thought all the running meant that they were storming the parking garage. We didn't know there was a wreck until later.

The red line is where the wreck happened. The blue is the route we took from McIntyre park back to the garage.

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