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BraeJager TX 2017-05-26 01:14:03 [Southern Front #general]

Glad to see the general chat go. This is better.

BraeJager TX 2017-05-26 02:04:33 [Southern Front #general]

IMO, this group should be about IRL activities, not mindless bantering. DS forums are good for that.

BraeJager TX 2017-05-26 02:10:27 [Southern Front #general]

Another good thing about this is that local people are steered toward each other, and it's a lot harder to infiltrate this organization b/c it's more compartmentalized.

BraeJager TX 2017-05-27 03:17:05 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-05-27 03:17:07 [Southern Front #general]

Very nice.

BraeJager TX 2017-05-27 03:17:16 [Southern Front #general]

It's good to do out of the way places.

BraeJager TX 2017-05-31 03:55:15 [Southern Front #general]

Why does the update state that it's illegal to carry if you are not a Texas citizen? I'm pretty sure that's just incorrect. I'm quite certain that Texas has concealed carry reciprocity with many other states.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-02 03:07:22 [Southern Front #general]

Now that's what i call a 'Colored Gentleman'

BraeJager TX 2017-06-02 03:09:03 [Southern Front #general]

how did he get kicked out of college?

BraeJager TX 2017-06-02 03:15:10 [Southern Front #general]

Their golden age was very early in the history of Islam, and it occured b/c they took over Christian lands.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-02 03:15:30 [Southern Front #general]

Most of their "work" was stolen from the classics or Christians.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-02 03:15:47 [Southern Front #general]

Muslims = worse than niggers. At least the blacks can be jolly at times.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-02 03:19:41 [Southern Front #general]

True. But damn, I never know if they are crazy and funny, or crazy and dangerous. I was sitting at the bus stop today, and one just kept randomly shouting shit out. I was ready to pull steel if he got ignorant with me.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-02 03:20:24 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-06-02 03:20:34 [Southern Front #general]

I'm just like "w t f"

BraeJager TX 2017-06-02 03:20:50 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-06-02 03:21:08 [Southern Front #general]

***hand grazes butt of pistol***

BraeJager TX 2017-06-02 03:22:18 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-06-02 03:22:43 [Southern Front #general]

We should give this young man a smoke jumper so they both have a chance to redeem their lines.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-02 03:24:48 [Southern Front #general]

coal burner

BraeJager TX 2017-06-02 03:25:56 [Southern Front #general]

Mud shark, smoke jumper, coal burner. BURN THE COAL, PAY THE TOLL

BraeJager TX 2017-06-02 03:43:02 [Southern Front #general]

Indeed. Good night bro's.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-03 01:59:07 [Southern Front #general]

Sounds like a good operation to me. If nothing else, we are taking over a public space by force, and daring our enemies to do something about it. Hopefully these patriotards don't cause trouble.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-03 01:59:18 [Southern Front #general]

📜 Muh constitution!!!

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 02:09:19 [Southern Front #general]

I like the polos. it's a good fighting uniform

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 02:09:21 [Southern Front #general]

yet classy

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 13:11:39 [Southern Front #general]

Y'all see this chick who leaked classified docs?

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 13:12:07 [Southern Front #general]

When she goes to prison, we should send her mail every month, and start a public campaign to release her, claiming she is a victim of Jewish brainwashing.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 13:12:13 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 17:22:57 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 17:23:08 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 17:23:21 [Southern Front #general]

Who called you that?

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 17:23:46 [Southern Front #general]

Hmm.... not sure.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 17:25:27 [Southern Front #general]

^^^ true.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 17:25:30 [Southern Front #general]

Forgot about that.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 17:37:57 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 17:38:12 [Southern Front #general]

And yes Thomas, you have. You could have been getting us some velcro patches for our hats.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 17:38:23 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 17:38:29 [Southern Front #general]

With that logo.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 17:39:41 [Southern Front #general]

Check with him. If he can't do it, I'll give it a go.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 17:40:27 [Southern Front #general]

I'll do it. Tell me which ones you want and it can be done.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 17:40:33 [Southern Front #general]

Do it in PM please.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:13:23 [Southern Front #general]

Well fellow Southrons, who is gardening this year?

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:13:40 [Southern Front #general]

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:14:25 [Southern Front #general]

The South is a great place to garden. Gardening is a wonderful activity. It's healthy. It's a GREAT GREAT activity for kids. It promotes work ethic, teaches delayed gratification, and gives them the gift of a useful skill.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:15:06 [Southern Front #general]

I am growing 3 raised beds with corn, black beans, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermellon, zuchinni, onions, okra, and mint.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:16:01 [Southern Front #general]

All heirloom. Last year, I had so many tomatoes that I had to make spaggetti sauce with them. Imagine how good this was: homegrown tomatoes, garlic, onion, and basil, poured over deer sausage from an animal I took with my own rifle. Only the noodles were purchased.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:16:39 [Southern Front #general]

Soon this will be a baby green tomato!

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:17:00 [Southern Front #general]

Nothing wrong with that

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:18:13 [Southern Front #general]

Yeah, when they aren't getting raided by the ZOG for selling food without a permission slip.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:18:39 [Southern Front #general]

Little kids are so proud of their hard work.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:19:19 [Southern Front #general]

It's the best job in the world. It's like overdosing on white pills everyday.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:20:51 [Southern Front #general]

Great call. Remember, 3 is the minimum, 4 is better, and 5 is just downright racist.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:22:12 [Southern Front #general]

My Texian ancestors lived on corn during the time they made this state out of God's raw land.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:22:38 [Southern Front #general]

LOL. No. All heirloom.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:24:27 [Southern Front #general]

Squash vine borers killed my zuchinni plants, as they always do.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:25:00 [Southern Front #general]

They tunnel in the stalks, and eat them out, leaving behind this orange waste.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:25:23 [Southern Front #general]

Nasty fuck.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:25:44 [Southern Front #general]

Die, faggot.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:26:13 [Southern Front #general]

@Fox Tx Black Beauty Zuchinni.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:26:28 [Southern Front #general]

@Nathan TX I have a recon background, so I have nice cameras and some experience using them.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:27:17 [Southern Front #general]

I thought that maybe by wrapping the stems I could keep them out. Nope!

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:27:35 [Southern Front #general]

@Fox Tx BEPs are an extremely Texan plant.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:28:22 [Southern Front #general]

Speaking of Texan plants, fried Okra is only about 30 days away!!

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:29:38 [Southern Front #general]

@esgee Welcome. We were just talking Southern gardening. Growing anything this year?

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:30:05 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:30:14 [Southern Front #general]

Sucks being a newfag.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:30:24 [Southern Front #general]

Welcome anyway brother.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:32:14 [Southern Front #general]

Pepper seedlings from the seeds I saved from last year. This is how we sustain ourselves while normies and minorities starve. I just plant the seeds haphazardly and then transplant them as needed.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:32:25 [Southern Front #general]

@Nathan TX Everything you see is in a suburb.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:32:29 [Southern Front #general]

Use raised beds.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:33:34 [Southern Front #general]

@Nathan TX This book is great, it's all about farming in a small area.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:34:44 [Southern Front #general]

Thanks for listening goys. I wanted to brag on all the hard work my beautiful daughter and I did to bring this food to the table. Any questions, fire away. 🔫

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:36:27 [Southern Front #general]

What kind?

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:37:40 [Southern Front #general]

I might take you up next time I'm up there.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:38:03 [Southern Front #general]

How easy is it to keep a single cow for milk?

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 20:42:56 [Southern Front #general]

Well, what milking regime would you recommend?

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 21:09:51 [Southern Front #general]

No, like how often to milk

BraeJager TX 2017-06-06 22:10:49 [Southern Front #general]
BraeJager TX 2017-06-07 04:15:45 [Southern Front #general]

Sweet logos.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-07 14:18:24 [Southern Front #general]

Maybe you need an apprentice.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-07 14:24:15 [Southern Front #general]

I just don't want to see you burn out.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-07 14:24:30 [Southern Front #general]

This war is a marathon.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-07 15:09:32 [Southern Front #general]

Sure you can.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-07 15:12:26 [Southern Front #general]

May not be easy, but it's possible.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-07 15:57:33 [Southern Front #general]

Shrug. I consider socialism a jewish invention designed to destroy white nations.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-07 15:57:57 [Southern Front #general]

Obv. nationaly socialism was a good effort at subverting that and preventing it.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-07 16:35:00 [Southern Front #general]

Did a speed and agility workout this morning. Updated the VA Trauma Care SOP to account for pepper spray. Created the new PDF template for our stickers.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-07 16:37:05 [Southern Front #general]

Ohh yeah, they look slick.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-07 19:49:51 [Southern Front #general]

I am aware that NatSoc and MarxSoc are very different, but socialism is still junk. Capitalism (not to be confused with free enterprise) is junk too. We need a new way. I commend the NatSocs for attempting it.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-08 01:18:53 [Southern Front #general]

Gents, your contacts and networking will be more valuable than anything you can buy. Your skills are second most valuable. Third is your stuff.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-08 01:32:53 [Southern Front #general]

Hell yeah

BraeJager TX 2017-06-08 23:17:52 [Southern Front #general]

Nobody, they are just making fun of OPSEC fails by VA members.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-09 02:17:38 [Southern Front #general]

Gibs me dat! <:sheeit:318919831527096321>

BraeJager TX 2017-06-09 22:03:12 [Southern Front #general]

Hey y'all is the meetup still going on?

BraeJager TX 2017-06-09 22:03:20 [Southern Front #general]

I just got to Houston; traffic held me up.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-09 22:03:33 [Southern Front #general]

I am close to the hotel and would love to come meet some guys in person if y'all are still there.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-10 04:36:05 [Southern Front #general]

Our men have a great plan. We have excellent logistical, medical, and contingency defensive support. If Antifa starts any sort of shit, we're going to make Hell look like a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese's. <:AVlogo:318916749837729792>

BraeJager TX 2017-06-10 04:39:48 [Southern Front #general]

Yeah, our boys are fucking tuned up and not in the mood for any sort of bullshit.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-20 01:44:21 [Southern Front #general]

I love articles like that. Free publicity.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-20 01:47:04 [Southern Front #general]

So how did the Austin event go?

BraeJager TX 2017-06-20 01:47:52 [Southern Front #general]

Sounds like Red Guard and RSF were a total no-show?

BraeJager TX 2017-06-20 01:48:07 [Southern Front #general]

Maybe the May dox took a bit of wind out of their sails.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-20 01:49:19 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-06-20 01:51:28 [Southern Front #general]

dude it sounds like it

BraeJager TX 2017-06-20 01:51:47 [Southern Front #general]

Hilarious that you guys crashed a left winger meetup

BraeJager TX 2017-06-20 01:51:51 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-06-20 02:01:32 [Southern Front #general]

Nice. Y'all gonna make a youth wing?

BraeJager TX 2017-06-20 02:01:55 [Southern Front #general]

Not sure how you'd go about it...

BraeJager TX 2017-06-20 02:05:17 [Southern Front #general]

@Thomas Ryan Might be best as a sister organization, one that we don't control directly.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-20 02:05:51 [Southern Front #general]

Focused on friendship, athletic pursuits like lifting and fighting, and pushing the kids on to a good life path. Then at 18 they can cross over.

BraeJager TX 2017-06-20 02:07:01 [Southern Front #general]


I got a fucking idea for operations. Let's target left wing newspaper stands with the "Lying Press" posters.

And maybe @Thomas Ryan can make us a sticker version of that poster to increase our possibilities.

Trump, pbuh, is currently going all out against the media. I'm not sure if he's /ourguy/ at all, but we might as well mass our forces.

LOL "Jewston Chronicle"

Austin unAmerican Statesman

Great fucking poster. This thing is seriously tops.

I haven't used it yet. Has anyone?

BraeJager TX 2017-07-03 13:49:41 [Southern Front #general]

I think at some point we need an auxillary organization whose job it is to manage enclaves/redoubts, and provide logistical support.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-03 13:49:45 [Southern Front #general]

So maybe that at some point.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-03 13:52:42 [Southern Front #general]

I guess you saw what the NJ guys did.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-03 13:52:51 [Southern Front #general]

"heebs will not divide us" lol

BraeJager TX 2017-07-03 13:55:17 [Southern Front #general]

Yeah, I'd be super careful about such a stunt.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-03 13:56:03 [Southern Front #general]

I would surveil the place a lot before hand.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-03 13:56:43 [Southern Front #general]

As a final check, send a guy to wander around aimlessly in front of the building to try and elicit a security response.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-03 13:57:02 [Southern Front #general]

Most security types are bored and will jump at an opportunity to go confront someone.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-03 13:59:10 [Southern Front #general]

Dude, I didn't meant to try to set the bar that high.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-03 13:59:20 [Southern Front #general]

@Kevin FL Start small, build on small successes.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-03 13:59:50 [Southern Front #general]

Get experience running operations... Planning -> Infiltration -> Execution -> Extraction

BraeJager TX 2017-07-03 14:01:17 [Southern Front #general]

That's enough. The Austin chapter had 2 guys... so they started postering and now we have like 10

BraeJager TX 2017-07-03 14:04:41 [Southern Front #general]

It's almost comical. You post the posters, liberal outrage in the media follows, recruits apply for an interview.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-03 14:06:22 [Southern Front #general]

Good luck, bros. Be careful out there and make us proud.

Yes, this is a great idea.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 04:31:15 [Southern Front #general]

I like the declaration of war on CNN. Let's do this.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 04:31:33 [Southern Front #general]

They are already on the ropes... time for a few more haymakers from the right.


BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 04:38:26 [Southern Front #general]

I liked the original one that caused all the kvetching

Atlanta based CNN leftist.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 05:07:05 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 05:07:31 [Southern Front #general]

I used to call them sand niggers, but that's offensive. I now say "dune coon." Or Sand African-American.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 19:26:15 [Southern Front #general]

@here Listen up Southrons. As you all know we are going after CNN. They are having a horrific month. Let's kick them while they are down. Intel Division is leading the charge.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 19:26:34 [Southern Front #general]

I need a volunteer. Your task? Watch CNN for 2 hours (120 minutes) straight.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 19:26:51 [Southern Front #general]

Compile a list of advertisers, and how many ads they took out total.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 19:27:09 [Southern Front #general]

Anybody game to drink beer and watch CNN for 2 hours for the cause?

BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 19:29:42 [Southern Front #general]

Fuckin sweet.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 19:29:46 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 19:29:52 [Southern Front #general]

Any idea as to who is the biggest of these?

BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 19:29:59 [Southern Front #general]

In terms of money to CNN

BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 19:31:58 [Southern Front #general]

Yeah USPS is out of equation.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 19:32:15 [Southern Front #general]

Can somebody watch CNN for a little just to get an idea of who takes out 1 ad per day and who takes out 2 ads per hour?

BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 19:33:01 [Southern Front #general]

I'd do it myself but I don't own a TV.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 19:35:24 [Southern Front #general]

@Dillan - GA Can I get a link to that page versus just images?

BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 19:37:52 [Southern Front #general]

Thanks for the help bro!

BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 20:12:32 [Southern Front #general]

@Eric TX What do you mean affiliate?

BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 20:26:04 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 20:26:05 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-07-05 20:26:06 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-07-07 02:28:01 [Southern Front #general]

Hey Southrons. Anybody know much about Tal Kopan? She is the primary CNN reporter on immigration issues. Her articles about travel ban, and wall are about what you'd expect.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-07 02:37:09 [Southern Front #general]

She has her own domain name.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-07 02:37:29 [Southern Front #general]

Former Buzzfeed <:israelCube:318918351768256512> reporter.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-07 02:37:54 [Southern Front #general]

IMO, immigration is the only reason for any of us to have voted for trump.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-07 02:38:11 [Southern Front #general]

This witch is doing all in her power to throw a wet blanket on the wall and whatnot.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-07 02:38:20 [Southern Front #general]

And we are at war with CNN.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-07 02:40:58 [Southern Front #general]

She has an open Twatter, facebook, and bridal registry.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-07 02:47:10 [Southern Front #general]

What we need to do, is gather up a shitload of info on this woman, and then release it right during a big immigration debate/hearing/bill in order to disrupt our enemy.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-07 02:47:21 [Southern Front #general]

Gnawm sayn??

BraeJager TX 2017-07-07 02:51:31 [Southern Front #general]

I wonder what a whois lookup will show?

BraeJager TX 2017-07-07 02:54:38 [Southern Front #general]

Well, sometimes you don't get it that easy.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-10 12:55:55 [Southern Front #general]

Good morning, boys.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-10 12:56:29 [Southern Front #general]

I turned my computer on and the battery was at 88%. Coincidence? ❓

BraeJager TX 2017-07-11 02:13:03 [Southern Front #general]

I can't stress enough the importance of fitness. It's why our boys can regularly win 3:1 or worse brawls with leftists.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 15:57:13 [Southern Front #general]

Oathcucks is a pathetic organization.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 15:57:30 [Southern Front #general]

See the Malhuer Wildlife debacle for the definition of idiocy.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 15:59:40 [Southern Front #general]

In the end, it came out that a bit over 1/3 of the Patriot occupiers were fed informants.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 15:59:56 [Southern Front #general]

No coherent message, no tactics. Just cringe.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 16:02:05 [Southern Front #general]

Well, most are. But, people are good at tricking themselves into believing things for expediency. The Oathcuckers in Houston convinced themselves that we were Notsies!!! so that opposing our flags was ok.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 16:02:37 [Southern Front #general]

Cops/Feds are the same way. Most are good dudes who got in for the right reasons, but now have to convince themselves that it's ok to repress white organizations.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 16:03:42 [Southern Front #general]

The leadership is classic boomer. Muh Judeo-Christian values!! Muh Constitution!! Muh Greatest Generation!!

BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 16:03:48 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 16:04:27 [Southern Front #general]

"I dont care if you're white, black, brown, or purple! As long as you believe in 'Murican freedumb and muh constitooshun, we can all be friends!"

BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 16:05:24 [Southern Front #general]

Without whites, there is nothing of note. No constitution, no republic, no environment, no science. But these boomer-cons can't seem to wrap their feeble minds around that.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 16:06:03 [Southern Front #general]

Ohh I know. I'm just blowing off steam. I imagine we will pick up many disillusioned OK/III types.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 16:06:16 [Southern Front #general]

@rflagg SC This can't be emphasized enough.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 16:06:57 [Southern Front #general]

We must continue a policy of outreach and not ostracism toward them. Nobody ever won this type of war without infiltrating and subverting the enemy's organizations.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 16:08:53 [Southern Front #general]

It's how Michael Collins won the war for Ireland's independence in the early 1920s. A sympathetic Irish Constabulary cop (ethnic Irish, working for British police state) gave him access to confidential informant records. Collins slaughtered the CIs, and thus severely hampered the Brit's war effort.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 16:09:00 [Southern Front #general]

BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 16:10:02 [Southern Front #general]

Michael Collins had a cop assigned to tail him everywhere. The cop heard one too many of young Michael's speeches, and became an Irish Nationalist himself! Whoops!

BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 16:10:21 [Southern Front #general]

That's why I offered sunscreen and water to the cops at Houston.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 16:16:53 [Southern Front #general]

The military guys are already talking about all this and networking amongst one another.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 16:18:16 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 16:18:50 [Southern Front #general]

And yeah, @Thomas Ryan , I printed off several posters last night and had to choose carefully. Some of your shit really goes after the black cartridge.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 16:19:38 [Southern Front #general]

Some of them I can just invert, but inverting the "we have a right to exist" doesn't exactly turn out...

BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 16:20:42 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-07-13 16:35:52 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-07-16 23:13:37 [Southern Front #general]

Very cool. I have Scot heritage myself, so this is good to see.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-17 02:00:46 [Southern Front #general]

@Riefen Click Azzmador's name, and start typing.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-17 02:01:04 [Southern Front #general]

This server is for VA Southrons to discuss organizing, tactics, and to shoot the bull.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-17 02:02:14 [Southern Front #general]

Take it to fucking DM.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-17 02:36:11 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-07-17 15:58:02 [Southern Front #general]

Sick. What part?

BraeJager TX 2017-07-18 02:02:29 [Southern Front #general]

I want to end them.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-18 02:08:01 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-07-18 02:14:50 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-07-18 17:10:27 [Southern Front #general]

Remember men, 3 is the minimum. 4 is better. 5 is downright hateful.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-18 17:10:54 [Southern Front #general]

No amount of postering or demonstrations can ever beat just pumping out well raised white kids.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-18 17:11:00 [Southern Front #general]

Do both.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-18 17:12:03 [Southern Front #general]

But yea, sorry for you bro. I've seen a lot of this. Friends and family falling to the gods of (((progress))). Homosexuality has gotten some too.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-18 17:12:19 [Southern Front #general]

Look at this as a chance for your genes to have an outsized impact on the huwyte future.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 01:41:08 [Southern Front #general]

Turns out, work really did make them free!

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 02:59:41 [Southern Front #general]

Well, tobacco is a vegetable...

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:00:03 [Southern Front #general]

And our people grew tobacco before the Yanqui imperialists destroyed our agrarian economy.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:00:54 [Southern Front #general]

I fucking hate how the South is portrayed. The TRUTH is that we have always had far more high culture than the North.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:01:30 [Southern Front #general]

Michael Cushman wrote a great book on the history of the South. It's 100 pages. 'Our Southern Nation.' Highly recommend it; he writes over and Occidental Dissent.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:01:33 [Southern Front #general]


BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:03:21 [Southern Front #general]

This is true. The south was actually fighting for 100% employment for POC.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:03:57 [Southern Front #general]

@The Inquisitor [☧] The best button is the ≠

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:05:15 [Southern Front #general]

I would like to scalp Lincoln and Sherman. But there's an important message here boys, in that story. Don't ever forget it:

It pays to be a winner.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:15:19 [Southern Front #general]

I can't wait to see what Andrew Anglin accomplishes once the DS gets its rightful funding.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:15:59 [Southern Front #general]

I want to see Anglin wearing pinstripes, cutting the ribbon to the new Daily Stormer HQ in the former NYTimes building.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:23:19 [Southern Front #general]

Great article.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:23:24 [Southern Front #general]

Still reading.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:25:27 [Southern Front #general]

I think the article correctly identifies the experience of millenials compared to boomers. We aren't nearly as able to avoid diversity as our parents.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:25:59 [Southern Front #general]

My parents went to a segregated high school. And you know what? They actually had a good relationship with the black high school. They'd go to their football games and cheer them on. Everyone knew their place.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:26:09 [Southern Front #general]

In my high school days, it was tense.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:26:49 [Southern Front #general]

I just finished reading The Fourth Turning. It's a book which argues that there are 4 basic generation archeotypes in white society, and they simply repeat.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:27:18 [Southern Front #general]

The millenials are considered a "hero" generation, the boomers a "prophet." IN between that is gen X, considered "Nomads"

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:27:28 [Southern Front #general]

Then after millenials is Gen Z, considered "artist"

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:27:30 [Southern Front #general]

It is good.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:27:38 [Southern Front #general]

He matches his theory to historical trends and events.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:27:45 [Southern Front #general]

400 pages.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:27:51 [Southern Front #general]

Pretty readable, not super dry.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:28:12 [Southern Front #general]

It's not a "must read now"

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:28:26 [Southern Front #general]

But it ties in with the Occidental Dissent article @Cody88 - FL posted

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:31:42 [Southern Front #general]

The article discusses the poor presentation of views from WN 1.0. I agree. I was becoming very politically aware in time to see things like Klan rallies on the news, and even at 14 I thought it was really cringey.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:32:03 [Southern Front #general]

The slick graphics are what drew me to VA originally. It said "professionalism"

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:32:12 [Southern Front #general]

At what?

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:32:34 [Southern Front #general]

It wasn't successful at punching into the mainstream.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:33:00 [Southern Front #general]

I do agree that they marshalled quite a few adherents.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:33:25 [Southern Front #general]

Here in VA, we don't want to be relegated to gun shows and flea markets. I want someday for the mainstream to become us.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:35:09 [Southern Front #general]

I disagree. We have got to have enough mass appeal to at least be the strong horse after a collapse, or edge the current Democratic Republic more toward our way in the current times.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:37:10 [Southern Front #general]

Bear in mind, we aren't the only group thinking we are going to rise out of the ashes of a collapse. The patriotards are just the sort of fools to beat us in a stand up fight, then procede to turn the ashes over to (((bankers))) after they sort of rebuild it.

BraeJager TX 2017-07-19 03:38:23 [Southern Front #general]

It's a multi-polar battlespace right now, and will be even more so after a collapse. We must have a serious organization and community in trust in place before a disaster.

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