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2017-12-22 03:00:06 UTC

The Empire of the Summer Moon by S.C. Gwynne

2017-12-22 03:33:42 UTC

John Wilkes Booth: A Sister's Memoir by Asia Booth Clarke and Terry Alford

2017-12-28 06:09:50 UTC

Autumn of the Black Snake: The Creation of the U.S. Army and the Invasion That Opened the West by William Hogeland

2018-01-05 03:59:22 UTC

Kingfish: The Reign of Huey P. Long by Richard White

2018-01-05 04:07:11 UTC

The Perils of Prosperity, 1914-1932 by William E. Leuchtenburg

2018-01-16 05:41:11 UTC

Comanches: The History of a People by TR Fehrenbach

2018-01-16 05:45:22 UTC

Fire & Blood: A History of Mexico by T. R. Fehrenbach

2018-02-02 19:22:56 UTC

I highly recommend this book, although it's hard to find. It is an old text book that fell out of use circa 1960 due to its explicit celebration of the white race's conquering of this continent.

2018-02-02 21:04:19 UTC

@William_1994 - WA thank you for this recommendation. I love collecting old controversial books. I found a copy on Amazon and added it to my cart.

2018-02-02 21:05:54 UTC

@William_1994 - WA Any chance you could scan the book and upload a PDF so everyone can read it?

2018-02-02 22:27:43 UTC

Dude that books looks massive it would probably take forever to scan

2018-02-02 22:57:06 UTC

I had to have my copy shipped to me from Britain. I doubt that there's a PDF.

2018-02-07 00:53:33 UTC

2018-02-08 06:27:10 UTC

Partially American History, but also an excellent JQ book.

2018-02-08 06:27:34 UTC

The book is full length text and has no alterations to it. I checked.

2018-02-18 00:57:37 UTC

This is an absolutely essential series written by Edward Ellis in 1895.

2018-02-18 00:59:05 UTC


2018-02-18 00:59:29 UTC

The collection probably cost more than everything I own.

2018-02-18 01:24:32 UTC

@CarletonJ Actually, I believe this is a condensed version for only $5.71

The History Of Our Country: From The Discovery Of America To The Present Time (1905)

2018-02-18 01:25:10 UTC

*heavy breathing*

2018-02-18 01:25:15 UTC

Thank you!!

2018-02-18 01:29:49 UTC

There are now 44 "MUST HAVE" books on my Amazon wish list. This is getting out of control.

2018-02-18 01:32:22 UTC

@CarletonJ If you're adding books, get Uprising by David Irving. Accurate account of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. (JQ included)
Bonus - if you email him, he'll send you an autographed copy of any of his works. Actually, he responds to any and all emails. Super epic.

2018-02-18 01:33:06 UTC

Thank you so much. For real.

2018-02-18 01:33:24 UTC

I made a note of your comment

2018-03-02 00:41:21 UTC

Middle two are good primers on cultural degeneracy in America.

2018-04-01 03:08:29 UTC

Best book on the JQ in America.

2018-04-17 03:47:32 UTC

American Colonies: The Settling of North America by Alan Taylor

2018-04-18 03:36:21 UTC

Request - does anyone know a good book on Argentina and the La Plata region?

2018-04-18 03:40:59 UTC

@Nemets Be careful when reading Alan Taylor, heโ€™s a narrative manipulating subverter

2018-04-18 03:59:33 UTC

How so?

2018-04-18 03:59:39 UTC
2018-04-18 04:08:39 UTC

@Nemets Iโ€™ve only read his book ~American Revolutions~ back in my senior year of undergrad. I dont remember specifics at this point but I remember putting down the book and just thinking โ€œfuck this guyโ€ multiple times. Take it from a guy whoโ€™s read a way more โ€œscholarlyโ€ history than heโ€™d prefer, any academic historian whoโ€™s widely respected by his colleagues is a narrative-pushing culture distorter

2018-04-18 04:09:45 UTC

@Nemets If they donโ€™t get shit talked by the academic establishment on a regular basis, theyโ€™re probably not worth reading. Unless you just want to get that deep in the mind of your ideological enemy

2018-04-19 20:05:38 UTC

@Tron I'm 2/3rds of the way through "American Colonies" and it seems pretty reasonable. He does equivocate between the inquisition and iroquois cannibalism though.

2018-04-19 20:07:29 UTC

Even though he clearly prefers the dutch/french way of dealing with indians, he pretty much admits that the english methods were very effective

2018-04-19 20:10:48 UTC

@Nemets One thing Ive learned through reading all these sorts of books is that thereโ€™s good information you can glean from all of them as long as you understand whatโ€™s really going on. I just donโ€™t think they have as much net value as a lot of other books. The best thing about them is the bibliographies. You can usually find great primary sources in those

2018-04-19 20:11:48 UTC

@Tron very true.

2018-04-19 20:13:31 UTC

I still like these sorts of books since they put a lot together. I wouldn't even know where to start looking for early colonial demographics, but he has it all there

2018-04-23 14:47:31 UTC

What are the best broad strokes books on American history to augment and fill in the gaps of public school education?

2018-04-24 20:47:48 UTC

@Gaius Mucius Scaevola I wish I had a good answer for you

2018-04-24 20:48:41 UTC

@Gaius Mucius Scaevola Have some suggestions. Will send sources when home.

2018-05-17 01:37:48 UTC

The Journals of Lewis and Clark edited by DeVoto - I **HIGHLY** recommend this book. Especially if you are feeling blackpilled and need to take a break from politics.

2018-05-17 02:38:01 UTC

This i need to read,these are my ancestors, both Lewis & Clark. I have watched most things i can with them,and read some,looks good.

2018-06-04 01:40:26 UTC

good forum thread on the early days of AIDS and general homosexual diseases

2018-06-04 01:40:59 UTC

lots of sources from the 70s thorugh early 90s

2018-09-04 15:00:07 UTC

2018-09-04 15:02:01 UTC

Reading this work currently, incredibly inspiring to read directly from the journals of men who agitated for revolution. And revolution from a tyranny which was, I believe, far less serious than what we face today.

2018-12-22 17:16:12 UTC

The Market Revolution is a history of the expansion of the consumer market into every facet of the American life from roughly 1815 to the Civil War. Charles Sellers is obviously a Marxist, but there are critical elements of truth to his writing. A couple critiques: there were certainly other integral factors at play in shaping the American and the Southern psyches during this time; Sellers probably gives a little too much power to this market revolution. Also, Sellers distinguishes between two groups that he calls the Arminians and the Antemonians, one being for and the other against the Market Revolution. However, he gets the groups backwards in this book.
That said, this book helps the reader grasp the power of the market over those within its hegemony and therefore has a wealth of information relevant to us.

2018-12-22 17:28:54 UTC

I would follow the Market Revolution with Liberty and Power by Harry Watson. Where Sellers explains the nature of the Market Revolution, Watson describes and analyzes the results of it. He explains how the rise of market capitalism was not always equated with liberty, rather, many saw it as a vehicle of tyranny. There are elements of the Whig and Democrat platform here which I agree with. But that is with the benefit of hindsight. And, of course, this all takes place within an American democratic paradigm, but there is a wealth of information in this relatively short book (for an academic history) that will help shape the ideology and historiographical thinking of its readers

2019-01-15 16:30:21 UTC

Any one have a robust and well-sourced critique of MLKjr ? His Communism, sexual degeneracy, rootless cosmopolitan handlers, etc.

2019-01-19 23:49:15 UTC

Wilderness by Gerald Hausman

*Just finished this book. The author isn't the best - but the stories are amazing.*

2019-02-13 00:39:04 UTC

Gents, I've read a few things about Robert E. Lee around the internet that've made me want to dive in a bit deeper. Interested in men of great moral character and leadership for obvious reasons. Any recommendations for bios etc on him?

2019-02-13 01:17:59 UTC

No, but Iโ€™ve been reading this exquisite biography on Charles Lindbergh

2019-02-14 00:00:47 UTC

@Mr Snow Gray Fox is supposed to be a good biography on him. I havenโ€™t read it but I was told itโ€™s great by somebody I trust on such matters

2019-02-14 00:01:11 UTC

The authorโ€™s name is Burke Davis

2019-02-14 10:47:28 UTC

Thank you @Tron

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