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2017-08-31 17:46:21 UTC


2017-08-31 17:46:27 UTC

Hope you have a good marriage and healthy child

2017-08-31 17:46:35 UTC

i work at factory 8 hours a day

2017-08-31 17:46:49 UTC

Are you marrying your babymomma?

2017-08-31 17:47:11 UTC

I'm a little late to the convo but welcome to all new guys.

2017-08-31 17:47:13 UTC

shut up fag

2017-08-31 17:47:17 UTC

youre from nebraska

2017-08-31 17:47:49 UTC

im from glorious wisconsin where you get your whey for gains

2017-08-31 17:48:10 UTC

I'm from glorious northern Illinois where Wisconsin and Illinois are kind of the same thing

2017-08-31 17:48:17 UTC

It blends together up here. But I like it

2017-08-31 17:48:18 UTC

I'm not from Nebraska, but I inhabit it now 💫

2017-08-31 17:48:25 UTC

rockford fags get out

2017-08-31 17:48:30 UTC


2017-08-31 17:48:39 UTC

I actually like it here

2017-08-31 17:48:42 UTC

i drive i-39 all the time

2017-08-31 17:49:14 UTC

if you see a blue toyota let me know fam

2017-08-31 17:49:47 UTC

Northwest suburbs here

2017-08-31 17:50:02 UTC

Will do. If you see a silver Ford Escape with American flags in the windows let me know. I had a Trump sticker but some Untermensch in the parking lot of my school tore it iff

2017-08-31 17:50:03 UTC

i was southwest when i lived in chicago

2017-08-31 17:50:21 UTC

my truck has nothing on it

2017-08-31 17:50:30 UTC

if i go to chicago ill get assaulted

2017-08-31 17:50:41 UTC

I refuse to go to Chicago anymore

2017-08-31 17:50:49 UTC

@Lycalopex Thank you. Yes, marriage is inevitable. She brought it up last night, actually. Her dad just got (((deployed))) to Bahrain, and it'll be two years before he returns, so we were thinking of having a pastor marry us sometime this month, and have an official ceremony sometime when her dad is on leave.

2017-08-31 17:50:57 UTC

Until the Days of Cleansing Fire I will not set good in Chicago again

2017-08-31 17:51:21 UTC

@dmj1001 remember if you don't have at least 8 children you're not alt right

2017-08-31 17:51:36 UTC

*foot not good

2017-08-31 17:51:47 UTC

the fire rises

2017-08-31 17:51:53 UTC

Anglin said that discord is a spy app. Does anyone have thoughts on that?

2017-08-31 17:52:06 UTC

seems about right to me

2017-08-31 17:52:13 UTC

She said her family is genetically predisposed to have twins, so maybe we can knock that out in four tries.

2017-08-31 17:52:19 UTC

I've heard of them deleting white nationalists off discord

2017-08-31 17:52:42 UTC

dmj you are lucky to have found a woman who wants kids and commitment and not to be a degenerate whore

2017-08-31 17:52:42 UTC

they got rid of bigkks server

2017-08-31 17:52:49 UTC

breaks over anyway

2017-08-31 17:53:06 UTC

Took me thirty fucking years, but yeah, huge relief.

2017-08-31 17:53:45 UTC

Hopefully we don't have a mole in here to rat us out.

2017-08-31 17:54:08 UTC

She just kicked her old commie, racemixing friend to the curb a few months ago. Got fed up with the degeneracy, kek

2017-08-31 17:54:13 UTC

I doubt we do @IdentityIndiana does a good job vetting

2017-08-31 17:54:48 UTC

I'd like to think so. My Skype appointment is tonight, speaking of. Better make an account.

2017-08-31 17:55:43 UTC

Also congrats to you @dmj1001 and good luck with the baby

2017-08-31 17:56:51 UTC

Thanks! Can't wait. That's my biggest reason for wanting an ethnostate; no child of mine is going to live in a society being demonized for their race.

2017-08-31 17:57:16 UTC

I went to a predominantly black school a long time ago, and it. Was. Fucked.

2017-08-31 17:57:23 UTC

Couldn't agree more

2017-08-31 17:59:03 UTC

don't you want to be tolerant goy

2017-08-31 17:59:21 UTC

Tolerance only leads to death

2017-08-31 18:00:34 UTC

My CSC lab partner had a fashcut with green hair

2017-08-31 18:00:38 UTC

Wtf I hate fash cuts now

2017-08-31 18:04:31 UTC

Deebly gonfused

2017-08-31 18:06:44 UTC

@ImplicitlyHuwhyte green hair???

2017-08-31 18:07:02 UTC

More like turquoise

2017-08-31 18:07:38 UTC

I think he's a freshman but he lives off campus so he has to have a mental disability

2017-08-31 18:07:40 UTC

And I don't doubt it

2017-08-31 18:07:41 UTC

Oh ok turquoise is mush bet4rrr

2017-08-31 18:10:34 UTC

tfw you like rammstein because it sounds fascist af and they are actually commie degenerates

2017-08-31 18:13:00 UTC

Have you goys redpilled your family members in any way?

2017-08-31 18:13:08 UTC

@axmatic KMFDM is good too

2017-08-31 18:13:47 UTC

Nah my dad is the biggest cuckold I know

2017-08-31 18:15:29 UTC

So he's stuck in his ways eh?

2017-08-31 18:16:01 UTC

my dads cucked too but my brothers and mom are red pilled partially

2017-08-31 18:16:59 UTC

I remember when we were talking about the unite the right rally and he pretty much said "HURR DURR WHITE SUPREMACISTS EVIL CONFEDERATE SLAVE OWNERS N SHEITT."

2017-08-31 18:17:41 UTC

My mom's like "yeah I agree with you that we should probably end all immigration, legal and illegal, but I still think you're a racist hate-filled brainwashed bigot"

2017-08-31 18:17:44 UTC

so I guess I made progress

2017-08-31 18:17:53 UTC

My dad is partially redpilled on race and what's happening in Europe

2017-08-31 18:18:47 UTC

My mom pretty much said that niggers should get over slavery Kek. Sad when a woman is less cucked than a man.

2017-08-31 18:20:56 UTC

The thing about older people, especially your parents, is the longer they go without knowing the truth, the harder it is to convince them otherwise.

2017-08-31 18:21:26 UTC

Your parents especially, because a kid typically can't tell their parents shit that they don't already know.

2017-08-31 18:21:29 UTC

My dad does realize Jews have too mich power, but still wouldn't vote for David Duke

2017-08-31 18:21:44 UTC

And he thinks Russia is bad

2017-08-31 18:22:14 UTC

That's too bad.

2017-08-31 18:22:17 UTC

My sister married a shitlib

2017-08-31 18:22:44 UTC

My mom isn't really political

2017-08-31 18:23:41 UTC

Kek, my stepmom's son is one, too. Short, balding, barely older than me. I met him one time, and I learned everything I needed to know about him.

2017-08-31 18:24:34 UTC

Right about everything, facts be damned; went out of his way to interject with talking points about Trump/Russia on irrelevant topics, etc.

2017-08-31 18:25:20 UTC

He thought the gf and I were laughing with him the whole time. On the drive back home, it was like, 30 fucking minutes of nothing but ripping on him.

2017-08-31 18:25:56 UTC

I don't care that she married a shitlib, but she wouldn't get pregnant forever and now it's too hard

2017-08-31 18:26:10 UTC

My sis

2017-08-31 18:26:53 UTC

low test is linked with liberal politics

2017-08-31 18:26:56 UTC


2017-08-31 18:27:31 UTC

Yeah I used to be liberal, but I've always been a horndog

2017-08-31 18:27:48 UTC

"As you can see professor, from my data, that there is a clear correlation between being a liberal democract and being a faggot"

2017-08-31 18:28:04 UTC

"hmm yes, quite so"

2017-08-31 18:28:52 UTC

How long before that would get (((debunked))), professor (((discredited)))?

2017-08-31 18:29:17 UTC

Or would they just roll with it because muh toxic masculinity?

2017-08-31 18:29:24 UTC

They would probably execute you in public right before the football team kicks off

2017-08-31 18:29:38 UTC

"See diversity is our strenght"

2017-08-31 18:29:43 UTC

"Thunderous Appluause"

2017-08-31 18:31:00 UTC


2017-08-31 18:32:53 UTC

I'm still an NFL fan but i'm greatly morally torn because of the nog praising and general cuckery involved

2017-08-31 18:33:40 UTC

there is a bull/cuck relationship between sports fans and their idols

2017-08-31 18:33:47 UTC

NHL might be better

2017-08-31 18:34:00 UTC

Blackhawks ftw

2017-08-31 18:34:06 UTC

MMA is my other thing so i can always cheer for the white man there

2017-08-31 18:34:31 UTC

It is totally cucked. I would be interested if I had some sort of relationship with the people playing. Most of the players are negroes bussed in from other states.

2017-08-31 18:34:50 UTC

Boomers get all upset about it, but when they were kids the football team was all white locals. So they can go kick rocks.

2017-08-31 18:35:45 UTC

College is worse. It's filled with low-IQ rapist drug thuggs😡

2017-08-31 18:36:16 UTC

Makes money for the college though, so admin looks the other way

2017-08-31 18:37:00 UTC

My boomer dad loves all sports

2017-08-31 18:37:29 UTC

And all the young white kids eat it up because they long to be apart of something.

2017-08-31 18:37:34 UTC

I stopped watching before last season. Most of the people who pay for season tickets, for ESPN subscriptions, are white. We work hard for that money, to make millionaires out of niggers who turn around and tell us they're slaves and we're to blame.

2017-08-31 18:38:24 UTC

If anything, white wagecucks are slaves. Football was an escape from political bullshit. Now it's another door cultural Marxism has its foot in. I won't fund anto-white anything.

2017-08-31 18:39:37 UTC

Anti* rather. Krapernick talks about the social injustices facing his people to take the focus off of being a dogshit QB, while niggers are murdering and raping whites in South Africa with complete impunity . . . and they let it happen? Yeah, fuck that.

2017-08-31 18:39:43 UTC

Tyrone doesn't realize that whites suffered most from the legacy of slavery

2017-08-31 18:40:02 UTC

He never did have much foresight.

2017-08-31 18:40:21 UTC

“We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”
– Israel Cohen [Jew], A Racial Program for he Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957

2017-08-31 18:40:54 UTC

^wow what a swell guy

2017-08-31 18:40:56 UTC

“It is in the Jewish interest, it is in humanity’s interest that whites experience a genocide. Until white children are burned alive, white women raped, mutilated, murdered and all white men who have not been slaughtered watch powerlessly as their people are terrorized; only then will mankind be on a more equal footing, ready to discuss white privilege and the apparent chip on the shoulder that minorities have.”
– Rabbi Ishmael Levitts

2017-08-31 18:41:13 UTC

“One of the more common meme that I’ve seen white supremacists spread around recently has been “diversity is a code word for the white genocide”. The concept here is that diversity is only promoted in white nations and that the end goal is to eliminate white people altogether by flooding all white countries with non-white people until there are no white people left. Well, guess what, white supremacists? This is exactly right. Diversity IS about getting rid of white people and that’s a good thing”.
– Emily Goldstein, Jewish professor

2017-08-31 18:42:50 UTC

You'd think that if they want to get rid of scheming people who ruin societies, Jews would be throwing themselves in the oven first.

2017-08-31 18:48:16 UTC

@I Am Not A Gerbil I will have to watch that movie sometime

2017-08-31 18:49:15 UTC

It is fairly short

2017-08-31 18:52:03 UTC

They killed Ukrainians in Ukraine. They will kill strong white men here. Rape/kill the women

2017-08-31 18:52:23 UTC

Nice people, those kommies

2017-08-31 19:02:47 UTC

That will be our future if we lose

2017-08-31 19:07:45 UTC

We can't lose.

2017-08-31 19:11:35 UTC

They think we're just going to go away if they use the old boiled frog maxim, but their problem is that we're not frogs. Historically, we're conquerors.

2017-08-31 19:12:12 UTC

I don't have any intention of going down to these pricks.

2017-08-31 19:19:50 UTC

Trump expected to announce end to Obama-era DACA, official says

2017-08-31 19:20:14 UTC

Libertarians & cuckservatives now tell liberals "please no steppy"

2017-08-31 19:23:57 UTC

Sounds Italian

2017-08-31 19:41:23 UTC

2017-08-31 19:41:27 UTC


2017-08-31 19:41:32 UTC


2017-08-31 19:41:44 UTC

But he's still not /our guy

2017-08-31 19:43:17 UTC

He's going to end DACA tomorrow

2017-08-31 19:47:26 UTC

Hello negros

2017-08-31 19:48:25 UTC

What do you think of writing little redpills on dollar bills before sending them back out into the wild?

2017-08-31 19:48:33 UTC

Good idea

2017-08-31 19:49:06 UTC

It's a way to spread the truth that Silicon Valley and the media can't keep a lid on. Everyone spends money. It's like sending a message in a bottle.

2017-08-31 20:43:43 UTC

Does anyone have a good Midwestern flag I can use for my Nationstate? @everyone

2017-08-31 20:45:03 UTC

2017-08-31 20:45:34 UTC

I need a more specific flag

2017-08-31 20:46:18 UTC

Like the one that looks like the Yugoslavian flag

2017-08-31 20:49:55 UTC

@dmj1001 we could just put on the bills, or Jews did 9/11

2017-08-31 20:50:30 UTC

"The goyim know" on bills

2017-08-31 20:51:48 UTC

Fucking kek, yes

2017-08-31 20:58:38 UTC

2017-08-31 20:58:58 UTC

We're trying to move away from the nazi larp with the Yugoslav flag.

2017-08-31 20:59:27 UTC

Ok gotcha

2017-08-31 21:00:16 UTC

I'm thinking about getting the Midwestern flag and putting on the Italian Social Republic Eagle

2017-08-31 21:00:28 UTC


2017-08-31 21:01:05 UTC

2017-08-31 21:01:20 UTC

If I was in my house I would get the base off my flash drive

2017-08-31 21:01:29 UTC


2017-08-31 21:01:57 UTC

Sounds good mate

2017-08-31 21:03:03 UTC

@Weaponized Goebbels. Just send it when you have time

2017-08-31 21:14:31 UTC

Yea we're getting to the point where we need to pick a flag/ symbol and stick with it.

2017-08-31 21:15:01 UTC

2017-08-31 21:15:21 UTC

I'm a fan of doing something similar

2017-08-31 21:15:50 UTC

It needs to be fashy and still Midwestern/ Americana

2017-08-31 21:16:59 UTC

2017-08-31 21:17:05 UTC

I'm sticking with this

2017-08-31 21:18:49 UTC

I like it. Doesn't have any imagery of the Midwest though. Just full dash

2017-08-31 21:18:56 UTC


2017-08-31 21:19:19 UTC

The blue white and red

2017-08-31 21:19:32 UTC

Yea but that's hardly

2017-08-31 21:20:07 UTC

I guess this could just be Missouri's new one then

2017-08-31 21:21:30 UTC

I'm just worried about having too much agriculture in the flag

2017-08-31 21:21:36 UTC

You don't want to look communist

2017-08-31 21:21:43 UTC

Agriculture is cool

2017-08-31 21:21:53 UTC

And it's the Midwest it's like our thing

2017-08-31 21:22:50 UTC


2017-08-31 21:23:22 UTC

OK give me three things I need to put in the flag and when I can I'll work on it

2017-08-31 21:23:46 UTC

I would put some corn where the star is

2017-08-31 21:24:06 UTC

That's not a joke. I actually think it would be neat. Or barley

2017-08-31 21:24:24 UTC

What's our three main exports

2017-08-31 21:24:48 UTC

Heroin, meth, and corn probably

2017-08-31 21:25:34 UTC

State regulated exports

2017-08-31 21:25:48 UTC

Vehicles and food

2017-08-31 21:26:00 UTC

2017-08-31 21:27:19 UTC

midwest corn posting

2017-08-31 21:27:41 UTC

We need to find imagery that is fashy but connectes with the normie. Something patriotic

2017-08-31 21:28:06 UTC

Fasces is good

2017-08-31 21:28:11 UTC

The patriotic thing is something I've been on for a whole

2017-08-31 21:28:13 UTC

The Eagle as well

2017-08-31 21:28:15 UTC


2017-08-31 21:28:25 UTC


2017-08-31 21:28:41 UTC

Stars aren't unique really though

2017-08-31 21:28:56 UTC

I like the seal in the middle

2017-08-31 21:29:15 UTC

But I would change it up to have stripes like the us flag behind it.

2017-08-31 21:29:38 UTC

Instead of the black banners at the top and bottom

2017-08-31 21:29:52 UTC

We can't have too much US symbolism

2017-08-31 21:29:57 UTC

Why not?

2017-08-31 21:29:58 UTC

Remember it's an independence movement

2017-08-31 21:30:05 UTC

Normie friendly is good though

2017-08-31 21:30:48 UTC

Also the Midwest is the last stand of what the US was

2017-08-31 21:31:01 UTC

Last stand of White American identity for sure

2017-08-31 21:32:13 UTC

It also gives them one more thing to talk about that isn't your ideas

2017-08-31 21:33:34 UTC

Exactly. In one of our news stories half of what they showed was some gook deconstructing out Eagle flag

2017-08-31 21:34:35 UTC

An eagle with a sword on one talon and corn in the other.

2017-08-31 21:34:37 UTC

We should all just carry Israel flags at the next UTR type event

2017-08-31 21:34:56 UTC

And burn them

2017-08-31 21:35:11 UTC

Laid over the black sun

2017-08-31 21:36:05 UTC

Could have a Germanic farmer with a hoe in one hand and a torch in the other.

2017-08-31 21:36:33 UTC

Torches are racist gerbil

2017-08-31 21:36:51 UTC

For the new guys this was my earlier flag design

2017-08-31 21:37:18 UTC

I like it but it's too much I think

2017-08-31 21:38:20 UTC

I love the black sun but it just has too much association

2017-08-31 21:39:00 UTC

I have been saying this over and over again. Let's get a black basketball team. Normies love black basketball teams. That is good optics

2017-08-31 21:39:03 UTC

I think we just need more Americana imagery

2017-08-31 21:40:04 UTC

Nah we need to make it Midwestern. Dixies have Dixie imagery on their flags so we should have Midwestern on ours.

2017-08-31 21:40:38 UTC

Yeah, and southern nationalism is fucking gay

2017-08-31 21:41:11 UTC

Larping as if we aren't all the same White people is stupid.

2017-08-31 21:41:25 UTC

Don't be fags and have a triangle on your flag.

2017-08-31 21:41:34 UTC

We don't want to be watered down

2017-08-31 21:41:37 UTC

They're proud of their failed revolution

2017-08-31 21:41:49 UTC

@Gustavschwer-OH david duke would kick your ass

2017-08-31 21:42:00 UTC

True. And they larp around like they're white yet have niggers everywhere

2017-08-31 21:42:00 UTC

I've met David duke

2017-08-31 21:42:06 UTC

He isn't a southern nationalist

2017-08-31 21:42:23 UTC

They are. I think we should embrace our winning of the civil war. The Midwest played a big part.

2017-08-31 21:42:31 UTC

He spoke at confederate conferences

2017-08-31 21:42:41 UTC

That doesn't make him a southern nationalist

2017-08-31 21:42:46 UTC

He's spoken in Egypt

2017-08-31 21:42:56 UTC

Does that make him a Islamist?

2017-08-31 21:43:43 UTC

On a side note. David duke is really cool, but you get sick of him after spending a weekend with him.

2017-08-31 21:43:49 UTC

Southerners always wanted their own country

2017-08-31 21:44:05 UTC

Let them have it. It'll be full of niggers

2017-08-31 21:44:10 UTC


2017-08-31 21:45:02 UTC

My problem with them is that they(some) don't want work with Yankees over their (((southern tradition))) bullshit

2017-08-31 21:45:04 UTC

Larping > infighting

2017-08-31 21:45:36 UTC

Infighting isn't a problem until you take it out of the "in group"

2017-08-31 21:45:42 UTC

Until then it's debate

2017-08-31 21:45:47 UTC

Funny how they killed Lincoln before he could send niggers back to Africa and they call us cucks

2017-08-31 21:46:01 UTC

Inb4 newb

2017-08-31 21:46:03 UTC

(((Wilkes booth)))

2017-08-31 21:46:24 UTC

Yeah some of the plotters were heebs

2017-08-31 21:46:47 UTC

Also greenbacks. Lincoln would obey the (((bankers)))

2017-08-31 21:46:52 UTC


2017-08-31 21:47:21 UTC

Lincoln was a tyrant and a war criminal but still he did want to ship them back.

2017-08-31 21:47:53 UTC

In the ethnostate we can talk about him But his face won't be on any of the money.

2017-08-31 21:49:11 UTC

Who would be on the money?

2017-08-31 21:49:27 UTC

Adolf hitler, and GLR

2017-08-31 21:49:32 UTC


2017-08-31 21:49:33 UTC

but mostly glr

2017-08-31 21:50:03 UTC

Henry ford since he hated Jews and help changed the industrial world

2017-08-31 21:50:13 UTC

And was a midweterner

2017-08-31 21:50:29 UTC

Nah fam

2017-08-31 21:50:37 UTC

George Lincoln Rockwell

2017-08-31 21:51:05 UTC

I like Ford for $5 bill

2017-08-31 21:51:06 UTC

He's the greatest American who's ever lived.

2017-08-31 21:51:55 UTC

Ford needs to be on something at least

2017-08-31 21:52:17 UTC

He'll be on the new mt Rushmore

2017-08-31 21:54:00 UTC

Maybe some colors or imagery that better reflect the actual undertaking of creating the ethnostate?

2017-08-31 21:55:29 UTC

Ford, Patton and Lindbergh

2017-08-31 21:58:09 UTC

David duke is pretty much Gustavo's adopted dad

2017-08-31 22:05:29 UTC

I second the order to put GLR on Mount Rushmore

2017-08-31 22:21:11 UTC

I kinda wanted to fight David Duke after the weekend, but a friendly fight and we'd get a dinner of only broccoli afterward.

2017-08-31 22:25:32 UTC

If he would've talked about his book one more time I swear to god.

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