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2017-07-25 16:20:14 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

(don't know where to do an introduction so I guess this will work) I am a fascist from Kansas City and I'm going to college to become a historian..... That's about all there is to say about me.

2017-07-25 19:54:45 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

It's hard not to laugh when you go almost anywhere in Reddit

2017-07-25 19:59:58 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Are we all for banning Reddit and Tumblr after getting independence?

2017-07-25 20:37:08 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Well shit, I guess there's hope for them yet!

2017-07-25 21:59:37 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I'm fucking around the flag designs. What do any of you think the national animal would be?

2017-07-25 22:01:58 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I'm not

2017-07-25 22:02:09 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-07-25 22:06:21 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

(i'm just asking because I can't use a bald eagle, that's a symbol of the federal government and it wouldn't make a bit of sense to use that in a secessionist movement. No other eagle is really symbolically American enough.)

2017-07-25 22:22:51 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I feel like it'll be more of a inner party flag

2017-07-25 22:23:06 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

You know like how the North Koreans have that little flag on all their uniforms

2017-07-25 22:25:47 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Fuck in good with Shields

2017-07-25 22:26:27 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Made this sometime ago. Nothing impressive but we could use a similar format for the shield.


2017-07-25 22:27:03 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

((I just like fucking around with flag designs))

2017-07-25 22:31:55 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

The Silver legion anthem never went out of style... maybe try that

2017-07-25 22:32:54 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

((I know it seems like I'm spamming sorry))

2017-07-25 22:50:30 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-07-26 23:12:13 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Better than central north America

2017-07-26 23:22:34 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Midlander definitely strikes more of a fantasy with me

2017-07-28 02:38:07 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Working on a random midland flag design, everyone okay with me using the black sun in it?

2017-07-28 03:30:12 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Sounds a lot more fulfilling, but it would be hard changing our current ways.

2017-07-28 03:37:24 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Well we can't have you being self-sufficient. How else can you buy stuff to support a third world country's economy.

2017-07-28 03:38:11 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Remember we need to welfare the world.

2017-07-28 03:45:25 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

What would Israel do if we stop giving them our money!? Such a peaceful and sovereign nation only with wishes to exist. The Jews need their genocidal, zionist, empire.

2017-07-28 04:00:41 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-07-28 04:00:48 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

OK guys

2017-07-28 04:00:58 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Be honest

2017-07-28 04:01:03 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

How did I do?

2017-07-28 04:12:47 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I cut the eagle out the top corner flag. You think it would be better if I left it in?

2017-07-28 04:20:51 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-07-28 04:21:04 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-07-28 18:07:24 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-07-28 19:32:35 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

What got me was going to college

2017-07-28 19:33:03 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

You start to lose your faith in humanity after being surrounded by communists and feminists for a few years.

2017-07-29 03:18:22 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

The idea behind it is that you have to be in a position of privilege to be racist I guess? Which also doesn't make sense. The average Asian American is more wealthy than the average white America.

2017-07-29 03:55:46 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-07-29 03:55:52 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I don't know what to put on it

2017-07-29 03:56:05 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

What should it say?

2017-07-29 03:58:37 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

((I have no creative ability that's why))

2017-07-29 04:08:43 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-07-29 04:11:21 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I'm no Goebbels but it gets the point across.

2017-07-29 04:14:24 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

It would be much better if I had Photoshop. But all I got is Publisher ;-;

2017-07-29 04:16:52 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

You would be surprised

2017-07-29 04:17:23 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

My gf can do some crazy shit on paint

2017-07-29 04:24:36 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-07-29 04:24:53 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

It's not high art

2017-07-29 04:25:06 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

But shit this was on paint

2017-07-31 00:37:40 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

The problem is everywhere

2017-07-31 00:38:33 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I am going to europe with my family next summer. Hoping to get a good look at it before it's no longer european.

2017-07-31 09:56:36 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-07-31 09:57:00 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

I guess first

2017-07-31 09:58:58 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

Should I post my previous shit as well?

2017-08-01 10:39:39 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-01 10:39:48 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

It's just more of the same thing

2017-08-01 10:40:16 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

But fuck you I'm incredibly sleep deprived.

2017-08-01 10:57:46 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-02 06:24:15 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

@Waterdog this is going to sound incredibly lame... but if your ever hard-pressed for finding someone to be on the show I'm always available.

2017-08-02 06:43:49 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-02 06:47:42 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

Should I leave it like this, or would it look better with more of a vaporwave vibe?

2017-08-02 17:22:39 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

@the_good_goy you make a good point

2017-08-02 17:32:56 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

Just cut out the wreath

2017-08-02 18:23:43 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-02 18:24:09 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-02 22:18:52 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

@ItsAndrewDickhead Welcome friend, welcome to the good fight.

2017-08-02 23:51:57 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

@IdentityIndiana This but with our Midwestern friend and the merchant

2017-08-02 23:52:03 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-02 23:58:48 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

Still working on the vaporwave version. Think it’s ready for text or dose it need more aesthetic?


2017-08-03 00:01:16 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

That’s the idea


2017-08-03 00:05:04 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

We need to make our move then CA and TX get the idea to really leave.

2017-08-03 00:09:28 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

That’s the point

2017-08-03 00:09:50 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

It’s a containment state

2017-08-03 00:15:39 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  



2017-08-03 00:17:40 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-03 00:46:57 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

My fucking god...I didn’t notice

2017-08-03 00:51:02 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-03 01:32:31 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

Better than my first attempt in the style.


2017-08-03 02:26:31 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

lol want

2017-08-03 02:47:42 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Do we have one of these for the Midland Reich?


2017-08-03 03:03:07 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

God, I hope I’m at work then, we have a Starbucks in my place of work.

2017-08-03 03:05:28 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I would get nothing done laughing that hard

2017-08-03 07:38:00 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-03 08:29:32 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

Is the background to much?

2017-08-03 18:54:36 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

I used to fuck around with propaganda

2017-08-03 18:54:46 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

Never actually saved and posted what I did

2017-08-03 21:19:44 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-04 02:55:42 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

@Andrew Williams I make no promise it will look good, but I'll try.

2017-08-04 03:02:31 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

This could be some good shit

2017-08-04 03:05:12 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-04 03:06:49 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

I would love to post this stuff around my community college but I would probably get kicked out.

2017-08-04 03:12:11 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

When I'm at school I'm surrounded by liberal propaganda. I just want to put up some white empowerment over a safe space sign.

2017-08-04 03:12:55 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-04 03:14:05 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

That shit

2017-08-04 03:14:25 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

That shit is why our movement will grow

2017-08-04 03:14:55 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

We are all so fed up with bullshit like that.

2017-08-04 03:19:25 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

My friend was at MU when the BLM "protest" happened. That really woke him up. The strongest red pill is seeing the degenerates in action for yourself.

2017-08-04 03:36:46 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-04 03:42:34 UTC [Midwest #memes]  

Sweden is a irl meme


2017-08-04 04:13:48 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

@Andrew Williams This what you had in mind?


2017-08-04 04:49:41 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-04 17:05:26 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

@IdentityIndiana all of my wow! Fucking Gold m8!

2017-08-04 18:13:58 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Awww yeah got my laptop is back from the shop. My rig is back bb. Finally I can get shit done more efficiently.


2017-08-04 18:40:13 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-04 18:47:44 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Mfw I realis I could use this in something

2017-08-04 18:47:53 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

and idk

2017-08-04 19:22:43 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

What should I do for text?


2017-08-05 01:09:48 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

Clean looking

2017-08-05 01:10:02 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

Is nice to look at

2017-08-05 04:25:50 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

I use ms publisher

2017-08-05 04:26:02 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

Low tech shit

2017-08-05 04:31:59 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

@IdentityIndiana hope you don't mind if I rip off your format?

2017-08-05 07:43:56 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-05 17:59:32 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-06 01:39:08 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-06 19:57:21 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I think you can handle a few fat unemployed college students.

2017-08-06 23:16:00 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Same tho. Just got a second job and schools about to start. Never been so busy. But I wish all our brave representatives good fortune in the upcoming battle.

2017-08-07 03:08:09 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

@Andrew Williams @IdentityIndiana Get some good photos that I could use to meme/propaganda.

2017-08-07 23:08:55 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-08 01:19:33 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Get a French flag and turn it sideways and cut off the extra stuff.

2017-08-08 01:20:00 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

should work

2017-08-08 02:39:17 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-08 17:47:59 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

@Guy Führereri🔥 that fucking name. Ooooh boi your going to fit in here.

2017-08-08 19:28:23 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

When dose it start?

2017-08-08 19:28:26 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

So I can follow threw /pol/

2017-08-09 03:10:33 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-09 16:54:01 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-10 20:47:35 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-11 20:55:03 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

We need to share your wealth goys.

2017-08-12 18:03:36 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

Uuuuum good shit boi

2017-08-12 18:57:59 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

@Andrew Williams There can never be any progress till things get violent. We will need people to see the wrongs in the leftist militants in order for them to join us. Only with the people’s support can we make our march on Rome.

2017-08-12 19:04:16 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

@Rhalitra-WI To many greedy hands in the counting of the results. I don’t think we can win following the system.

2017-08-12 19:22:50 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-12 19:22:54 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I’m thinking something like “onward good soldiers”. Any other ideas on what it should say?

2017-08-12 19:25:15 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Or is just saying “unite the right” better?

2017-08-12 19:25:59 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-12 19:31:45 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Turning the eagle sideways just looks wonky.


2017-08-12 19:37:17 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-12 19:55:43 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-12 19:56:07 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

"this is fine"

2017-08-12 19:57:42 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Also is that who I think it is?


2017-08-12 20:10:47 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-12 20:58:25 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

i know m8 👌


2017-08-12 20:59:41 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-12 20:59:46 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-12 21:03:25 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

They are getting worse at fake terrorism by the day.


2017-08-12 21:06:26 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

You goys have no idea how much joy this brings me.


2017-08-13 01:19:39 UTC [Midwest #memes]  

@Rhalitra-WI I use this for the filters( https://getmosh.io/ ) the rest is just editing on publisher.

2017-08-13 03:44:08 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Rebranding time

2017-08-13 03:49:03 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

If you want a good example of rebranded fascism just look at the people’s action party (Singapore)


2017-08-13 03:50:55 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-13 03:51:00 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-13 04:55:05 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

looks like shit but I’m just pumping out a few ideas


2017-08-13 04:55:16 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-13 04:56:16 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-13 04:59:06 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-13 05:22:44 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

how this


2017-08-13 05:26:13 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-13 05:35:15 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-13 05:36:11 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I thought the stars made it to cluttered

2017-08-13 05:50:33 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-13 05:51:02 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Night boyo

2017-08-13 05:53:16 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-13 16:11:05 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

@Andrew Williams will get on it when I can

2017-08-13 16:11:45 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

They are really nice

2017-08-14 01:38:37 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

From some time ago, will take it again after I get off work (on brake). Promise I'm not this much a fag.


2017-08-14 01:40:09 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

@SongBird hopefully it will be a swift civil war

2017-08-14 01:41:49 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Ether way we would win. There's more whites and we have more guns.

2017-08-14 01:44:09 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

But the military would side with us

2017-08-14 01:44:28 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Be like the Spanish Civil War

2017-08-14 01:45:49 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Except we don't have to worry about the monarchists later stabbing us in the back.

2017-08-14 06:03:24 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

It’s a work of art I tell you

2017-08-14 06:04:47 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

God I love comedic haxs

2017-08-14 08:57:36 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

@Andrew Williams Is the font ok?


2017-08-14 09:04:52 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

Definitely helped me along my path.


2017-08-14 09:43:09 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-14 19:24:26 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I love how their exulting things by taking away rights.

2017-08-15 06:06:21 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Just got off work

2017-08-15 06:06:32 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Can't believe we have to change the name of the server

2017-08-15 06:07:00 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

At least this will help fuel the fire

2017-08-15 07:20:28 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-16 06:37:12 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Seeing all that shit the media and jew run social media are doing really pisses me off. Disgusting mob rule is what this has degenerated into. How people can act so self righteous while stripping other people of their rights just for having a different opinion is downright revolting.

2017-08-16 06:37:40 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

hopefully them pushing us further underground will only make us stronger.

2017-08-16 07:49:51 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-16 07:51:41 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

Are the colors to clashing?

2017-08-16 19:50:15 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-16 20:07:54 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-16 20:29:53 UTC [Midwest #memes]  

/pol/ never disappoints


2017-08-16 22:57:55 UTC [Midwest #memes]  

I just like to imagine how much better things would be if he wasn't assassinated

2017-08-17 00:40:24 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

https://youtu.be/8vMypCinkRk Oswald Mosley will always be best fascist.

2017-08-17 00:59:01 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I personally think automation should be limited in order to secure the most possible jobs for American workers. (Within reason of course)

2017-08-17 00:59:38 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

But I'm just a radical corporatist.

2017-08-17 08:53:42 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Revenge is a dish best served cold


2017-08-17 09:07:58 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-17 15:20:13 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-17 15:24:12 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

At this rate of exultation I expect to be organizing irl right wing death squads within a month or 2.

2017-08-17 18:06:52 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

Hope it doesn’t feel like I’m spamming


2017-08-18 03:13:32 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-18 03:15:44 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-18 18:32:56 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-18 18:36:57 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Fuck history! But you better not mess up my shitty papier-mache black woman

2017-08-18 20:20:45 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-18 20:28:46 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-18 20:47:45 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

((he does know that Jews are the most recent colonial overlords))

2017-08-18 20:48:20 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

((like there's no way you can't call Israel a Jewish colony))

2017-08-18 20:49:39 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

If you want to fail the class

2017-08-18 20:54:50 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

You could hide your power level and still ask

2017-08-18 20:55:28 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Like pretend you're a Normie who is just curious

2017-08-18 20:57:16 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Of course he would "correct" you goy

2017-08-18 20:59:16 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

"no goy Israel is a multicultural nation not a Zionist state"

2017-08-19 03:27:59 UTC [Midwest #memes]  



2017-08-19 03:28:03 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-19 03:28:09 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-19 03:28:45 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-19 03:30:51 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-19 19:32:23 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

@Andrew Williams God I hope not. I'm going to MU to hang with my bro (who has access to the observatory) I will be surrounded. Be like the second Alamo. (The ayyylamo if you will)

2017-08-19 19:42:53 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

>mfw I can't bring my Luger.

2017-08-19 22:30:13 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Should I put up some recruitment posters while I’m there? Or is it to much of a risk?

2017-08-19 22:31:18 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I better make a mockup then.

2017-08-19 22:33:09 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

It needs to be zyklon oriented, but not to naziish

2017-08-19 22:35:36 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

“Looking for young Midwestern patriots” sound good?

2017-08-19 22:44:02 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

((((just a warning, this shits going to be very minimalistic my printer isn't the best))))

2017-08-19 23:38:48 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Can someone give me all the grope contact information that I should put on it.

2017-08-19 23:40:23 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Don’t want lefty trolls rotting us out, but it also must be accessible to any legitimist entrances.

2017-08-19 23:43:36 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

don’t want to divulge to much

2017-08-19 23:44:10 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

or to little

2017-08-20 00:21:53 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-20 00:22:50 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-20 00:32:08 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

@IdentityIndiana Do we have an official slogan?

2017-08-20 01:28:24 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-20 01:39:06 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  


2017-08-20 01:41:03 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

(((I know there are deferent shades of black but when it prints out we won’t be able to tell the difference.)))

2017-08-20 02:14:32 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  



2017-08-20 02:15:38 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-20 08:16:31 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-20 18:10:37 UTC [Midwest #memes]  

Throw it at me

2017-08-20 18:27:10 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Feels good to be back


2017-08-20 19:58:52 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-20 20:17:55 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I'm going to post them around MU

2017-08-20 20:18:58 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

find some other gen Zers who hate what cultural Marxism has done to the education system

2017-08-20 20:19:08 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Might even trigger a few people

2017-08-20 20:19:16 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

That would be good

2017-08-20 21:03:37 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

I'll be doing it at like 1 o'clock

2017-08-20 21:08:22 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Hell yeah

2017-08-20 22:27:28 UTC [Midwest #propaganda]  

Good shit

2017-08-20 22:29:08 UTC [Midwest #memes]  


2017-08-21 06:40:37 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  

Mission complete


2017-08-21 06:40:49 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


2017-08-21 06:40:59 UTC [Midwest #shit-posting]  


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