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ah. i mean about the /pol

this is all i have on this

Is this all we have in NE? samuel L jackson, dorothy lynch, androgynous asian, a tranni, and some gangly nog

ah theres the persian hordes

This amuses me

RSeiler 2017-08-19 20:29:33 [Pony Power #general-chat]

Theres a chunk of these fuckers in my state. They get a lot of opposition though. Theres several active militias in SD and anytime they hear a group claiming to be "anti-fash" they sperg out on them

RSeiler 2017-08-19 20:32:43 [Pony Power #general-chat]

Sounds like a legitimate plan to me. Ill see if I can find any of them around here. I've never ran into any in person, except an oathkeeper. And hes old as shit

RSeiler 2017-08-19 20:36:40 [Pony Power #general-chat]

Thats gonna be hard dude. I larp as a civvie on my fb feed to help convert all the normies in the light of all of these leftist chimpouts, and antifa still crawls up my ass lol

RSeiler 2017-08-19 20:42:21 [Pony Power #general-chat]

Dude I dont think I can go that far. I've always been too outspoken. I've larped as a heeb occasionally because the nasty fucks stole my surname, but it screws with me

RSeiler 2017-08-19 20:44:38 [Pony Power #general-chat]

Same. I keep an eye out for em.

RSeiler 2017-08-19 20:47:02 [Pony Power #general-chat]

I just got rung up by this guy. Interesting profile

RSeiler 2017-08-19 20:51:14 [Pony Power #general-chat]

the top posts claim to be friendly. further down, not so much "ricardo Mayro" or some shit

imagine my shock lol.

Good to have actual confirmation though. For redpill material

I have an interesting one, unless its troll bait

Does anyone know this guy?

I came across this, and am looking for verification

i was trying to find clarity in all ofthe shitstorm of photoshops and other bullshit flying around. I gave up lol. The jews are shilling against us pretty hard it seems

RSeiler 2017-08-22 23:17:02 [Pony Power #general-chat]

It's happened to me today specifically.

RSeiler 2017-08-22 23:18:36 [Pony Power #general-chat]

I posted a video about the leftist movements in Europe called "who's killing us?" pretty sure thats what did it

RSeiler 2017-08-22 23:23:02 [Pony Power #general-chat]

I got maybe 3 or so. My notification traffic has dropped off substantially as well. I added you btw.

RSeiler 2017-08-22 23:24:51 [Pony Power #general-chat]

Im surprised its taken so long honestly. Ive been spoon feeding the masses normie redpill stuff. It's working rather well. Or was anyway

RSeiler 2017-08-22 23:26:47 [Pony Power #general-chat]

I've got a few around here I have confirmation on. typical antifa trash. a 300lb edgy larper white knight who lives with his mom, and a black man with mixed race kids. shocking

RSeiler 2017-08-23 23:12:05 [Pony Power #general-chat]

Antifa Jew located.

RSeiler 2017-08-23 23:12:39 [Pony Power #general-chat]

I have no way of acquiring the dox. from the protests last night

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