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2018-04-19 23:17:22 UTC

we owe a lot to """ourselves"""

2018-04-19 23:17:26 UTC

our biggest debt to another country is china but uh

2018-04-19 23:17:31 UTC

don't know that fucking works

2018-04-19 23:17:33 UTC

thats only just over a billion

2018-04-19 23:17:52 UTC

*only* and *billion*

2018-04-19 23:17:54 UTC

fuck me that hurts

2018-04-19 23:17:56 UTC

And (((they))) say that so long as our GDP stays high the debt can get as high as they want

2018-04-19 23:18:08 UTC

fuckin christ

2018-04-19 23:18:10 UTC

China has shitty GDP per capita compared to America

2018-04-19 23:18:18 UTC

but they also have like 2 billion people

2018-04-19 23:18:23 UTC

so it levels out

2018-04-19 23:18:30 UTC

that's why america has to be

2018-04-19 23:18:34 UTC

"lean" i guess

2018-04-19 23:18:36 UTC

everyone has to work

2018-04-19 23:18:42 UTC

But they don't lol

2018-04-19 23:18:47 UTC

Which is what i think

2018-04-19 23:18:50 UTC

must happen is

2018-04-19 23:18:58 UTC

or what should have happened is

2018-04-19 23:19:06 UTC

we should have let the banks fail in 2008

2018-04-19 23:19:09 UTC

nuke everyone and wipe out all the weak humans so that the strong create a new society?

2018-04-19 23:19:13 UTC

No no

2018-04-19 23:19:17 UTC

awh man

2018-04-19 23:19:18 UTC

Let the (((banks))) fail

2018-04-19 23:19:23 UTC


2018-04-19 23:19:23 UTC

will it suck? yes

2018-04-19 23:19:30 UTC

would people die? maybe

2018-04-19 23:19:32 UTC

well that's what you're supposed to do when anything fails

2018-04-19 23:19:33 UTC


2018-04-19 23:19:33 UTC

let it

2018-04-19 23:19:40 UTC


2018-04-19 23:19:41 UTC

so it doesn't fail again

2018-04-19 23:19:42 UTC

would we be stronger after it?

2018-04-19 23:19:44 UTC


2018-04-19 23:19:47 UTC

I think so

2018-04-19 23:19:55 UTC

or at least doesn't fail *in that way* again

2018-04-19 23:20:04 UTC

you know what else is going to fail?

2018-04-19 23:20:06 UTC

the united states

2018-04-19 23:20:09 UTC

OR maybe just go back to gold and silver standard?

2018-04-19 23:20:15 UTC

which is what everyone should be

2018-04-19 23:20:19 UTC


2018-04-19 23:20:22 UTC


2018-04-19 23:20:26 UTC

but nah let the kikes have their fucking money machine

2018-04-19 23:20:40 UTC

printing worthless dollars every single day

2018-04-19 23:20:41 UTC

who even is the kikes anymore

2018-04-19 23:20:49 UTC

it's just "the people in charge"

2018-04-19 23:20:53 UTC

who aught not to be

2018-04-19 23:20:55 UTC

just as bad

2018-04-19 23:21:04 UTC

Traitors all the same to me

2018-04-19 23:21:12 UTC


2018-04-19 23:21:26 UTC

JFK was the last POTUS to stand up to the Fed

2018-04-19 23:21:29 UTC

and of course

2018-04-19 23:21:32 UTC

they killed him

2018-04-19 23:21:40 UTC

and no one else has since challenged the fed

2018-04-19 23:21:49 UTC

Trump supposedly wants to audit the fed

2018-04-19 23:21:51 UTC

you can't even say you will if you run

2018-04-19 23:21:57 UTC

because if you do you just wont win

2018-04-19 23:22:12 UTC

ehhh i dont know

2018-04-19 23:22:36 UTC

ask every libertarian who ever said audit the fed and then tried to run for president

2018-04-19 23:22:37 UTC

i think a lot of americans know the fed and the (((IRS))) are very fucking suspicious

2018-04-19 23:22:43 UTC

ah yes

2018-04-19 23:22:44 UTC


2018-04-19 23:22:54 UTC

Well thats because they're 3rd party

2018-04-19 23:23:03 UTC

why the hell should americans pay any kind of tax again?

2018-04-19 23:23:15 UTC

Because ben franklin said so xd

2018-04-19 23:23:18 UTC

and the last 3rd party to ever come close to winning was teddy's roosevelts bull moose party back in the 20s

2018-04-19 23:23:27 UTC

Taxes i can understand

2018-04-19 23:23:39 UTC

but taxes from your income that go straight to the debt

2018-04-19 23:23:41 UTC

is stupid

2018-04-19 23:23:45 UTC


2018-04-19 23:23:45 UTC

taxes on
>the money you earn
>the land you paid for

2018-04-19 23:23:47 UTC

delete this

2018-04-19 23:23:52 UTC

and historically

2018-04-19 23:24:09 UTC

It’s especially disheartening to know that you can’t even decide what your tax dollars go to

2018-04-19 23:24:15 UTC

just tariff every import and then tax things that are bad for people so that they're more expensive and people stop doing them

2018-04-19 23:24:19 UTC

What if I don’t wanna support parasite welfare users

2018-04-19 23:24:27 UTC

Tax burdens have been shifted from corporations to the common man more and more

2018-04-19 23:24:36 UTC

(this is what the 2nd amendment is for btw)

2018-04-19 23:24:37 UTC

There's a luxury tax on some things

2018-04-19 23:24:44 UTC

fun fact

2018-04-19 23:24:53 UTC

you're supposed to slaughter your government when they do this shit to you

2018-04-19 23:24:58 UTC

that's how the us was created

2018-04-19 23:25:05 UTC

It’s too bad we’ve let them get too powerful

2018-04-19 23:25:09 UTC

cigarettes most notably which are already quite expensive

2018-04-19 23:25:15 UTC

military is getting pretty uneasy

2018-04-19 23:25:16 UTC

like 4-5$ for a pack

2018-04-19 23:25:19 UTC

if a civil war breaks out

2018-04-19 23:25:24 UTC

it'll be assisted by a coup

2018-04-19 23:25:35 UTC

I'm sure there are many in the military that know whats up

2018-04-19 23:25:40 UTC

actual patriots

2018-04-19 23:25:43 UTC

there 100% are

2018-04-19 23:25:53 UTC

And I wouldn’t advocate for murder or violence anyway, but an uprising wouldn’t be a bad concept

2018-04-19 23:25:53 UTC

it would be interesting to see what would happen

2018-04-19 23:26:01 UTC

In my opinion

2018-04-19 23:26:04 UTC

yeah i don't like the idea of having to kill someone

2018-04-19 23:26:16 UTC

but when you spend your free time online demonizing the fed

2018-04-19 23:26:24 UTC

i dont see the US military servicemen willing killing their countrymen

2018-04-19 23:26:25 UTC

Lol I see what you mean

2018-04-19 23:26:26 UTC

it makes it feel like it'd be easier than killing your neighbor

2018-04-19 23:26:42 UTC

unless your neighbor was a fed

2018-04-19 23:27:13 UTC

fun fact: you don't need any kind of background checks or registration for guns you make yourself and parts can be shipped to your door without any kind of vetting

2018-04-19 23:27:22 UTC

still gotta be 18 tho obviously

2018-04-19 23:27:22 UTC


2018-04-19 23:27:22 UTC


2018-04-19 23:27:31 UTC

you just need a drill

2018-04-19 23:27:33 UTC

and some time

2018-04-19 23:27:38 UTC

Is it more expensive to build a gun than to buy one?

2018-04-19 23:27:42 UTC

not really

2018-04-19 23:27:42 UTC


2018-04-19 23:27:46 UTC

ehh really?

2018-04-19 23:27:50 UTC

its about the same

2018-04-19 23:27:55 UTC

it used to be cheaper to build than buy

2018-04-19 23:27:59 UTC

but it depends on the gun

2018-04-19 23:28:17 UTC

to build an AR-15 costs about as much as it does to buy one

2018-04-19 23:28:18 UTC

I really only ever see myself owning say a handgun

2018-04-19 23:28:21 UTC

same for AR-10

2018-04-19 23:28:24 UTC

maybe a rilfe

2018-04-19 23:28:33 UTC

to build any kind of import though

2018-04-19 23:28:39 UTC

just buy it honestly

2018-04-19 23:28:40 UTC

i want shit thats compact and light

2018-04-19 23:28:46 UTC

like PDR

2018-04-19 23:28:52 UTC

something like that

2018-04-19 23:28:54 UTC

you can build 10 inch barrel ar-15 pistols

2018-04-19 23:29:01 UTC

lol what

2018-04-19 23:29:04 UTC


2018-04-19 23:29:18 UTC

they're just ar-15s but no stock and short barrels

2018-04-19 23:30:11 UTC


2018-04-19 23:30:14 UTC

are those legal?

2018-04-19 23:30:23 UTC

must be a pain to shoot

2018-04-19 23:30:58 UTC

they're legal

2018-04-19 23:31:04 UTC

but yea kinda weird to shoot

2018-04-19 23:31:27 UTC

God damn nazis cleaning up our fucking parks! https://twitter.com/IdentityEvropa/status/987085746967318528

2018-04-19 23:31:44 UTC

fuck yeah

2018-04-19 23:32:08 UTC

nazis spray paint the hackencruz on church walls

2018-04-19 23:32:13 UTC

ie cleans up parks

2018-04-19 23:32:27 UTC

also ie needs to change its name because it shares an abbreviation with internet explorer

2018-04-19 23:32:33 UTC

which is fucking god awful optics

2018-04-19 23:32:59 UTC


2018-04-19 23:33:19 UTC

As much as love the swastika as a pro white symbol

2018-04-19 23:33:42 UTC

Americans who use the Swastika are actually brain dead.

2018-04-19 23:33:49 UTC

we cant exactly stop people from having the knee jerk "oh thats what the EVIL NAZIS USED"

2018-04-19 23:33:57 UTC

optics do matter

2018-04-19 23:34:05 UTC

if we're playing the game of politics

2018-04-19 23:34:07 UTC

no the hackencruz is literally autistic

2018-04-19 23:34:10 UTC

No one will be convinced by waving around the flag of a nation that has been demonized for 7 decades and we directly fought against only a couple generatiosn ago.

2018-04-19 23:34:12 UTC

you gotta play the system

2018-04-19 23:34:27 UTC

unfortunately yeah

2018-04-19 23:34:28 UTC

Not to mention its not even an American symbol.

2018-04-19 23:34:31 UTC

and that (wasn't actually very good to begin with)

2018-04-19 23:34:39 UTC

Americans need to use American symbolism.

2018-04-19 23:34:48 UTC


2018-04-19 23:34:50 UTC


2018-04-19 23:34:52 UTC

friendly reminder that national socialism is still socialism

2018-04-19 23:35:06 UTC

Ok well yeah

2018-04-19 23:35:16 UTC

but it actually worked

2018-04-19 23:35:18 UTC

thats the thing

2018-04-19 23:35:30 UTC

no u

2018-04-19 23:35:36 UTC

Except its goal is entirely different than the goal of Marxist-type socialism.

2018-04-19 23:35:38 UTC

if it worked then where is nazi germany?

2018-04-19 23:35:42 UTC


2018-04-19 23:35:46 UTC

Destroyed by kikes

2018-04-19 23:35:49 UTC

They fought the entire world you brainlet.

2018-04-19 23:35:50 UTC

Think about it

2018-04-19 23:35:59 UTC

Pre war Germany was an economic powerhouse

2018-04-19 23:36:00 UTC

all socialism has something in common

2018-04-19 23:36:10 UTC

Do you think America would have been able to stand up to the UK, France, Germany, and the USSR?

2018-04-19 23:36:12 UTC

>we gotta kill someone for the sake of someone else

2018-04-19 23:36:14 UTC

In WW2?

2018-04-19 23:36:20 UTC

Well yes but it would seem that National Socialism seemed to work

2018-04-19 23:36:22 UTC

jews for germans and the rich for the poor

2018-04-19 23:36:27 UTC

it would seem

2018-04-19 23:36:35 UTC

real confident statement

2018-04-19 23:36:44 UTC

Ok, this is bad optics, but yes, often times people have to die for the good of others. When a criminal breaks into your home you kill him. Not nicely ask him out.

2018-04-19 23:37:11 UTC

yeah but how many people in germany deserved to die?

2018-04-19 23:37:19 UTC

Bankers definitely deserved it.

2018-04-19 23:37:21 UTC


2018-04-19 23:37:29 UTC

Well i wouldnt call bankers people

2018-04-19 23:37:31 UTC

The degenerate media definitely deserved it.

2018-04-19 23:37:37 UTC

The pedophiles definitely deserved it.

2018-04-19 23:37:37 UTC


2018-04-19 23:37:39 UTC

jews, communists, and germans who didn't like hitler

2018-04-19 23:37:46 UTC

Communists definitely deserved it.

2018-04-19 23:37:47 UTC

and various political allies

2018-04-19 23:37:58 UTC

and enemies

2018-04-19 23:38:06 UTC

I agree with the criminal analogy, but the idea of violent overthrow just rubs me the wrong way idk

2018-04-19 23:38:22 UTC

you know what else rubs be the wrong way?

2018-04-19 23:38:25 UTC

attempts at genocide

2018-04-19 23:38:51 UTC

and full blown genocide like that whole ukranian farmer business with the soviets

2018-04-19 23:38:56 UTC

I'm not saying that @Al_Bi

2018-04-19 23:39:16 UTC

But when people say "Violence is always evil" they are either naïve or lying.

2018-04-19 23:39:25 UTC

That’s true

2018-04-19 23:39:32 UTC

It’s necessary in some cases

2018-04-19 23:39:44 UTC

its not always evil

2018-04-19 23:39:47 UTC

but you know what is evil?

2018-04-19 23:39:49 UTC


2018-04-19 23:39:57 UTC

Definitely depends on who is being genocided.

2018-04-19 23:40:02 UTC

I'd be ok with drug dealers getting the rope tbh.

2018-04-19 23:40:11 UTC

And there's a lot of drug dealers in the states.

2018-04-19 23:40:42 UTC


2018-04-19 23:40:45 UTC

okay fair enough

2018-04-19 23:40:49 UTC


2018-04-19 23:41:18 UTC

how many jewish people were living in germany who had nothing to do with "jewery" got slaughtered just because they dont like foreskin and wear funny hats?

2018-04-19 23:41:38 UTC

idk, I wasn't arguing about that.

2018-04-19 23:41:42 UTC

Luke 11:21
When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are safe;

2018-04-19 23:41:54 UTC

But you stated that NatSoc as an ideology does not work.

2018-04-19 23:42:02 UTC

It very clearly made them a mighty nation.

2018-04-19 23:42:07 UTC

what im saying is most socialist states if not all socialist states have all had genocide or attempted genocide in common

2018-04-19 23:42:10 UTC

and mighty nation or not

2018-04-19 23:42:20 UTC

killing people *without reasonable justification* is evil

2018-04-19 23:42:29 UTC


2018-04-19 23:42:51 UTC

I think most people can agree with that.

2018-04-19 23:43:57 UTC

and socialist states have a tendency to genocide people

2018-04-19 23:44:45 UTC

I'm not arguing on all of socialism.

2018-04-19 23:45:19 UTC

But pretending that NatSoc's are the same or similar to Sanders is a very, very far stretch and frankly silly.

2018-04-19 23:45:43 UTC

and yet i feel like it will yield similar results

2018-04-19 23:45:43 UTC

And I'm not NatSoc, but I think just about anyone thats looked into the actual ideology can see that.

2018-04-19 23:46:21 UTC

Yeah I think people take the “Socialism” in National Socialist and blow it out of proportion

2018-04-19 23:47:03 UTC

generally involves stealing in theory and murder in practice

2018-04-19 23:47:17 UTC

the only national socialist state to ever exist did both of these things

2018-04-19 23:47:26 UTC

im not overblowing anything

2018-04-19 23:47:27 UTC

They stole?

2018-04-19 23:47:48 UTC

no they left the houses of dead jews alone in the same state they were when they were occupied

2018-04-19 23:48:06 UTC

Those homes rightfully belonged to Germany though.

2018-04-19 23:48:17 UTC

Say what you will for the mistreatment of the Jews, Germany is for Germans.

2018-04-19 23:48:29 UTC

>private property rightfully belongs to the government

2018-04-19 23:48:33 UTC

oh man

2018-04-19 23:48:37 UTC


2018-04-19 23:48:43 UTC

that's a thought process i guess

2018-04-19 23:48:44 UTC

He’s got a point

2018-04-19 23:48:52 UTC

>that private property rightfully belongs to the people of that nation

2018-04-19 23:49:02 UTC

Our banks should not be controlled by the likes of the Jews.

2018-04-19 23:49:03 UTC

Yet they are.

2018-04-19 23:49:12 UTC

Our media should not be controlled by the likes of the Jews.

2018-04-19 23:49:13 UTC

Yet they are.

2018-04-19 23:49:45 UTC


2018-04-19 23:50:15 UTC

Say what you will, a nation for all is a nation for none. In a family home, people have their own rooms, their own property. Yet not just anyone is allowed to walk in and have a room for themselves.

2018-04-19 23:50:34 UTC

interesting that jewish people in almost every nation they've occupied have been forced out of "real work" because "jews cant handle it" and that's how they end up with directing jobs and banking jobs

2018-04-19 23:51:10 UTC

you can't just violate private property because someone is suddenly not ethnically native enough to live

2018-04-19 23:51:13 UTC

No, they naturally gravitate towards banking because it is very easy to accumulate wealth through shrewd manipulation of currency rather than actual work.

2018-04-19 23:51:17 UTC

Like a true parasite.

2018-04-19 23:51:23 UTC


2018-04-19 23:51:47 UTC

The rights of private property do not supercede the rights of the people to their own nation.

2018-04-19 23:52:01 UTC

so you're saying it would be totally fine to take houses and land from black people in the united states?

2018-04-19 23:52:30 UTC

No, special circumstances have made that a difficult question to answer in a morally acceptable fashion.

2018-04-19 23:52:51 UTC

but jews in germany are different?

2018-04-19 23:52:57 UTC

However, if Chinese were to begin purchasing excessive amounts of property and power for themselves, then yes.

2018-04-19 23:53:07 UTC

As they already are on the West Coast, by the way.

2018-04-19 23:53:10 UTC


2018-04-19 23:53:30 UTC

You constantly do this thinking face but I think you simply have a misunderstanding of what the nation is.

2018-04-19 23:53:46 UTC

It is not a work camp for anyone.

2018-04-19 23:53:49 UTC

the greater good is more important than autistic-tier NAP libertarianism

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